The Alchemist by (Paulo Coelho) Review

If you are in search of an incredible story with several lessons to be learnt in the process, then read the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

From the overall theme of the book and my research on the author’s life, there seem to be some parallels between the main character of the book and the author. Paulo Coelho was an aspiring writer whose parents never wanted him to be one. At some point, he had to escape. In the course of his escape from home, he became a hippie and traveled the world. He returned years later to live his dream of being a writer.


the alchemist reviewThe Alchemist is about Santiago, a young Shepherd from the south of Spain who keeps having a dream that a treasure lies underneath the Egyptian pyramids. After encountering an old king who offers him some advice on the journey he is to embark on and leaves him with some magic stones, the protagonist leaves his home and embarks on a journey to the Sahara to find the treasure.

The journey takes Santiago across the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara to find his treasure and his purpose in life. He encounters swindlers, tribal wars and endless sand, and in the process, he finds his one true love, learns the language of his heart, learns alchemy and eventually, finds his treasure.

Dreamy and Philosophical

For the most part, this book is dreamy, pensive and philosophical to the point where it leaves one at its wit’s end. The author seems to have lived a long time and is very wise. The story presents some insightful ideas about finding one’s destiny, rising above adversity, and the unity which exists in the universe. A central theme in the book is that “when you want something, the universe always conspires in your favor.” The author’s descriptions of events are simply awe-inspiring, and his choice of words is perfect. Beyond all these, the magic of this novel is found in the depth of the thought and soul behind this novel.

If you are looking to understand reality and beyond, The Alchemist is the book for you. The events in this novel sitting on the borderline of miraculous although being very much easy to relate to. It offers insights and inspiration which extend beyond the journeys which Santiago experiences and whether you are old or young, there is so much to learn here.

So much of the focus of self-help literature is on finding purpose and pursuing your destiny.

However, dreams do not pull us along by their force. It takes determination and courage, and worn copies of Coelho’s masterpiece have become a constant companion for people in need of making bold decisions and to stay focused on the vision. In addition to being a great story, this book is a great alternative to feel the fear but get it done anyway.

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