Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 10 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants Cling to Me

Chapter 10 <— click on the link to read

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Who is that devastatingly handsome brother?

Chu Yu’s fellow cannon fodder character
Xie Xi’s rival
A kidnapper
A shotacon
Obviously a bro-con
The enemy
Possibly a demon in disguise
No one important
Please Specify:


Uh, this is an unscheduled post. I finished it early so I decided to post it. Normally, I post on Tuesdays but that isn’t set in stone. I post whenever I finish a chapter. My goal is at least 1 chapter week.

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Chapter 7 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Act Cute to Me

Chapter 7 <— click on the link to read.

Transmigration Webcomic

I was reading Mao Zhi Ming today and I thought you guys might like it, too. The story is simple but I like it.

Summary: Molly was struck by lightning and transmigrated. When she woke up, a cute boy with animal ears was in front of her. She couldn’t resist grabbing his ears. Oops, it seems that in this world, that is only done when you propose to someone! 😉

Start here – http://snowycodex.com/translations/manhua/mzm/chapter-1/ (read it from left to right).

Chapter 6 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Kill Me

Chapter 6 <— click on the link to read. If you spot any errors please let me know by leaving a comment.

What will Chu Yu do now?

The misunderstandings continue in this chapter. Enjoy! Please don’t forget to comment if you liked this chapter.

This is what I think Chu Yu looks like from the back. Except with white robes.

Image is from the Ibuki Satsuki’s Comic Collection manhua.

Chapter 4 – Every Night Eldest Brother … oh dear!

Chapter 4 – Every day the protagonist wants to capture me <— click here to read.

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Chapter 3 Release! Every Day the Protagonist

Chapter 3 <— click on that link to read the long-awaited chapter 3. Here is the table of contents for that project in case you want to read the previous chapters.

Thank you for reading!

The one in the picture is Xiao Yan from Yi Chui Wu Yue Tiao Man Ji. How handsome is he? Nice clothes, too.

The webcomic is apparently a fan comic of a Chinese MMORPG but it’s not available in English so I don’t know anything about it. The story seems a bit tragic but the characters in this particular manhua are very interesting. Hopefully it won’t have a tragic ending.

I like this manhua because the artwork is phenomenal. The chapters are really short though! Perhaps they aren’t really chapters but more like short comic strips. Oh, well!

Thanks for supporting my new project. I’m grateful that readers seem to like it! This is on a weekly release schedule.

Chapter 2 Release – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 2 has just been posted <— click on that link to read it.

Point deductions are unfair!

I think these point deductions are unfair! A good (meaning super bad, lol) villain can make or break a story. If our dearest MC, the cannon fodder villain were to embrace his villainy and take over the plot, I bet readers would love it! There shouldn’t be point deductions for complaints, pffft!!! Doesn’t 007 System know that negative feedback is just as important as positive feedback?

Anyway, I just finished chapter 2 and I hope you like it.

I have decided to pick this up as my second project. Updates will be weekly or whenever I finish a chapter. Hopefully, that will be once or twice a week.

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Chapter 1 Release – New Project! Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me (This is a new project)

First chapter release! Hooray! ~ sprinkle flowers ~ Chapter 1 is here <— click on that link to read it. The summary and details about the story are in the project page. This will have a weekly release schedule for this story while The Reader and Protagonist will continue to have daily updates.

I picked this new story because it seems fun and comedic in tone. I have actually skimmed up to chapter 39. This means I know the basic outline but I am still weak when it comes to details. The first chapter was pretty rough going for me but I hope that the quality will improve as I get more used to the author’s style of writing.

By the way, the System is very annoying because of its irregular speech patterns. I sometimes don’t know what to make of what it is saying. *sigh*