Fei Xi Yan Xue – New Manga Project

Fei Xi Yan Xue

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Liang Xi comes to the capital to visit her father who is a high-ranking Noble for the first time.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also has to deal with half step sister’s hatred and now somehow gets dragged into the turmoil of the inner palace?!

Just what will become of Liang Xi?!

Chapter 11 Credits

Translator: Haru (Silver Leaf Scans)
Proofreader: DARTH SAURON THE GREAT (Silver Leaf Scans)
Cleaner: Reika (BC Novels)
Typesetter: Reika (BC Novels)

Silver Leaf Scans

BC Novels

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Bokura no Meikyu (Our Labyrinth) Chapter 03 Release

Chapter 03 of Bokura no Meikyu <— click on the link to read it!

bokura chapter 03

Batoto is closing down, too bad!

I was hoping to use that Batoto to get more people to read this manga but they are closing down in two/three more days. Another website will probably take its place soon so maybe I will still be able to use whatever emerges as the new scanlation website.

Looking for translator

I need a translator for the next chapters. I mainly use the NU forum for my projects. Please message me at if you are interested.

The raw is here –

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Bokura no Meikyu (Our Labyrinth) Chapter 02 Release

Chapter 2 <– click on the link to read the new manga release!

Bokura no Meikyu (Our Labyrinth) Quest 02

The adventure continues as Mame, the high school student whose school turned into a labyrinth, teams up with two girls to explore the newly-formed dungeon.

If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read chapter 01.

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New Project! Bokura no Meikyu (Our Labyrinth) Chapter 01 Release

Bokura no Meikyu (ぼくらのめいきゅ) “Our Labyrinth”

I have a new manga project!

Summary: A class of ordinary high school students suddenly find that their school has turned into a dungeon. It’s a short web comic comedy series with 3 chapters.

Chapter one <---- click on the link to view the manga! Please leave a comment if you find any errors. I'm looking for a translator for this project. If you want to join my team, message me here - You will have to create a forum account.

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Chapter 12. 2 -The hero suddenly proposed to me, but . . .

Hiya, I am Reika of Flower Clocks scanlation and I have decided to post my manga on this website. I own this domain so it’s better than the old website.

Announcement: I have now caught up with all of the available chapters. The manga is on hiatus. When I started this project it was still ongoing and I had no idea it would abruptly stop so don’t blame me.

As for the people complaining about “slow” updates, please shut up. I have released one chapter every month irregularly. There are exactly 14 parts of the manga (as updated by the original manga artist), released every month. I published my first scanlation on August 2016. it’s now September 2017 so even though it’s not been on a regular schedule, it’s exactly one release per month.

Thank you to all of the readers. I hope that you enjoyed this manga. …