Prince's Loyal Lover

The Prince’s Loyal Lover (New!) Chapter 6

Chapter 6 <— this is an extra chapter from the Emperor’s POV. Click on that link to read it.

Short projects are fun! Next project – I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes

I think I will pick up another short story after this. I was quite pleased with how this one turned out.

project k
One of my favorite pairings

My next project will be I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes.

“Because of the rule that prohibited “any love scene that goes below the neck,” Ye Ming’s story was locked. Just when he was feeling quite depressed about it, his own manuscript that he was still writing suddenly rose up against him.”

I will probably get started with this new project next month.

Prince's Loyal Lover

The Prince’s Loyal Lover (New!) Chapter 4

Chapter 4 <— click on this link to read

The author’s other stories

The Prince’s Loyal Lover was written by 决绝 who also has other stories that are being translated. These are:

A Guide to Raising Your Natural Enemy – a hamster (yes, a hamster!) ate a mysterious treasure and was able to gain intelligence and a cultivated until he got a human form (with hamster ears and tail). This story is super fun and cute! The male lead is a snake! LOL!

hamster snake


In the Future, My Whole Body is a Treasure – I read it but not enough chapters yet for me to tell if it’s good. This time a little ginseng plant spirit turned into a cute shota…

Both stories seem nice. 🙂


Prince's Loyal Lover

The Prince’s Loyal Lover (New!) Chapter 1

Chapter 1 <– click here to read

This project is just five chapters plus one extra chapter. I have finished the first drafts so I should be publishing the complete story soon! Please read the first chapter for now. Thanks!


Tao Wen transmigrated and discovered that he had become the brutal, scum lover in a tragic novel that he had just read.

That scum character was a prince who, instead of living a luxurious life in peace, always made trouble for his brother, the emperor. His reckless behavior made him fall out with his secret guard who died trying to protect him. In the end, he regretted causing the death of his lover but it was too late. Then he was killed by the emperor.

Tao Wen though that if he was that prince, he would never treat his lover like that…

tang zhu