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Chapter 53.2 – Good luck, Du Ze!

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Du Ze is hilarious

good luck du ze
I’m not alone!

I can’t believe how funny it was when Du Ze realized he would have to solo a person who can take on 7 women a night. He’s a one-man harem. Then in that chapter, he couldn’t even handle one time!

However, this mess is all his fault, therefore he has to take responsibility for Xiu. He doesn’t have money or power though. Meaning, he can only pay with …

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 53.1 – Guess which isolated location under the sea they are on

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We’re back to our regularly scheduled program!

I hope everyone enjoyed the previous chapter. That marked a milestone in Xiu and Du Ze’s relationship. I will post similar chapters elsewhere, so don’t forget to bookmark us on the NU project page.

Thank you for reading and if you find any errors, please let me know.

By the way, I made a mistake. Correction: The author’s name is Yi Ye Zhi Qiu. I think this would be better written as Yiye Zhiqiu. When I have time I will go over all the chapters and fix them all.

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Chapter 51.2 – The Demon King Takes Back His Bride

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Xiu (King of the Demons version) goes to rescue his bride

demon xiu
He’s coming for Du Ze.

Ye Zhi Qiu described the demon race in this way: “A race of people who are very honest about their own desires.”


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Chapter 51.1 – It’s here!

Chapter 51.1 <— click on that link to read it. Thank you to Rachel for the donation.

I hope everyone likes this chapter

As stated in the previous chapter, in this chapter Xiu will be coming for Du Ze. Not like any of thought he wouldn’t be coming though, right?

Thank you to everyone for your support. I notice that a lot of people did donate to the NU account but, sadly, it did not reach 55k. It seems I won’t be getting the money but thanks to everyone who helped.

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Chapter 50.1 – Milestone Reached!

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Milestone reached!

I have now published 50 chapters in 94 days. To be more precise, this is actually the 51st chapter since there is one extra chapter (the one after chapter 33). 94 days is exactly 25.75% of 2017. In other words, I have spent 1/4th of this year translating this novel.

The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

cat du ze
Du Ze as a cat

Three months ago I started reading “The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love” and fell in love with it. I chose it to be BC Novels’ first project because it’s something that I feel I can finish because I love the characters of the novel. Du Ze is just silly, cute, and lovable. Xiu is super hot and a doting lover.

I hope you like the novel as much as I do. Thank you for reading.

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Chapter 49.2 – Who will die at the end of this chapter?

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A dragon was sighted at the Elven Forest. Who could it have been? I think we know the answer now. Except… the golden dragon said that Eric had not called him to fight together for some time. I still think it was Eric looking for Du Ze.

Who will die at the end of this chapter?

Who will die in this chapter? (You can pick as many as you want.)

Du Ze
Princess Kelly
The King
Saint Vivian
Golden Dragon
No one
Please Specify:

make a quiz

This chapter is packed full of action! It’s the battle of Xiu + Pets vs Temple of Light + Dragon. Who will win?

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Chapter 49.1- Don’t touch him

Chapter 49.1 <– click on the link to read

 Don’t touch him

du ze god
Did you just say “God’s Messenger”?

Eric was so happy and relieved to see Du Ze. Remember when he tried to kidnap Du Ze from the Gnome Ruins? I have to hand it to the Son of God, he actually did manage to steal Du Ze from Xiu that time.

I bet Xiu still hates Eric for ruining his whole “I have something to tell you” moment when he was about to confess to Du Ze.

du ze
Du Ze: I have a bad feeling about this.