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Chapter 81.3 – What do the mechanical puppets look like?

Chapter 81.3 <— click on the link to read it. Thanks to two anonymous people for their donations.

What do you think the mechanical puppets look like?

According to the story, there are many different mechanical puppets. The ordinary ones that were wandering in the Death Swamp didn’t seem to smart. However, Old John is intelligent and, after Xiu fixed him up the first time, he looks exactly like a human.

The seven star mechanical puppet that Xiu was building was described by Du Ze as a walking arsenal/fortress. I think it’s probably a bit bulky and definitely huge.

As for the guardians that are under the various Sephiroths, they are named after angels so in my mind they look like big mechanical angels. White and gold, with wings. The eight star mechanical puppet that is the ultimate mechanical puppet… no idea what it looks like. I hope we get a good description of it.

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Chapter 81.2 – Well, it’s okay for now.

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A nice little illustration



Image Source.

This image kinda looks like Xiu, doesn’t it? Or since it looks pretty young and a bit innocent, it could be Eric! It has that blond warrior prince thing going for it.

Human form Xiu has been described as “a blond youth with a genial smile on his face” and Heidi thought he was very good-looking but I think the elf form is probably the most beautiful one. However, we still haven’t seen Xiu’s angel form so it’s too early to discuss this.

Here is what you are looking for

This is today’s SFW version. This version is good for all ages and those who are not too fond of weird stuff. The entire, uncensored version is super spicy… perhaps too spicy for some. It contains BDSM.

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Chapter 81.1 – Everyone is excited at the return of the strongest companion!

Chapter 81.1 <– click here to read it now.

The password for the upcoming locked *cough* special chapter at is:


Save that password somewhere since I will be deleting it soon. Try checking if you can access the website now to see if it works.

Three cheers for doujinshi-san!

What sort of mischief will this evildoer stir up? Tsk, tsk! Just thinking about all of the possibilities makes me laugh.

I’m also very pleased that the gnome form is back. Do you remember this?

shotacon du ze

Du Ze is so weak to the gnome form Xiu. I love it.

In other news, I found this wonderful fanart of Lich form Xiu and Du Ze.


It’s from this artist at Pixiv.

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Chapter 80.4 – Thanks for the feedback!

Chapter 80.4 <— click on the link to read.

Thanks for all the comments. I myself had no problems with Ainushi but it seems many of you had difficulties leaving comments there. They probably have more stringent comment spam controls than I do.

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Pulling someone’s tail can be dangerous

I don’t know why, but people in novels, manga, and anime always like to pull tails or grab ears whenever they see a beastkin or shapeshifter.

I mean, even though they clearly know that it’s a person and not an animal, they still like to do it! That doesn’t make sense. Would you like it if someone randomly started grabbing your ears and behind?!

But it might be explained by the “fact” that the beastkin ears and tail are just toooooo cute!

pull tail

Image from the Chasing Star Moon manhua by QWERTY scans.

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Chapter 80.3 – Was it good?

Chapter 80.3 <— click on the link to read it. Thanks to anonymous for the donation.

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Well, I will just assume people were to busy staunching the copious flow of blood from their nosebleeds.



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lion tattoos

A nice image I found. No idea where it is from. I think it kinda looks like Gilgamesh from Fate/stay night.

It’s super gorgeous and (IMO) it really does look like Xiu’s beastkin humanoid form’s tattoos. It would be perfect if it had the ears and tail, too.

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Chapter 80.1 – Only 15 chapters left

Chapter 80.1 <– click on the link to read. Thanks to Vi and the anonymous people for their donations.

There are only 15 chapters left.

I was really happy until I realized that many of those chapters are 2-5x longer than regular chapters.

Oh well, at least I have made a lot of progress since I first started this project.

Angel form

Xiu had now unlocked 7 of his 8 forms. The last is that he still hasn’t unlocked is the angel form.

Regarding that race, the Creator God probably messed with them, too.

“The Angels gave away their humility, received healing.” – Quote from chapter one.

Based on the information on the other races, the God of Creation gave at least three different races “gifts” that turned out to be “curses.” The elf Tree of Life, the gnome Wheel of Time, and the beastkin’s Battle Hymn did grant the races more power but there each have a cost to using them.

I wonder how the Creator God screwed with the angels? I can’t imagine how healing could turn out to be bad but the lack of humility could certainly cause problems.

beastkin xiu
Red hair!


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Chapter 79.2 – Eating tofu

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Eating tofu again?!

吃豆腐 – This means 1.) eat tofu 2.) to tease 3.) to flirt. By extension, it also means “to take advantage of a person in a sexual situation.”

Webnovels often use this phrase. For example: “Did he eat your tofu?”

How did this expression become popular? No one really knows why but the usual explanation is this:

Tofu shops were usually run by a husband and wife team back in the day. The husband would make the tofu at the back of the shop while the wife would sell the tofu in the storefront. Since the wife ate tofu everyday, this made her skin tender and smooth. This supposedly attracted male customers who would go to the tofu shop to flirt with the female seller. Therefore, wives who felt jealous would scold their husbands by saying “Today, you went to eat tofu again?!” That’s how “eating tofu” has become a word that means to flirt with a someone.

The phrase can mean everything from harmless verbal flirtation to sexual harassment.

CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

The moral of the story is that eating tofu will make your skin nicer and will attract men!

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Chapter 79.1 – No editor yet

Chapter 79.1 <— click on the link to read. Thanks to Yuu and Jadelin for the donations.

I’m still on break

As I mentioned before, I’m a bit stressed out so I am taking a short rest. You might wonder what I mean since I am still releasing stuff daily …

Well, what this really means is that there won’t be many early access chapters. I normally write at least 2-3 chapters in advance. That means I’m normally 4-6 days ahead of schedule. Now that I am resting, I’m 0-1 chapters ahead.

The 4-6 days in my schedule is that time I need to send it to my editor and get it back and for me to do the final editing … but I don’t currently have an editor. *shrugs* I’ve been trying to proofread and edit my own work which is kinda sucky atm, lol, I won’t lie.

Chapter 80 is more than 10,000 characters long. A normal chapter is 4,000-5000 characters. This is going to take a lot of time. Chapter 81 is almost that long, too.


Anyway, don’t be surprised if there aren’t many early access chapters. I might also skip some days.

Don’t worry though, I’m not taking a hiatus. I estimate that I will still be releasing the same number of words per week or even more than normal. It just might not be everyday. Or it might be everyday, haha.

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Chapter 78.4 – Special Episode: Mid-Autumn Festival

Hi everyone, here is today’s chapter. This is a special episode. I am not sure where exactly it goes in the story chronologically but it was at the end of chapter 78 in the raws.

cute du ze

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Special Episode: Mid-Autumn Festival

Du Ze looked at the moon above the lake in the elf kingdom. The huge moon was like a round wheel in the dark sky. As a human from Earth, the full moon always made him think of the Mid-Autumn Festival. However, the time of this world and earth are not the same so Du Ze cannot determine the time of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Speaking of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to this foodie missing the mooncakes, there was also the legend of Chang’e.

“What are you thinking about?”

He heard a familiar voice from behind him then Du Ze was in Xiu’s arms. The elf kissed Du Ze’s hair.

“A legend.”

“Oh?” The tone of Xiu’s voice showed that he was listening. Du Ze gathered his thoughts and then haltingly began to explain the story of the rabbit on the moon and the Mid-Autumn Festival. In order to explain about the legend of the moon, Du Ze started off by explaining how ten suns rose from Earth and scorched the fields, turning the world into a wasteland. The archer Houyi shot down nine of the ten suns. He replaced some of the elements of the ancient Chinese myth and spoke of Houyi as an Archer God. Then he narrated how Chang’e stole the elixir by saying she stole his godhead and rose to the moon to become a goddess.

After hearing the story, Xiu meditated on it for a moment then held Du Ze: “Did Houyi like Chang’e a lot?”

Du Ze nodded. If Houyi did not not like her, he wouldn’t have gone to the Queen Mother of the West to get two immortality elixirs for himself and Chang’e.

“Why didn’t he pursue her?”

“He can’t pursue her there.” Du Ze did not know how to explain it to Xiu and only said vaguely: “Only gods can enter there and Houyi failed to become a god.”

“Chang’e stayed on the moon forever and Hou Yi finally died?”


Xiu was silent for a while then summarized the story in his own words: “Really stupid …”

Du Ze also felt that Chang’e shouldn’t have taken both elixirs with her. After all, even if one is immortal, if one is alone then one can only end up forever desolate and lonely in the Moon Palace.

Chang’e probably regrets stealing the elixir and is bitterly lonely every night.

Xiu embraced Du Ze, cradling Du Ze’s head in the hollow of his shoulder. No light penetrated Xiu’s serene and mysterious eyes.

The archer god named Houyi was very stupid.

If you have the strength to slay the suns, why not destroy the moon?

If the two of you can’t be together, then simply pull down that person so that the two of you can be buried together.

Xiu sniffed Du Ze’s fragrance. This person has never changed since they met. Even though he was not an adolescent, he was still a young man and remained that way, as though his time was frozen.

Whether it was Cecil or the story of Houyi, the famous stories were all about the tragedy of time. Every creature in this world will age and eventually die, even the undead will decay and perish after a very long period of time. In the whole world, only a god is truly immortal.

If he fails to become a god, then …

Xiu gently bit Du Ze’s neck and when Du Ze looked up at him in fright, Xiu kissed him on the lips.

“Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Du Ze could only see that Xiu’s eyes were filled with tenderness. He felt the other person’s heat on his lips and closed his eyes. The corners of his mouth curved up in a smile.

“… Happy Mid Autumn Festival.”


Translator’s Notes:

  • Mooncakes, they have different types of yummy fillings:
By stu_spivackP1010095, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link
By SoHome Jacaranda LilauOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link
  • Oops, I accidentally clicked on “publish” instead of “save draft.” I was supposed to publish this later today. Never mind, it’s fine.
  • I thought this chapter would be super fluffy but it’s actually super yandere! Xiu! Is it me or is it actually a very cute yet also ominous/scary extra chapter? *shudder* I’d like to think that Xiu thinks that but he wouldn’t actually kill our sweet little reader. What do you think? Are you worried?

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Chapter 78.3 – Eight Races Progress

Chapter 78.3 <– click on the link to read it. Thanks to evesdropper  and anonymous for the donations.

Eight Races Progress So Far (Spoilers)

Human: ✅
Undead: ✅
Gnome: ❌
Demon: ✅
Elf: ✅
Dragon: ✅
Beastkin: ❌
Angel: ❌

As you can plainly see, we need more! Onto the gnome, beastkin, and angel chapters! Not to mention … we definitely need the “everyone, join in the fun” chapter, agreed?!

Links to all the special chapters so far. Passwords are no longer needed. Hooray! 😛

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xiu in humanoid dragonkin form
I wish dragon form could have a do-over.