Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 26.1 – The hot springs chapter!

Chapter 26.1 <— click here to read

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It’s the long-awaited hot springs chapter

This is the chapter where the reader and protagonist …

No, I can’t say because it would be a spoiler. This is one of my favorite chapters.

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 25.2 – Milestone Reached!

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Here’s the chapter link

Chapter 25.2 <— click on the link to read

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 24.2 – Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 24.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love <- click to read

I’ve already taken off my pants, and this is what you show me?!

I was once like you! When I first read that chapter title I was soooo excited. The came the reveal and I laughed but I was also slightly disappointed. Well, worry not! There are some exciting chapters coming soon.

By the way, do you readers remember when I was very insistent that they only spent a few days/week in the Lost Land? Now you know why! The fact that Du Ze urged Xiu to leave 3 years ahead of schedule is like throwing a small pebble into a pond. It has caused a lot of ripple effects. The timeline is messed up now. *nods*

Still, everything should turn out fine. I mean, we got recently got to see this (image below) so I am happy.

what situation
A nice way to wake up
Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 24.1 – Added ‘Like’ and ‘Subscribe’ Buttons

Chapter 24.1 <— it’s there so click on the link to read the chapter.

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Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 23.2 – Are you going to kiss?

Chapter 23.2 <— hurry, click on that and read it. Thank you very much to Whitney who donated again!

Xiu’s black box is his brain.

You know how at the end of each chapter there’s always an extra? It’s either an excerpt from “Mixed Blood” or a “black box.” At first it wasn’t really clear to me what the black box is but a little bit of Googling did the trick. A “black box” is a type of device whose inner workings are opaque. I mean, you can’t see what is happening inside the box, hence it’s a “black box.”

Apparently, the human brain is type of ¬†black box.¬†Therefore, when there’s a black box section, that shows what is going on in Xiu’s brain.

The opposite of a black box is a white box or a clear/glass box that allows you to see what is happening inside it.

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 23.1 – This is what you show me?!

Behold! Chapter 23.1 <— click on the link to read awesomeness.

All the times Du Ze stole harem member’s events!

Did you know that our favorite naughty reader has stolen many, many key events from harem members?

  • saving Xiu’s life with a kiss in the Lost Land. The cat-like monster and the elf princess did that in “Mixed Blood.”
  • Xiu cast the Wither curse on Du Ze. In the novel he cast it on Princess Kelly.
  • Du Ze helped Xiu in the pistol scene
  • the cold curse was originally put on Alice because the elf Necromancer wanted her but now it was put on Du Ze
  • Xiu cured Alice in the original story but this time he cured Du Ze

It really looks like Du Ze has taken over the harem!