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Chapter 48.1 – The author has something to say

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The author put a spoiler at the end of this chapter

The author wrote some reassuring words at the end of this chapters. Maybe it’s because readers reacted with alarm at the tragic story of the lovers in the last chapter. The author’s note is a bit spoilery.

This chapter hasn’t been edited since real life interfered with my editor.

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Chapter 47.2 – Chinese “Western” names

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Chinese people love using Western names

I know that some people find it weird or annoying that “The Reader and Protagonist” uses Western names. However, this is merely a reflection of modern China’s love for Western names.

English is part of the Chinese curriculum in secondary school and the college entrance exams require it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are fluent. But the fact that educated people are supposed to understand/speak English means that English proficiency is seen as very classy.

In addition, the Chinese like Western names because they are considered modern and egalitarian. So, for example, the Chinese think it’s kinda nice to call a co-worker by their first (Western) name in the office.

Let me give a solid example: Ma Yun (马云), one of the richest people in China (net worth US$46.9 billion) is known professionally as Jack Ma.

So please don’t think that it’s weird to have people in Chinese novels called “Vivian” or “John.” That’s perfectly normal!

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Chapter 47.1 – Rich second generation

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What is a “rich second generation” kid?

If you read Chinese novels, one of the most common characters, especially in a modern setting is the “rich second generation” person. They are Fuerdai (富二代) and “rich second generation” is the literal translation of that term.

However, this is a concept that goes way beyond the literal. I mean, check out this title: “Children of the Yuan Percent: Everyone Hates China’s Rich Kids.”

Fuerdai are those people who are the children of the nouveau riche of the early years of China’s economic reforms from the 1970s onwards. From a socialist society, China has emerged as the country with the most number of billionaires in the world.

One of the social problems China and many other countries face now is social inequality. Fuerdai are loathed because they are seen as arrogant and privileged. As the article I linked to above says, “fuerdai are to China what Paris Hilton was to the U.S. a decade ago, only less tasteful.” Note: Paris Hilton is actually an “old money” heiress but she acts more like the nouveau riche.

But do not call every rich character a fuerdai!

People from wealthy clans, families, or sects are not fuerdai. Those whose parents are nouveau riche are fuerdai.

Authors will normally call a character fuerdai only if they have the stereotypical fuerdai traits – arrogance, stupidity, uselessness, loudness, and a penchant for vulgar displays of wealth.

A “rich second generation” character is the opposite of a refined, wealthy gentleman. That crude, boorish, gaudily-dressed annoying brat whose parent is a rich merchant? That’s a fuerdai.

Apparently the fuerdai like to study abroad. There is a reality TV show about them on Youtube: HBICtv: Ultra Rich Asian Girls. I do not recommended watching it.

Thank you for reading this. I hope this explanation was fun.

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Chapter 46.2 – Causing a sensation onstage

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It’s one night only!

Xiu agreed to act in the play but it seems that it’s for just one night. Wow, I would not like to be one of those unlucky people who did not get a ticket.

Luckily, we, the readers, have a front row seat for the play. In addition, we can also see what is happening backstage. Hurrah!

Oh, I almost forgot something. Some people asked why Du Ze is myopic and deaf again when he was healed in the Elven Forest. It’s actually stated in one of the previous chapters. Du Ze’s 0-point restore power restored him to his usual state. Meaning, his deaf and myopic state.

Thank you for reading.

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Chapter 46.1 – It’s a trap!

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Warning! It’s a trap!

In the last chapter Enoch forced Du Ze to agree to dress up as the heroine and Xiu promised to kiss him! I feel like life is good and reading is fun.

Enjoy this chapter. Some silly, cute person will be cross-dressing.

Angry Bird Attack

A thief carried off “Mother” – again! Angry Bird, attack!
angry bird

Enoch gets it right smack on the face.

But I wonder about one thing: why was Xiu shooting the thief? Du Ze could have fallen since they were on the rooftops. What if some Moe reader got injured?!

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Chapter 45.2 – Nanny, give me milk quickly, please

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I nearly died trying to figure out all of the gaming terms!

You know, the Chinese have their own video game memes. I was definitely not familiar at all with the use of 奶妈 (nǎi mā). It literally means nanny or wet nurse.

According to this explanation, in 2004 one of the famous healers in an online game had the username “God Mother.” Predictably, the other players jokingly referred to that player as mom. One day someone said “nanny, quickly feed me milk!” The players thought it was funny and this usage of “nanny/wet nurse” for healers quickly spread.

So therefore when someone is asking for “milk” they just mean they need healing. The problem, of course, is that the readers don’t know all of that and I have to explain it. I can’t just literally translate it as “milk” and “wet nurse.”

Anyway, that’s the kind of stuff I had to deal with, lol. I think I got it right. 🙂 Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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Chapter 45.1 – Xiu’s pheromones are leaking again

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Xiu’s pheromones are super strong!

Looks like everyone is stunned when they first see elf form Xiu’s face. Ariel also said that even though elves are said to be beautiful, Xiu’s beauty is on a whole ‘nother level.

Wow, Du Ze is such a lucky guy, isn’t he? Though you might argue that Xiu is the lucky one. 🙂

Thank you for reading this story.

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Chapter 44.2 – I think no one noticed?

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When a dragon appears and no one noticed it, is it still significant?

Ugh, I seem to be having some computer trouble. Pray for me, lol, since updates will be delayed if my desktop goes kaput.

Anyway, I noticed something strange. Anne said that a dragon was sighted in the Elven Forest. But I didn’t see anyone comment about it. Did no one notice that? If you ask me, that’s kinda obvious foreshadowing.

Let’s reread!

In the forums there were some people who were asking who some of the minor characters are. You see, some of the people who are going to appear in this arc are from the very first chapters. Why not do a reread? You’ll find it easier to understand why some things are going to happen in this arc.

Thank you for reading.

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Chapter 44.1 – Brr, it’s cold in here

Chapter 44.1 <– click here to read it

When I read about people travelling in extremely cold places, I shiver

I hope everyone enjoyed last chapter’s super cute moment. Did you click on that fanart that I linked?

By the way, it looks like Xiu likes to bite, lol. If you remember a few chapter back, Xiu was in gnome form when he first bit Du Ze. It was a real bite, too. As in, he drew blood! This time the bite was more gentle so there’s progress! *laughs*

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