Chapter 15 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 15 – Die for Wealth

(TN: 人为财死 is the title, and it refers to the idiom 人为财死,鸟为食亡 – literally “human beings will die for riches, just as birds will for food” meaning “man will do anything in his means to become rich.”)

The Mausoleum Ruins are the remnants left behind after an ancient cultivator war. Relative to the outside world, it is in a separate space. That place is extremely dangerous. Just a little inattentiveness can get an explorer killed and his soul imprisoned. However, the Mausoleum contains countless exotic treasures so cultivators both love and hate it with unceasing covetousness.

Because of the unstable Qi fluctuations in the Mausoleum Ruins, those above the Core Formation stage cannot go inside. Thus, every 10 years the Immortal Sword Congress is held as a way of choosing qualified disciples to enter the Mausoleum Ruins.

The Mausoleum Ruins is an important story arc for the protagonist to level up his skills; it absolutely cannot be skipped. In the original novel, the protagonist took first place at the Immortal Sword Congress so Chu Yu dares not let the protagonist be injured even slightly in case he misses his chance – second place just isn’t good enough.

On the other hand, in the novel the protagonist was in the early stage of Foundation Building. How did he suddenly “whoosh” his way to the late stage of Foundation Building?

Chu Yu was deeply depressed.

Back in Chu Yu’s small courtyard, they hadn’t sat down yet when a note came flying towards them. Xie Xi waved his sleeve and lazily caught it in one hand. The note automatically burned itself up and Lu Qingan’s voice came clearly: “Three years have passed, Yu-er can be accompanied when he goes down the mountain. Be careful and do not be reckless.”

When Chu Yu heard the message, he got a bit of a headache and could not help sighing.

The man-eating demonic insects were discovered near a city west of Jiao Xia, far from the Tian Yuan mountains. It is now two months until they hatch so they have to start early and get ready.

He was still thinking that when another note arrived. Xie Xi was smiling and holding his chin as he stared earnestly at Chu Yu’s dazed appearance. Seeing another note, his attitude wasn’t very patient when he took it.

“Chu Shizhi please lead the disciples to Ping Yuan Peak quickly.”

(TN: Shizhi is a martial nephew or in other words, the disciple of a fellow martial brother. People in the same “generation” are Shixiong/Shidi or martial brothers. The disciples of those Shidi/Shixiong are Shizhi.)

They are leaving?

Chu Yu was a bit surprised, but fortunately he has already prepared all the things they will need. He took his sword, looked at Xie Xi in the eyes and said: “Let’s go.”

Apart from Xie Xi, he was not ready to take anyone else from Yuan Chen Peak. In the original novel, Chu Yu took Third Shidi and Fourth Shidi to with him but only he came back alive and he was seriously injured.

They were together for three years and Chu Yu was reluctant to let these cannon fodder Shidi die.

Last month the Yuan Chen Peak disciples heard about the demonic insects, so when they saw Chu Yu and Xie Xi they hurriedly gathered in the courtyard and stared at Chu Yu with misty eyes. Chu Yu’s lips tightened as he glanced at them and his voice was cold as he said: “During the days when I am gone, cultivate properly and don’t waste your time. If anyone dares to slack off, I will throw them into the jungle for three days.”

Listening to this familiar threat, the disciples, whose faces were sad, couldn’t help but laugh.

Third Shidi looked at Fourth Shidi looked and stepped forward. Cautiously, he said: “Da Shixiong, I and Fourth Shidi have reached the Foundation Building period. You and Second Shixiong are just two which is weak, then …”

“Stay on the peak and teach your Shidi.” Chu Yu cut off Third Shidi’s speech as his eyes swept over all of the assembled cannon fodder characters. He pulled out Xun Sheng and climbed on board.

Xie Xi also climbed on top of his sword, his eyes bright. Smiling, he said: “I thought Da Shixiong would give them permission.”

Chu Yu dismissed the thought with a “haha”: “Shixiong and you will be enough.”

After saying that, his eyes randomly swept over Xie Xi and the sword at his feet. The sword’s blade was slender and exquisite, gleaming like snow when it moved. Each inner disciple can go to the Sword Mound at age 15. Last year Xie Xi went to the Sword Mound and pulled out this top-grade immortal sword. The nameless sword needed to be named by its owner but Xie Xi smiled and asked Chu Yu for help.

Chu Yu was quite shocked. Barely able to control his facial expression, he named it according to the novel’s plot – Duan Xue.

Right now Duan Xue sword was not famous but later on this sword and the protagonist will be famed in all four corners of the world for outstanding fighting prowess, dreaded by all.

The point was… In the novel the protagonist used this sword to cut the original Chu Yu to pieces.

An ice-cold finger of fear climbed up his back. Chu Yu swallowed his saliva and dared not look again.

A lot of disciples were standing in Ping Yuan Peak’s plaza. Also present were elders, trainers, and elite disciples. Each Peak was represented by 5-6 people. Seeing Chu Yu arrive with only Xie Xi, even Song Yuanzhuo was somewhat surprised.

However, after all, Chu Yu was not his disciple so Song Yuanzhuo just glanced at Xie Xi and didn’t say anything. Chu Yu found a place to stand together with Xie Xi then silently looked at the sect’s other disciples.

He was always cultivating in isolation and rarely went outside his Peak, therefore when he looked around, he didn’t see anyone familiar.

Simply sit down with eyes closed, everything is nothing.1

Although Chu Yu did not know these disciples, these disciples knew him. Not far away, a few disciples stared at Chu Yu for a moment, looked at each other, then slowly walked over to where Chu Yu was standing and said: “Am I talking to Chu Shixiong?”

Chu Yu opened his eyes. In front of him were a few young people wearing yellow robes.

The disciples of each Peak wear clothing of a different color. Yellow robes… It seems to be … Which Peak is it?

He had pretended to be a noble and cold man for a long time so this attitude came to him naturally now. The other disciples saw that he was arrogant and didn’t want to open his mouth so they smiled. A disciple said: “We are Qing Ye Peak’s elder Liu’s disciples. Our Da Shixiong is ill and we have no leader. We don’t know if Chu Shixiong is willing to …”

“I don’t want to,” said Xie Xi in a cold voice, twisting his eyebrows together.

Most likely their head disciple was not ill but just dare not come. The elders did not say anything but Chu Yu was afraid these people will go hand in hand to throw their lives away.

Chu Yu scanned the group of people carelessly. Only one was in the Foundation Building early stage, the rest were in the Qi Refining stage.

It looks like they want to find someone who will take them under his wing but Chu Yu is only concerned about protecting both himself and Xie Xi. Where can he find the energy to give himself more trouble?

He looked at Xie Xi happily; the child is really a beautiful flower one can talk to.2

“You!” Bluntly rebuffed, the disciples’ faces turned many colors in chagrin. Their leader said angrily: “Chu Shixiong has not opened his mouth, why did you butt in?”

Chu Yu said dully: “I don’t want to.”

He must live. He must protect the protagonist. Adding a few more people to the mix would not be fatal but, although he sympathizes with these people’s plight, he is not the Holy Father.3

Besides, Yuan Chen Peak is not the only one, there are other peaks that can be relied upon.

“Chu Yu, you …” The disciple gnashed his teeth and said angrily: “When you see someone in danger, you do nothing and ignore your fellow sect disciples?”

Chu Yu looked at him blankly.

“Well, well, Chu Yu you are ruthless enough, we will remember this!”

With ashen faces, the Qing Ye Peak disciples flung their sleeves and stalked away, eyes full of resentment. As they walked away, Chu Yu clearly heard them saying things like “act like a snob” and “heart of stone.”

Speechless for a while, Chu Yu touched his chin and looked doubtfully at Xie Xi: “Shidi, do you see a halo on my head?”

Xie Xi was staring gloomily at the backs of those who left and when he heard Chu Yu’s words he instinctively looked at Chu Yu’s head. Confused, he shook his head.

“Then why did they take it for granted…” Chu Yu shrugged. The words “I am the Holy Father” were not written on his face. He added: “If they do not want to die then they can go to the elders and talk to them, they don’t have to go.”

Xie Xi thought for a moment then said: “I heard that if one descends down the mountain to fight the demonic insects, the disciples will be able to get a Marrow Cleansing Pill and an Immortal Tool.”

(TN: Marrow Cleansing Pill is probably something that purifies the body or spirit veins, it’s useful for cultivation. Immortal/Magic Tool is a generic name for all types of magic treasures such as weapons, clothing, talismans, accessories, etc.)

Oh, people are willing to die for wealth.

Chu Yu nodded and no longer cared about this matter.

They waited for a moment longer until everyone had arrived. At a rough count, there were more than 30 people. Song Yuanzhuo stood on the pedestal, talked about some trivial things, and then the disciples distributed some pills and talismans. Finally, he waved, signaling that it was time for them to depart.

The filthy rich Chu Yu doesn’t care about these talismans and pills so he casually took them then mounted his sword to fly to their current destination, Fang Ye City, with the other sect disciples.

Xie Xi was not far behind Chu Yu, silently staring at Chu Yu’s back. After a period of time, he suddenly called: “Shixiong.”

Chu Yu turned back.

“I’m tired.” Xie Xi was waiting for Chu Yu to turn back and directly jumped on his sword. Standing behind Chu Yu, he reached out to hold his waist. He said, laughing: “I feel most at ease standing on Shixiong’s sword.”

Child, did you forget the crash that was caused by me speeding? You feel at ease? You feel at ease?!

Chu Yu understood it well, this child was just being lazy. He put one hand on his back and rubbed Xie Xi’s hair, concentrating on his flying sword.

Of the more than 30 disciples, there are more than 20 in the Foundation Building period. In order to keep a low profile, Chu Yu deliberately suppressed his aura to the mid-stage Foundation level. That way he won’t stand out too much.

The distance to the city was not far and for some time they were all silent except for a few whispered words. Suddenly, someone said: “Shidi, Shimei, this trip is dangerous, but if we work together, we don’t have to be afraid of the demonic insects.”

Chu Yu turned his head and looked at the handsome young man with a face like a jade pendant.4 He seemed straightforward, just, and awe-inspiring. Chu Yu saw this youth standing at Song Yuanzhuo’s side at the plaza so he should be Song Yuanzhuo’s personal succeeding disciple, the future leader of Tian Yian sect.

The novel did not describe this person. He was a tragic “I’m just here to buy soy sauce” cannon fodder character. Fortunately, the owner of his body had the memory of a man named Song Jingyi. Based on his memory, he was a snake in the grass. On the surface he is magnanimous but in truth, he was a narrow-minded small man. He and the original Chu Yu had an unpleasant quarrel when they met.

(TN: 打酱油 – “to buy soy sauce” meaning “it’s none of my business”)

However, in the eyes of other disciples, Song Jingyi was a worthy leader. Once he opened his mouth, someone immediately said: “Song Shixiong, what do you think about it?”

Song smiled slightly: “There are 32 people. Some of the disciples are weak and will be defeated one by one if they fight. We should form four and eight-person teams so that we can take care of each other.”

Ah… when one wants to disagree with something, it’s a good idea to speak up.

Chu Yu carefully thought about it and, seeing that no one objected, had to send out a discordant voice: “Sorry, Song Shixiong, I and my shidi will not participate.”


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  1. Um, 干脆就闭目养神,视万物如无物 is kinda hard to translate. Literally – Simply sit down and close the eyes, regard all living things as nothing. I think this is a Dao/philosophical thing, however, Chu Yu actually did sit down and close his eyes so it is also literal, haha.
  2. 解语花 – a flower one can talk to. Alluding to Emperor Xuanzong who once said that a white lotus was beautiful but cannot be compared to a beautiful flower he can talk to, referring to a beautiful concubine.
  3. 圣父 – Sheng Fu, literally the Holy Father or God the Father
  4. 冠玉 – jade pendant adorning a hat/crown, worn in ancient times in China

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