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Chapter 21.1 – Protagonist: What’s this situation?

Chapter 21.1 <— click on that link to read it.

In this chapter, Xiu has to deal with the Necromancer who cursed Du Ze. I think Xiu’s reaction to the whole “I put a spell on you so you can be mine” curse was super funny. The poor demon just want to continue his harmonious health education time. But they get interrupted by another guy who wants to steal away his partner.

Tsk tsk!

Those two demon sisters, supposedly future harem members, were basically ignored by Xiu though Du Ze was excited to see them. I wonder if there will be any funny misunderstandings? *smirks*

Fan Video

This is just a short vid I made. It’s not that good but I made it anyway. :p

4 thoughts on “Chapter 21.1 – Protagonist: What’s this situation?”

  1. i didn’t see his angel form but omg!! was that his beastkin form? hnnngh!! the dragon form is also handsome <3 Thank you the FMV~

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