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Chapter 21.2 – Xiu is always saying ‘Eight forms tonight’

Chapter 21.2 <– click here to read. Don’t miss the image at the very end. The author put that in the original Chinese raws so it’s definitely meant to be seen. And please get ready for the next chapter. I think all of the readers will enjoy it. *cough* You’ll know what I mean once you read it.

Eight forms tonight

Xiu is always saying “eight forms tonight.” Du Ze is always using the _(:3」∠)_ emote. This means …

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 21.2 – Xiu is always saying ‘Eight forms tonight’”

  1. Xiu is always saying ‘Eight forms tonight’” <– I am okay on every form even the child one but please somebody help! When he is in undead form, What freaking organ did he used to AHAM, enter Du zhe??? Skeleton do not has penis. ;_;

    1. Hey now, he doesn’t have a child form. It’s just a short guy but he’s an adult. You’ll see…

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