Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 23 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to … Me

Chapter 23 <– click on this link to read the April Fool’s Day version. I hope you like it! Click here for the regular chapter 23.

xie xi


Danmei  (耽美) – BL or Boy’s Love fiction in China. Danmei, literarily “addicted to beauty,” is the Chinese term for a category of comics, novels, and other stories that focus on romantic and erotic encounters between male characters. Danmei fiction is largely written by and for females.

Gong (攻) – seme

Shou (受) – uke

Fu Nu (腐女) – fujoshi aka “rotten girls”

BG – boy/girl novel

source – https://open.library.ubc.ca/cIRcle/collections/ubctheses/24/items/1.0355213

My other project, The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love, is almost finished. If you like danmei, why not read it? Only two more chapters to go!

When that project is finished I will take a one week vacation then all my time will be devoted to Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you enjoy today’s chapter.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 23 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to … Me”

  1. I couldn’t comment on the next chapter on the other site so I came here. Our ML is too cute flirting around 😂😂. I’m interested how this will go since he’s not injured like in the novel.

    1. Our little fish is not dense, he’s in denial, he refuses to believe that his golden tight is actually his future husband.

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