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Chapter 39.1 – The Elves gave away their passion, received archery

Chapter 39.1 <— click on the link to read. Thanks to Christya for the donation.

The Elves gave away their passion and received the gift of archery

Each fantasy race in the “Mixed Blood” novel has it’s particular quirks. Elves are mostly indifferent because during the Rite of Passage for adults, they take their emotions and put it in the Tree of Life. According to the novel’s history, in exchange for giving away their passion, they got the gift of archery.

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  1. Thanks for the chappie.

    Me: ^ . ^*waiting for the grand summon*

    Xiu:(I trust you,wifey!)*stares*

    Du Ze:(Hurry up!The cute sister can’t die!She is a part of your harem.)*impassive expression,worried inside*

    Me:(Du Ze,stop that harem thing…because the sole member and the only member of the harem will be you!!!)*still waiting at the side*

    Du Ze:(My waists…kinda hurts!)*impassive expression,tears inside*

    Xiu:(You are only mine.)*grips the waist while summoning*

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