Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 43 – Every Day the Protagonist Acts Crafty

Chapter 43 <— click on the link to read it.

This is called schedule slippage!

I have been releasing one chapter every week but I mentioned before that the chapters are longer now. This might cause a bit of a delay sometimes but don’t be alarmed. Everything is fine and I am working at the same speed as always. It’s just that the chapters are longer… but I am still releasing the same word length per month as before.

Hopefully, I can adjust and continue to release weekly!

My Phoenix’s On Top

I’ve been reading this weirdly titled manhua, My Phoenix’s On Top. Special advisory: There is no phoenix seme (on top) in the manga. It’s not BL. Imagine my disappointment!

My Phoenix's On Top

It’s usual isekai type: Unlucky girl from the modern time goes to another world, unexpectedly receives an incredible power, and capturing the crown princes from four countries’ heart, all the way to become the imperial harem’s lord?

Only seven chapters have been translated but it seems promising.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 43 – Every Day the Protagonist Acts Crafty”

  1. I thought it was a BL story too when I saw it. The picture of the cover hadn’t come out yet so when I saw the title, I immediately clicked it. So freakin disappointed when it wasn’t. 😖

  2. The male leads of that look like a “before” and “after” shot of Mika from Seraph of the End. It’s not BL, but it sure is bait.

    1. Look at their ears! The one that looks like Mika has normal ears while the one with the white hair and red eyes has smaller ears!

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