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Chapter 46.2 – Causing a sensation onstage

Chapter 46.2 <– click on the link to read. Thanks to Ann for the donation.

It’s one night only!

Xiu agreed to act in the play but it seems that it’s for just one night. Wow, I would not like to be one of those unlucky people who did not get a ticket.

Luckily, we, the readers, have a front row seat for the play. In addition, we can also see what is happening backstage. Hurrah!

Oh, I almost forgot something. Some people asked why Du Ze is myopic and deaf again when he was healed in the Elven Forest. It’s actually stated in one of the previous chapters. Du Ze’s 0-point restore power restored him to his usual state. Meaning, his deaf and myopic state.

Thank you for reading.

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