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Chapter 47.2 – Chinese “Western” names

Chapter 47.2 <— click on the link to read. Oops, I actually meant to schedule this for tomorrow but I accidentally clicked on “publish” instead. Oh well, it should be fine.

Chinese people love using Western names

I know that some people find it weird or annoying that “The Reader and Protagonist” uses Western names. However, this is merely a reflection of modern China’s love for Western names.

English is part of the Chinese curriculum in secondary school and the college entrance exams require it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they are fluent. But the fact that educated people are supposed to understand/speak English means that English proficiency is seen as very classy.

In addition, the Chinese like Western names because they are considered modern and egalitarian. So, for example, the Chinese think it’s kinda nice to call a co-worker by their first (Western) name in the office.

Let me give a solid example: Ma Yun (马云), one of the richest people in China (net worth US$46.9 billion) is known professionally as Jack Ma.

So please don’t think that it’s weird to have people in Chinese novels called “Vivian” or “John.” That’s perfectly normal!

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  1. Woah… thanks for the explanation…. I’ve read many c novel (translated of course 😜) but no one explained this… thanks 😄👍

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