Chapter 52 – Scum Villain

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Fluffy hair?

It seems that some of the fan artists at twitter like to draw Luo Binghe with fluffy hair. Well, Shen Qingqiu did call him a sheep, right? So it fits!

I personally think Luo Binghe probably has straight hair but this fanart is kinda making want to imagine him with curly hair.

I bet Shen Qingqiu has long, gorgeous, shiny hair!

The novel does explicitly state that Luo Binghe, as the harem master protagonist, is the most handsome. All the girls tend to fall for him. The other person who is mentioned as being really good-looking is Liu Qingge, but with more feminine features. Original Shen Qingqiu was supposed to be good-looking, too, in a cold way.

I prefer the fanarts that show SQQ as cold and manly. I feel like LBH has a lot of really great fanart that fits my image of him but, alas, manly, cold-faced SQQ fanart is hard to find.

Thanks for reading!

Edit: Since someone complained about it, I’ve removed the fanart.

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 52 – Scum Villain”

  1. I think SQQ might be portrayed with a gently smiling face to show it’s not Shen Jiu (which I keep reading as old Shen or original Shen ) the entire thing for me is liek a reverse harem with a cast of handsome men instead of pretty ladies since it’s kinda like the novel has been reversed and thrown off
    Another thin perhaps sheep doesn’t refer to his curly hair but the way he looked and acted. That’s what I got anyway. This cute innocent chibi who dressed in white and “mindlessly” followed SQQ about like a lost lamb

    1. The twitter doesn’t say no reposting. Generally, reposting is fine except for when you take credit for the work. I did link to the original and kept the watermark.

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