Chapter 55 – Scum Villain

Chapter 55 <— click on the link to read it

That little sheep

Fanart by @Darldnife

You know how Shen Qingqiu likes to call Luo Binghe a sheep? It’s because his hair is fluffy!

I’m kidding…

It’s probably because he has sheep-like characteristics, like being cute and dressed in white while following Shen Qingqiu around. Maybe it’s just me but it kinda makes me think of the whole “wolf in sheep’s clothing” thing, too.

Anyway, above is a fanart of chibiSQQ with his iconic fan and sheepLBH yelling “Shizun! Shizun!” like he often does.

You can view the artist’s original tweet here. Aw, I wanna pet the cute little sheep!

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 55 – Scum Villain”

  1. Translator-san… Dat sheep has fangs ya know 😁. It will bite you once you pet him. The sheep only let the master pet him 😂

    Btw i have a question
    I have been meaning to ask this for quite sometime now, but i always tend to forget once ive read the feedback section 😂…

    Um… translator-san, when did shizun trimmed his beard? If i can recall he still has the long beard covering his face right?
    Didnt he still got it when he met lou binghe for the first time? But lou saw right throu his face even with the beard.
    When did he trimmed it?

    1. Uh, Idk about his beard but probably he had it on while he was being Peerless Cucumber until he took it off right before he went back to the sect.

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