Chapter 56 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 56 – Qi Deviation

Xie Xi’s lips thinned and he scowled as he looked for a robe to put on Chu Yu. His long eyelashes flickered like a butterfly who couldn’t find any pollen to eat. He looked extremely wronged

Chu Yu stretched out his hand and lifted his foot to put some clothes on. He couldn’t help but smile and pat Xie Xi. It must have been hard for Xie Xi.

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Obviously, it was now impossible for them to get a workout and sweat it out together. Chu Yu rubbed his temples. After all that commotion, his cold seemed to be better. He could breathe freely now and he didn’t feel so dizzy anymore.

Although Xie Xi suffered, it was a good thing for Chu Yu

Chu Yu blinked: “Shidi, I seem to be recovering.”

Xie Xie stared at the little person in front of him. For the first time, he was really annoyed by Chu Yu’s appearance. He paused and pinched his face: “…You’ve only just recovered. It’s still snowing outside. Shixiong should sleep a little longer.”

It’s no use being depressed. If they can’t do it then they can’t do it.

Chu Yu responded by leaning back and resting his head on Xie Xi’s neck. When he had calmed down, he thought over what had just happened.

His body changed back into his original appearance, not because of the cold but because Xie Xi was sending him spiritual energy. When the amount of spiritual energy in his body reached a certain point, he changed back.

In the same way, after the spiritual energy in his body was consumed, he suddenly changed back into his younger form.

Xie Xi also thought of this and, holding that small body in his arms, said with shining eyes: “Shixiong, I’ll give you some spiritual energy.”

Chu Yu sternly refused.

It’s not that he wanted Xie Xi to practice abstinence, in fact, the person who suffered the most the last time Xie Xi was forced to abstain was Chu Yu but… Xie Xi was currently in the late stage of Core Formation and could advance to the Nascent Soul stage at any time. For this to happen, requires a large amount of spiritual energy. Thus, Xie Xi should stay in the peak stage of full spiritual energy as much as possible.

Expending a great deal of effort just to give his spiritual energy to Chu Yu wasn’t cost-effective at this time.

Xie Xi sighed again, lowered his head, lifted Chu Yu’s face, and dropped a gentle kiss on his forehead.


Ling Jing was hidden behind a strong magical barrier. Ordinary mortals know that it exists and its general location but only cultivators can faintly feel the fluctuations in spiritual energy that can give them the opportunity to enter.

Chu Yu’s first reaction upon entering the demonic cultivator’s camp was: It’s too ****ing auspicious and peaceful!

Ling Jing was equivalent to a territory that was full of spiritual energy. The people living there together in harmony were low-level cultivators and people with no spiritual roots. It was totally different from the desolate area outside where they had been met with hostility. Instead, this place was a lot more lively.

Chu Yu sighed in his heart. Looking up, he saw two demonic cultivators flying too fast in front of him. They almost fell down together.

… Sure enough, the cultivation world needs a copy of “Flying Sword Air Traffic Safety Tips.”

****! Chu Yu didn’t have time to curse yet when he saw the two demonic cultivators, with fierce expressions on their faces, draw their swords.

Without even saying a word, we’re going to start fighting?

Chu Yu was stunned. Lost in astonishment, he mentally withdrew his previous impression of this place.

In the end, this was a place of demonic cultivators. The impression he had of its “auspicious and peaceful” atmosphere was just a like a cloud floating in the sky, a fleeting impression.

Having learned his lesson from the previous occasion, this time Chu Yu did not intend to ask for directions. Anyway, they were already in Ling Jing so Mei Yin Valley couldn’t be far away.

This pleasant mood did not last long, Chu Yu saw that something was wrong.

How come the demonic cultivators, whom Chu Yu thought were coming over to just to watch, had actually surrounded them and drawn their swords?

Could it be that they thought it was more fun to put their oar in instead of just watching a lively scene?

That idea had just flashed through Chu Yu’s mind when Xie Xi suddenly raised his hand, intercepting a knife that had been thrown from somewhere behind them. Xie Xi caught the knife between two fingers and broke it.

Chu Yu discreetly tightened his hold on Xie Xi’s neck: “It seems that Ling Jing is a trap. I wonder how they found us.

They had just entered Ling Jing and hadn’t even had time to go admire the local sights. How were the demonic cultivators able to immediately sense their presence?

Xie Xie held his sword in one hand and Chu Yu on the other. Pursing his lips, he looked at the demonic cultivators who had surrounded them on every side. “I heard that the Demonic Path’s Dun Yue Sect have a technique that can track cultivators even if they don’t use their spiritual energy. It’s regarded as a demonic technique.”

This kind of technique is very boring. It sounded quite frivolous but it was very useful during the cultivator’s battles. This godly technique basically made the Righteous Path cultivator’s secret agents and spies useless. Chu Yu had only gone to the battlefield a few times so he wasn’t aware of this. Listening to Xie Xi’s explanation, Chu Yu was speechless.

…Which side did the author give the cheat ability to? The protagonist is on the Righteous Path, right?

But it seems that Dun Yue Sect had taken great pains to scatter their disciples around the spiritual realm in order to catch them.

In the past few days, Xie Xi’s internal heat had been building. His eyes swept coldly over the nearest demonic cultivators. His sword Duan Xue flashed as though it was a live electric circuit and swept down. The fierce and overbearing sword strike rushed out with a high whistling sound. The cultivators raised their sword to block it but were broken. People died while spitting out blood.

Seeing that the situation was dire, several cultivators glanced at each other and tacitly decided on a course of action. They found a few talismans and used their spiritual energy to fling them towards the two.

The expression on Xie Xi’s face didn’t change. Taking the magical items that Chu Yu handed over to him, Xie Xi picked one at random. Softly blowing out a breath, spiritual energy enveloped those talismans, making them fly back towards the cultivators at a faster speed. A series of explosions and many screams rang out.

The dead bodies were piled up again.

The demonic cultivators always favored a wide range of exotic weapons compared to righteous cultivators. The current scene was now a mess of meteor hammers, poison needles, bronze tridents, tiger-headed twin hook swords, and some spirit beast companions also joined in the melee.

However, not one of them was useful.

All of them fell in one hit when the protagonist struck them.

Chu Yu watched the hero abuse people with relish. His eyes were shining. He thought Xie Xi was cool. Raising his head, he rewarded Xie Xi with a kiss the looked down and smiled at the demonic cultivators who rushing at them only to die in droves.

After receiving his reward, Xie Xi fought harder. Stepping on a cultivator’s face, he jumped out of the encirclement then sheathed Duan Xue. Forming a hand seal, a faint red light was hidden between his fingers.

Without making any extra fancy movements, Xie Xi activated a technique. Whoosh! Red flames instantly surrounded the demonic cultivators. From a distance, Chu Yu could clearly see that the huge ball of flames had a shape.

Like a gluttonous Taotie, the red flame was ready to swallow all of the demonic cultivators as though they were its food.

(TN: Taotie 饕餮 tāo tiè – a mythological animal known for its greed and gluttony. If you watched the movie “The Great Wall” (2016), the monsters in it are taotie.)

This was the first time since the transmigrated that Chu Yu saw the protagonist using a powerful technique. He couldn’t help but be curious about so he craned his neck to look at the result but Xie Xi covered his eyes.

Xie Xi’s voice was low and magnetic, seeming to echo in Chu Yu’s heart until his heartstrings trembled. “Shixiong, that scene is not suitable for you to see.”

Chu Yu: “…Sorry, but I’m not really a child…”

Xie Xi understood that he was powerless and was silent for a moment before saying: “Shixiong is a pure and lofty person, like an immortal character from a novel, unsullied by the dust of the mortal world. It’s not suitable for Shixiong to kill people with swords or watch them be killed.”

Xie Xi lowered his head and caressed Chu Yu’s face affectionately: “I can’t bear for Shixiong to feel uncomfortable.”


Chu Yu was speechless.

Protagonist…in the end…what have you misunderstood…?

Before he could clear his throat to fix Xie Xi’s impression of his character, Xie Xi suddenly spoke in a cold tone of voice: “They’re coming again. Shixiong, hold on to me. I don’t believe I can’t kill all of them.”

Chu Yu was stunned. Suddenly, a thought flashed in his mind as he remembered something. His face grave, he said quietly, “Xie Xi, get out of here at once.”

Even knowing that they were all going to die, the demonic cultivators still attacked them. This must be because of the order from the top seven Demonic Path sects.

Why were they throwing away their lives?

Obviously, it was in order to delay Chu Yu and Xie Xi so that a higher level cultivator could come and kill them. Xie Xi didn’t respond. His five elemental attacks continued, ever-changing, and the demonic cultivators continued to die.

It took a few moments before Chu Yu reacted. He drew back to look at Xie Xi’s expression.

The expression on his face was impassive but the corners of his mouth were slightly turned up and his eyes were red.

… Has he gone out of control?

The child had a Qi Deviation before and was usually very restrained. Lu Qingan watched over him closely during the war between cultivators. When they were together there were no signs of any demonic influence.

However, when Chu Yu was attacked by the cultivator from Mei Yin Valley, Xie Xi almost lost control and his mood was unstable. Although Xie Xi’s demeanor has been more stable recently, it was likely that he was still on the verge of losing control. Moreover, when they entered Ling Jing Xie Xi clashed sword with cultivators until he was dyed red with blood and he unconsciously… lost control.

Sweetie, having a Qi Deviation right now is the worst possible timing.

To recklessly squander one’s spiritual energy while one’s emotions were unstable was bad enough… but if it happened when a cultivator was right on the brink of advancing to Nascent Soul stage, it might very well mean that he would fail to advance.

Chu Yu’s heart almost stopped. He grabbed Xie Xi’s collar and murmured, “Xie Xi, wake up!”

It’s truly unfortunate that he was in a child’s form. His voice was too tender and sweet, totally lacking solemnity. His words even sounded a bit funny.

Xie Xi’s face had been stained with blood though he didn’t remember when it happened. Hearing Chu Yu’s voice, he regained some of his senses and stared blankly at him. His red eyes reflected Chu Yu’s clear black eyes and he seemed to wake up for a moment.


Chu Yu exhaled the breath that he had been holding and wiped the blood from Xie Xi’s face. “Xie Xi, put your sword away, we should leave here immediately.”

“Receive…?” Xie Xi stared at Chu Yu for a while then threw away Duan Xue. He stopped using his spiritual energy and abruptly pulled Chu Yu into his arms and fell to the ground.

… What the ****! I wasn’t saying I was going to receive you in bed!

(TN: 收 shōu means both “put away” and “receive.” Chu Yu meant “put away your sword” while Xie Xi heard “receive your cough sword cough.”)

Recently, Chu Yu has been like a man dependent on his wife.1 Though he still had some spiritual energy, he had barely used it. He hastily summoned Duan Xue back then helped Xie Xi sit on Xun Sheng. They flew up on Xun Sheng, avoiding the dangerous situation on the ground.

The demonic cultivator’s territory was full of enemies so it’s better to leave the city. Chu Yu let Xie Xi lean against him as they traveled. Pursing his lips as he looked at Xie Xi, Chu Yu saw that Xie Xi was frowning while he was in a half-conscious state. Chu Yu eyes stung and his heart felt pained.

Recalling that moment when he was able to summon Duan Xue, Chu Yu felt extremely fortunate.

There was a time when he sneakily gave Xie Xi his spiritual power for three months, dyeing Xie Xi’s with Chu Yu’s spiritual aura. That was why Xie Xi could summon Xun Sheng. Duan Xue was also an immortal sword that was able to recognize its owner. Except for Xie Xi, no one else should be able to summon it…

Unless Xie Xi also sneakily gave Chu Yu his spiritual energy to him every day.

Remembering how many times he had slept with Xie Xi after returning from the Mausoleum Ruins, Chu Yu couldn’t help but want to curse.

The child’s heart was so good that when other people show him kindness, he strives to repay it tenfold. No wonder Chu Yu’s cultivation had been progressing very fast. Chu Yu thought it was because they were together… but it seems that it was because Xie Xi secretly sent his spiritual energy to him at night.

And Xie Xi’s Qi Deviation was also Chu Yu’s fault.

Xie Xi also praised how good Chu Yu was to him, unreservedly heaping praises on Chu Yu, not thinking about who had harmed him and almost cause a Qi Deviation.

Chu Yu took a deep breath, resisting the sudden urge to cry. Wiping his eyes, he saw the scene in front of him and was so frightened that he stopped at once. With one hand behind his back, Chu Yu desperately rummaged inside his storage ring to find items he could use in an emergency.

Just now he had hurriedly flown out of the city but it seems that there were people waiting outside. Based on the fluctuations in spiritual energy, they must be Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

Two grey-clad old men touched their beards and stood idly in the distance. Seeing Chu Yu, they all frowned and wondered, “Which family’s child is this?”

“It must be a cultivator whose spiritual technique had a side effect.”

Listening to their conversation, Chu Yu realized that they didn’t know that his current appearance was the result of Mei Yin Valley’s secret technique. His admiration of Shen Nian, who could readily identify the origin of his curse with just one look, increased greatly. He stood with both hands clasped behind his back and waited silently.

“Two little Core Formation cultivators dared to enter here.” The old man on the left snorted. “Since you seem to have some courage, then announce your names. This old master doesn’t like to kill without knowing someone’s name first.”

The old man on the right was staring at Xie Xi’s face for some time. The expression on the old man’s face changed into one of shock. He said, “It’s that little bas****.”

“Oh?” The old man on the left gave Xie Xi a puzzled look. Looking around him at the others, he suddenly realized something and laughed. “This is the Core Formation cultivator who beat you up? I’m curious about what kind of Core Formation cultivator can injure you so badly that you have to run away from him.”

Being mocked like this, that person scowled.

“It was just a sneak attack by a young cultivator.” The old man glowered at Xie Xi, the expression on his face full of killing intent.

“Child, hand over that person behind you and I will spare your life.”

… What a cliche line! How could someone actually say such a trite phrase out loud?!

Chu Yu was surprised. He smiled and said, “Kill the man next to you and I’ll spare you.”


Without waiting for him to complete his sentence, Chu Yu threw out a few Heavenly Thunder Eggs.

Suddenly, an overwhelming thunder and lightning light exploded with a loud rumbling sound, instantly annihilating all living beings present.

Reika’s Notes:

  • “It basically made the Righteous Path cultivator’s secret agents and spies useless.” – It wasn’t really explained in the original but there is a difference between the Demonic and Righteous Path cultivator’s Qi/spiritual energy flow. Therefore, if there is a technique that can see the spiritual energy flows in a body even if the cultivator isn’t using it, then they wouldn’t be able to infiltrate the enemy camp or send spies.

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  1. 软饭 ruǎnfàn – literally “soft rice” meaning a man dependent on his wife

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