Chapter 58 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 58 Thinking Carefully

Not expecting that a sword would be being aimed at him the moment he met them, Mei Yin Valley’s Fourth Elder was clearly stunned for a second there. Swiftly after that, he gave a slight smile and casually blocked it.

After all, the difference between the Nascent Soul and Core Formation stages was like the gap between heaven and earth. Regular Core Formation stage cultivators would be sent flying with a slap whenever they encountered a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

Then, in the next moment, the Fourth Elder was sent flying through the air by another sword.

Xie Xi still had a bit of rationality left in him and therefore he didn’t take action with the intent to kill. However, the amount of power he had used in the strike wasn’t light. The Fourth Elder was then caught off guard by the fact that he had been sent flying by a Core Formation stage cultivator and hesitated as he was still in a state of shock. He could not react just yet to what had happened.

Even all those flirtatious women, whose beautiful eyes had become unusually bright when they saw the extraordinarily handsome Xie Xi come out, had now silently withdrawn to the side and didn’t dare to speak up.

The atmosphere was a bit awkward.

Chu Yu gave a dry cough and attempted to lighten the atmosphere: “……You are the Fourth Elder correct?”

Truthfully speaking, for the current level of the protagonist, there wasn’t any pressure to be felt from picking a fight with a Nascent Soul stage cultivator.

The Fourth Elder finally came to his senses. His hand shook as he pointed at Xie Xi. His voice also shook and his face was full of rage: “You! You!”

Xie Xi was expressionless as he continued the conversation from where Chu Yu had left off but his tone was far ruder: “Lead the way.”

Chu Yu stroked the child’s face and beamed as he moved closer to press a kiss to Xie Xi’s jaw as a reward.

Just now, this Fourth Elder was making a lot of noise and disturbance on purpose. Regardless of whether he was in a bad mood because Wei Ciyin had sent him to rescue them or because he looked down on the two Core Formation stage cultivators, in any case, they had just wanted to show them all a display of strength. In order to avoid a few inconveniences, it would be better to let Xie Xi establish his dominance first.

Chu Yu felt his heart beat slightly faster.

They were truly husbands of one mind. He hadn’t even made the suggestion yet and Xie Xi had already understood and made his move.

Xie Xi lowered his head to look at Chu Yu and was momentarily speechless when he saw the look of praise in his eyes. He guessed that Chu Yu had most likely misunderstood something in his actions. However, having been given a small reward, he didn’t feel as melancholic and irritable. The corners of his mouth lifted upwards as he happily and warmly pulled Chu Yu into a tight embrace and rubbed his cheek against him.

Watching one big and one small person acting all lovey-dovey with each other, the corner of the Fourth Elder’s mouth visibly twitched. His face darkened as he stared at Chu Yu for a moment longer. With a cold snort, he raised his hand and threw something at Xie Xi: “These are the rare treasure clothes that the young master specially made for you. Once you put them on, that group of mad dogs from Dun Yue Sect won’t be able to see that there’s something abnormal about your spiritual power.”

Intentionally or otherwise, he cast a look at Xie Xi when he said the word “abnormal.” It was obvious that he still felt resentful about Xie Xi’s sword attack just now and suspected that he had cultivated using some strange technique.

Chu Yu was unhappy.

With Xie Xi supporting him, Chu Yu wasn’t the slightest bit afraid of the Nascent Soul cultivator. The corner of his mouth twitched, as the look on his small face was completely twisted into one of disdain: “Righteous cultivators focus on spiritual cultivation. Our spiritual power is something that is gradually accumulated and it’s pure. Demonic cultivators walk a different road from us and although your methods are faster, your spiritual power isn’t pure. If Dun Yue Sect’s disciples are going to look, then they should be on the lookout for those with normal spiritual power, not abnormal.”

The veins on the Fourth Elder’s forehead bulged. He really wanted to whip Chu Yu to death, but after he took one look at Xie Xi he remained silent, choosing to restrain his anger.

Chu Yu laughed.

Xie Xi lowered his head to look at Chu Yu. The corners of his mouth were raised in a smile, but a dark light flickered in the depths of his eyes. After a pause, he helped Chu Yu into a robe first before he put the other one on himself. The Fourth Elder wasn’t in the mood to even be polite anymore. Seeing that they had finished putting them on, he immediately lead the way and left.

Xie Xi didn’t mind and followed behind them without getting too far or too close to them. Meanwhile, he and Chu Yu whispered to each other.

“Shixiong……I’m starting to feel a little bit regretful.”


“The location we were in just now was rather good.”

Black lines appeared on Chu Yu’s face. He knew which location Xie Xi was talking about and why. Recalling how Xie Xi had lightly licked and kissed his neck just now, a mischievous urge immediately arose. He moved closer and extended his small tongue. He then licked Xie Xi’s Adam’s apple before quietly laughing: “What’s the point of just having a location? Neither the timing nor the mood was right. I’m afraid you would’ve just given the Fourth Elder an extreme scare instead and then I would’ve had to consider finding someone else……”

Xie Xi’s Adam’s apple moved up and down while his back prickled. This was the first time that he felt that his neck was sensitive. He then slightly narrowed his eyes. His hand had already grasped ahold of Chu Yu’s wrist while his smile had become somewhat distorted.

“Find someone else? Shixiong, whoever you find will be whoever I kill. I’ll then keep you locked up in a room and mark you as mine every day. I won’t let you out for the rest of your life. At that time, no matter how much Shixiong cries, Shidi won’t be soft-hearted.”

Chu Yu could see that Xie Xi wasn’t joking. He gave a hollow laugh and then promptly kissed his lips and rubbed up against him: “A joke, it was just a joke.”

Xie Xi smiled as he rubbed his thumb on Chu Yu’s small face and then changed the subject: “Could it be that even now, Shixiong doesn’t know if Shidi is good enough? If so then Shidi hasn’t worked hard enough yet.”

……No, no, no, no protagonist you’re already the most hardworking! Even farmers weeding at noon aren’t as hardworking as you!

This thought had just arisen in his mind when Chu Yu heard the system beep for the first time in a long while——

“Ding~ Loading the comment barrage view~ We ask that the host properly prepares himself~”

Prepare, prepare, prepare, prepare, f*** your prepare!!! Hurry up and close it!!!

Translation by BC Novels.

[UserSesameDumpling: Hahahahaha!! Slapping my bed while laughing!!! Shidi oh Shidi. I said it before, didn’t I? You can’t eat the small fish bun and eat fish at the same time ╮(╯▽╰)╭ I pity you, young man, ~ +2 points]

[UserBlueMaple: Hehehe, I was wondering why the love token Starry Splendor hadn’t appeared yet →_→ +2 points]

[UserHerMajestytheImperialConcubine: _(:3」∠)_ Unhappy. Why didn’t Shidi take advantage of his Qi Deviation just now to do this and that to Shixiong? It’s been so long since he last ate fish……+2 points]

[Userpasser: Mutual love!!! Shixiong is being fiercely protective now! Fiercely protective! The Chu family’s overprotective nature has manifested in Shixiong now! +2 points]

[UserMiaoMiao: Hehehe, farmers weeding at noon, Shidi x Shixiong……both are working hard……+2 points]

Chu Yu: “……”

Chu Yu expressionlessly looked at the comment barrage screen while laughing. The system was also laughing. After being laughed at enough, he closed the comment barrage view and then coldly said: “Sorry to say this but I intend to stay here now so I’m not aiming to accumulate points anymore. You can self-destruct now.”

The system was silent for a moment before wailing: “Ding~ Prior to reaching the conclusion of the novel’s original contents~ The host cannot voluntarily remove your contract with the system~”

Chu Yu restrained himself and with a dark look on his face, he proceeded to ignore the system.

Xie Xi curiously stroked Chu Yu’s face: “What’s the matter Shixiong? You suddenly have a face filled with killing intent. Do you want to kill that pervert? If Shixiong wants me to, I’ll go kill him right now.”

“……I don’t want to. I just felt that it was an appropriate time to release some of my stress, that’s all.” Chu Yu was fully aware of his ability to court death just by speaking. After being silent for a moment, he pushed himself deeper into Xie Xi’s embrace and thereafter decided to stay silent.

The wind and snow were getting stronger now, the wind hitting their faces was cold enough to penetrate all the way to their bones. Xie Xi stared at Chu Yu for a short moment before withdrawing his gaze and then he pulled his robe open and proceeded to wrap Chu Yu up in it. He then silently followed Mei Yin Valley’s people.

Mei Yin Valley wasn’t very much further away from where they were so Wei Ciyin was able to immediately notice the disturbance and dispatch some people to welcome them.

After passing through a mountain peak, the valley abruptly appeared before their eyes. However, it was as if it was still separated from the outside world. While outside the valley was a field of wind and snow inside the valley appeared to be in the midst of spring. It was warm and the flowers were blooming, there were beautiful purples and brilliant reds.

Wei Ciyin was currently dressed in only a snow-white inner robe and was lying on top of a cluster of flowers. There was a short table in front of him and on that table were a jug of fine wine and a plate of delicious food. He was idly drinking the wine with a deep smile on that devilishly beautiful face that leaned more towards a woman in appearance and his loose hair covering his eyes. He looked content and at ease.

As soon as he saw him, Chu Yu unhesitatingly took out the slingshot that he had specially made during the trip here and then took out the Thunder Balls that he had collected long ago. He readied the slingshot, his movements direct and efficient. Before he had even reached the ground, he had already sent the thunder balls out as a greeting.

These Thunder Balls had been specially made by Chu Yu. He had deliberately used red vines, blue flowers, and ochre clay to dye the very small iron balls so that they would look pretty. They looked like one of the marbles that urchins would play with in the towns of ordinary people with swirls of color. For cultivators, it wasn’t anything overly eye-catching.

Wei Ciyin hadn’t expected Chu Yu to send him a big gift the moment he approached him. He was all smiles as he propped his body up and raised his hand to receive the small colorful balls. Right away, several rumbling sounds were heard and a few mushroom clouds of dust rose up from below.

The Fourth Elder facepalmed and turned his head away: “……”

Chu Yu put the slingshot away and curiously stared at the area below him while feeling a bit nervous. He didn’t expect Xie Xi to suddenly tighten his arms around him and move them both to the side.

Wei Ciyin was already standing where they had originally been at. It was just that the previous perpetually calm and polished Young Master Wei currently had a head of disheveled hair that was messily draped across his shoulders, his clothes were disorderly and he looked slightly tired. He stared at Chu Yu for a long moment before he suddenly started laughing.

“Third Lord Chu, to have recovered your youthful vigor, are you finding it interesting?”

Chu Yu was expressionless: “I’m sorry, but I’m not old.”

Wei Ciyin choked. He then turned towards the glass-hearted Xie Xi: “Daoist friend Xie, to only be able to look at Lord Chu every day, how are you feeling?”

Xie Xi had an indifferent look on his face: “It’s none of your business if I’m only looking every day.”

After failing to get a reaction out of either of them, Wei Ciyin was clearly depressed for a moment there before he smiled again: “Since Daoist friend Chu has come to Yun Cuo, it seems that you want to help me.”

Chu Yu watched him say these shameless words without batting an eye. After pondering for a long while, he still hadn’t found the right words to reply that express his mood. He could only darkly chuckle and then take out the slingshot again.

Wei Ciyin cautiously moved backward, “When does Daoist friend Chu intend to help me?”

“The moment you order someone to remove the curse on my body is the moment I’ll consider it.”

Wei Ciyin wrinkled his brows: “Then this won’t be easy to discuss. If I were to go ahead and remove the curse on Daoist friend Chu and then Daoist friend Chu is likely to run away right afterward, then wouldn’t I have gone through all that trouble for no reason?”

Chu Yu continued to chuckle.

He had hit the nail on the head and now Chu Yu felt a bit embarrassed.

He he.

Wei Ciyin thought things over for quite a while before he made a difficult choice: “Then how about this, since my father won’t be in Mei Yin Valley for the next few days and Daoist friend Chu is anxious to remove the curse, why don’t I request Elder Fang to remove half the curse first? What do you think?”

Chu Yu hadn’t said anything yet in reply and Xie Xi was already raising his eyebrows: “Half?”

“He’ll maintain this cute appearance during the day and then regain his original body at night. How about it?” Wei Ciyin passed by Chu Yu and shot a meaningful look at Xie Xi, “I see that Daoist friend Xie is rather fond of Daoist friend Chu’s current appearance. If only half the curse is removed, won’t you be able to experience the best of both worlds?”

F*** the best of both worlds.

Chu Yu was furious: “Don’t……”

Xie Xi covered his mouth and cheerfully nodded: “Okay.”

Chu Yu was silent. He turned his head and locked eyes with Xie Xi. Xie Xi returned his look with a gentle smile: “Shixiong, it’s fine so long as you can regain your original body at night.”

Chu Yu: “……”

Ever since he had turned small, he had done many things to tease Xie Xi until he was burning with desire and his eyes were bloodshot. He was well aware that he wouldn’t return to normal any time soon. He had been hoping that by the time he returned to normal, Xie Xi’s anger would’ve almost disappeared and he wouldn’t receive too great of a retaliation.

He couldn’t have imagined that Wei Ciyin would especially remove half of the curse.

F***, then wouldn’t it have been better to not have it removed at all.

Elder Fang’s speed was very fast. He rushed over the moment he received the voice transmitting talisman. After hearing Wei Ciyin’s request, he stared at Chu Yu and Xie Xi for a short moment with an odd look on his face before removing the half of the curse.

It was currently still daytime so Chu Yu didn’t feel anything different. However, he could clearly sense Xie Xi’s burning gaze. He stayed silent for a while, wanting to cry but having no tears to do so: “……Elder Fang, it would be better if you don’t remove my curse at all. Either that or you completely remove it.”

If it was completely removed, then at the very least he would have a bit of strength to resist.

Xie Xi rubbed his head against the top of Chu Yu’s head, “Shixiong, don’t be naughty.”

His tone was very sweet as if it had been smeared in honey. Only an idiot wouldn’t be able to hear the excitement that was present in his voice. Wei Ciyin looked at the color of the sky to find that it was about to get dark. He had an extremely meaningful look in his eyes as he said: “Then, I must ask both of you to stay here in Mei Yin Valley for a short time.”

After saying that, he pointed at a beautiful young lady off to the side and she then began to lead Xie Xi towards a guest room.

To be honest, although this was a demonic path sect, the scenery was actually, surprisingly quite nice. It was probably because things had been so peaceful for the righteous path’s side for too long that they were unaware that the demonic cultivators had also progressed with the times. The residences of demonic cultivators that were drawn in the instructional books that they gave to young children were still incredibly shady and gloomy-looking. They were drawn to be surrounded by human skeletons, there were also graves all around, yin qi covered the skies and the ground, and crows were cawing miserably. They had a remarkable resemblance to what Chu Yu thought hell on earth would be like.

Chu Yu inwardly sighed. He turned his head back to see that Wei Ciyin was currently smiling while waving at him. Chu Yu couldn’t help taking out his slingshot and placing a Thunder Ball in it before shooting it at him one last time.

Although Wei Ciyin’s face was as thick as the corner of a city wall, after screwing Chu Yu over to this extent, he probably felt somewhat guilty. He had assigned a small room within a quiet, beautiful, and secluded bamboo forest that was exclusively for Chu Yu and Xie Xi. The scenery was extremely serene and elegant. Once they arrived, that young lady tactfully left. Chu Yu gave a hollow laugh and exchanged looks with Xie Xi for just an instant as he did so, his scalp tingled. He then struggled out of Xie Xi’s arms and jumped down to the ground before running into the room.

He had originally planned on locking the doors the moment he entered but as Chu Yu swept one look around the room after opening the door and his complexion suddenly changed. With a “bang,” he closed the doors again. He then crouched down in front of the doors with a dark look on his face and refused to say anything.

Xie Xi was puzzled as he walked over to him: “Shixiong, what happened?”

Chu Yu silently hugged his knees and didn’t respond.

The confusion in Xie Xi’s eyes deepened. He opened the doors and swept a look around the room.

……Wei Ciyin truly had put in a lot of effort.

There were layers of lavender-colored silk curtains hanging down in the room and one corner of them had been blown aside by the wind to faintly expose a spacious bed. There was an unknown fragrance in the room, sickly sweet and intoxicating. Just one whiff was enough to make someone somewhat muddle-headed and disoriented.

The most important thing wasn’t this, however.

It was actually much closer at hand. The collection of things that were placed on top of the small table that was directly placed only a meter away from the door.

There were numerous things and a cursory glance revealed that there was rose ointment, a vine whip, candles, and very thin red rope. Everything that could possibly be needed was available. Underneath the light of the big, red candle beside the table, they all looked very ambiguous.

Xie Xi lowered his head to stare at Chu Yu who looked extremely wronged: “……”

Reika’s Notes:

  • *smirks* Oh my @the ending… Chu Yu’s in for it now! As the idiom goes “no zuo no die” – those who don’t court death/disaster won’t find it. Chu Yu has been teasing Xie Xi so much that he better prepare his 🌼 for the 🍌.
  • Xie Xi is so lucky. At night he can papapa the adult Chu Yu and during the day he can play with the cute chibi Chu Yu.
  • Thanks for reading.

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