Chapter 58 – Scum Villain

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Scum Villain Wiki – Contributors Needed

Hello, everyone! I’ve been told that the Scum Villain Wiki needs some love. You can head on over to the wiki and start editing or contributing stuff whenever you want.

I know that people have been asking what happened to the promised donghua (animation) of Scum Villain but I haven’t heard anything about it except for the fact that it’s supposedly being created.

Rumors about the donghua include:

  • it will be aired in 2019
  • 2019 is a no go and it’s been delayed to 2020
  • unlike the Mo Dao Zu Shi animation, Scum Villain is 3D animated
  • Shen Qingqiu’s robe will be blue, not green
  • Luo Binghe’s hair will be straight, not fluffy
  • either SQQ or LBH’s character design is a twink
  • literally “no homo” (it’s all “close friendship”)
  • … etc.

But I honestly have no idea whatsoever.


Alexa, play “Resentment of Chunshan.”

Photo by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra from Paris, France [CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons. Link.

Anyway, thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 58 – Scum Villain”

  1. how do you even dislodge the intense love, care and affection lbh gives his shizun and portray it as ‘close friendship’? it’d be obvious even on the donghua.

    1. *whispers* Because they stealthily changed the donghua into “Proud Immortal Demon Way” and Luo Binghe is the original protagonist. /kidding

  2. I hope the straight hair Binghe is a lie because fluffy Binghe is what keeps me alive. Still with the no homo rule in chine, I can see in a way how can they apply it but it will not be the same 🙁 just like with GDC and TGCF, I can see how can they apply the no homo but is really weird because one of the principal aspects of important character development comes because of how love and understanding comes from their partner.

    Like how they are going to apply the part when Luo Binghe is not interested in women because he is pinning and having a raging boner on SQQ??? Will he become asexual because his Shizun is more important than sleeping w/ women and ofc no homo? Weird lol.

    1. Psst, don’t look now but the rumor is that Luo Binghe will have female love interests! *faints*

    2. don’t worry too much about the hair, i saw some fanarts of lbh with straight hair and damn, it’s not even half bad

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