Chapter 60 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

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Chapter 60 – Not the biological offspring

After leaving the darkroom, Chu Yu and Xie Xi slowly walked hand in hand towards the bamboo forest, both of them silent.

Wei Ciyin’s plan was very unreliable.

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But they had to do it.

Unfortunately, at a time like this, there was no such thing as a foolproof plan so they could only brace themselves for whatever might happen.

Chu Yu was very worried.

Xie Xi noticed Chu Yu’s mood. He stroked Chu Yu’s head and said softly: “If Shixiong doesn’t want to do it, Wei Ciyin wouldn’t dare to force you to do it.”

Wei Ciyin had been beaten into submission by Xie Xi.

Chu Yu took a deep breath then shook his head. Looking at Xie Xi from the corners of his eyes, Chu Yu said teasingly: “In order to stop you from always racing against time,1 I’ll have to work hard.”

Xie Xi suddenly stopped moving. Blinking, his eyes were covered with a layer of misty tears and he sniffed, looking very grieved: “Shixiong is beginning to hate Shidi..”

Chu Yu almost choked on nothing but air. Scowling, he kicked Xie Xi but, after a moment, succumbed to Xie Xi’s teary eyes. Chu Yu hugged Xie Xi, soothing him with caresses.

… What kind of evil development is this? Chu Yu is clearly the one who should be acting coquettish right now. Why is Xie Xi the one who is completely secure in his right to act spoiled?

In front of Chu Yu, a comment suddenly appeared.

[UserBelovedImperialConsort: The source of Shixiong’s grief: That’s the younger seme’s prerogative ~ hahahahahahaha +2]

…. Ah, ****!

When Chu Yu returned from the Mausoleum, he was tucked into bed by Chu Sheng, guarded by Lu Qingan, entangled by Xie Xi, and only went to the battlefield once or twice. Each time, though he had to fight, he was like a bystander who was just buying soy sauce.2 The war between the Righteous Path and Demonic Path cultivators inexplicably ended, therefore Chu Yu was not able to meet people from the seven demonic cultivator clans.

Looking at Wei Ciyin, this pretty and flirtatious little b**h, Chu Yu had expected to see another cheap little sl** when they met Wei Ciyin’s father.

However, when they met, Chu Yu almost coughed up blood.

Wei Yuanshan, the master of Mei Yin Valley, one of the seven Demonic Path cultivator clans, was a person with a grave and stern countenance. He was exceptionally tall, handsome, and had an imposing figure. With just one glance at him, people would feel reassured that they were in good hands.

In fact, at first glance, Wei Yuanshan didn’t look like a demonic cultivator at all but, rather, a chivalrous master who spent his time eradicating evil. He actually looked more awe-inspiring and righteous than many of the Righteous Path’s chivalrous masters.

Chu Yu was amazed and stunned.

… Wei Ciyin, isn’t his biological son, right?

Now Chu Yu understood why Wei Ciyin didn’t like to use his clan’s techniques and why he hated it when people tried to persuade him to use his clan’s charm spells.3 His father is masculine but Wei Ciyin is so feminine! It’s enough to make a person cry out in shock.

Xie Xi’s eyebrows twitched.

Wei Ciyin seemed to have anticipated Chu Yu’s and Xie Xi’s reactions. Very calmly, he bowed to Wei Yuanshan and smiled, “Father, you’re back

The unflappable-looking Wei Yuanshan took a sip of tea and looked at Chu Yu. He paused then looked at Xie Xi. Shock suddenly appeared on his face and he appeared to be on the verge of slapping the table and standing up.4

Wei Ciyin said: “Father, this child is mine and his.”

He pointed to Xie Xi.

Wei Yuanshan, who had just taken a sip of his tea, suddenly spat it out.

Chu Yu almost bit his tongue.

Xie Xi’s sword Duan Xue began to shake…

Wei Yuanshan was truly worthy of being the master of a clan and quickly regained his composure. Wiping his mouth with a white napkin, he said calmly: “Who gave birth to him?”

Wei Ciyin hadn’t expected his father to ask this. He had prepared a lot for this moment but he was still at a loss what to say.

Xie Xi restrained himself for a long time but, finally, couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Scowling, he drew his sword that shone white as snow. When his sword fell it was like the stars in the sky falling from the highest of the heavens.5 In a flash, Duan Xue was at Wei Yuanshan’s neck.

Wei Yuanshan only stared at Xie Xi impassively, motionless and with a profound look in his eyes.

Xie Xi frowned at him.

Wei Yuanshan suddenly laughed. A faint smile was on his lips as he shook his head, not paying the least attention to the sword at his neck: “It’s exactly the same…”

Chu Yu’s eyebrows twitched.

Wei Yuanshan stared at Xie Xi’s eyes with an inexplicable smile on his face, making his stern countenance soften somewhat: “Xie Xi?”

The expression on Xie Xi’s face instantly became extremely ugly.

He has never met Wei Yuanshan, therefore it would be reasonable to conclude that Wei Yuanshan shouldn’t know his name unless someone told it to Wei Yuanshan…

Chu Yu also reacted quickly, grabbing a corner of Xie Xi’s robe and looking at Wei Ciyin coldly.

Wei Ciyin, who was being glared at by Xie Xi and Chu Yu, only looked dumbfounded. Suddenly, he regained his composure and seemed delighted

“Father, father, you… your mind wasn’t controlled by Dun Yue Sect? You’ve been pretending?”

Wei Ciyin was thrilled by this revelation but Chu Yu secretly took out the last of the Heavenly Thunder Eggs, his eyes vigilantly darting back and forth between father and son.

If Wei Ciyin was just acting, what was his purpose for lying to Xie Xi and Chu Yu at Yun Cuo? This was worth carefully thinking over. If Wei Ciyin wasn’t acting, what were the consequences of that? Wei Yuanshan isn’t like Wei Ciyin. Having met a disciple of Tian Yuan Sect, especially the famous Xie Xi who has killed many demonic cultivators on the battlefield, would he react ruthlessly?

If the news of their presence at Mei Yin Valley spread, even with Xie Xi’s protagonist’s halo, would they be able to safely escape Yun Cuo?

Wei Ciyin was really driving them to an early grave!

Wei Yuanshan stared at Xie Xi for a long time, not saying a word, which was his default setting. After a while, he said slowly, “I’ve noticed you a long time ago. Xie Xi, your mother… is Luo He?”

A notification sound rang in Chu Yu’s ears.

“Ding ~Congratulations to the host for unlocking the plot ahead of time ~”

Chu Yu was shocked: “Unlocked ahead of time? Will it interfere with the subsequent plot developments?”

The System’s tone was lighthearted: “The host doesn’t have to worry about that ~ The author has long since abandoned this story ~ There’s only a rough outline of the plot ~ As for the rest, please continue to develop the plot independently~”

F*** this sh**!

Chu Yu looked at Xie Xi, carefully examining the expression on his face, but it was devoid of emotion. The look in his eyes was unfathomable and his lips were pursed. His voice was flat and didn’t waver: “I don’t remember.”

For many years, when he was young, no one would mention his parents’ names in front of him. In fact, it wasn’t just their names. Xie Xi couldn’t remember their appearances clearly either.

Wei Yuanshan sighed. “Yes, she’s been away for many years. I see, so you can’t remember them clearly.”

The hand that Xie Xi was using to hold his sword shook slightly.

Duan Xue was a top grade immortal sword. If a hair drifted towards it, the hair would be cut cleanly. It could cut gold as though it was soft mud. It was currently covered in metallic spiritual energy. Wei Yuanshan hadn’t put a defense towards the sword so a trace of bright red immediately appeared on his neck.

Wei Ciyin started sweating: “Fellow Daoist Xie, please remove your sword. My father and your mother are old friends. We won’t do anything to you.”

Xie Xie didn’t turn his head to look at Wei Ciyin but his eyes started to turn red: “What do you want to say?”

“Xie Xi, don’t you want to know about your parents?”

Xie Xi said, somewhat violently: “No!”

Seeing that Xie Xi’s eyes were turning red, Chu Yu was worried that he might meet with a mishap. Chu Yu quickly grabbed Xie Xi’s free hand and said: “Shidi, don’t let him disturb your spirit. Stay calm.”

After he repeated this a few times, Xie Xi’s breathing calmed. He closed his eyes and said sharply: “Shixiong, I almost lost my most important person twice because of Wei Ciyin. Can’t I make him pay it back first?”

… Bro, calm down!

Not waiting for Chu Yu to reason with Xie Xi, Wei Yuanshan’s gaze fell on Chu Yu and he muttered: “Most important person?”

Suddenly, without warning, he reached out and pointed at Chu Yu. There was a purple flash between his fingers that flew towards Chu Yu and disappeared into his body. Unexpectedly, Wei Yuanshan dared to make a move even though he was being threatened. Xie Xi was so frightened and angry that he struck with his sword at once. The agile Wei Yuanshan moved his head away and retreated.

Seeing Xie Xi was going to try to kill Wei Yuanshan, Chu Yu quickly grabbed Xie Xi. A familiar feeling spread over Chu Yu’s body. He couldn’t stop the corners of his mouth from twitching as he glanced at Wei Ciyin, who was clutching his chest: “Young master Wei, your father never learned this secret technique?’

Wei Ciyin: “…”

Wei Ciyin could only laugh and wipe away his cold sweat.

There was pity in Chu Yu’s eyes as he looked at Wei Ciyin.

He knows so little about his own father. Is he really… not Wei Yuanshan’s biological child?

Xie Xie was pulled away by Chu Yu and stopped. He looked down at Chu Yu with a question in his eyes.

The next moment, Chu Yu started to grow like a bamboo shoot after a spring rain at a rate visible to the naked eye. Xie Xie’s first reaction was to take off his robe and wrap it around Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s body returned to normal just after his robe was put on. Wei Ciyin caught a glimpse of some hidden scenery and couldn’t help but whistle and smile frivolously: “Fellow Daoist Chu’s skin is really smooth and white. No wonder Fellow Daoist Xie loves Chu Yu too much to part with him.”

Chu Yu said sullenly: “You want to taste a Heavenly Thunder Egg?”

The murderous intent in Xie Xi’s eyes was almost palpable.

Wei Ciyin immediately hid behind Wei Yuanshan.

Chu Yu had become used to having small arms and hands that when the situation suddenly changed his body felt weak. Just one step and he fell into Xie Xi’s arms.

Xie Xi clung to him subconsciously: “Shixiong?”

Chu Yu’s let his head rest on Xie Xi’s shoulder and almost burst into tears as he gradually felt his spiritual energy grow until it returned to its normal peak state. “Wei Yuan… the master of the Valley has helped me solve the problem.”

Goddammit, Wei Ciyin is just too unreliable! This son didn’t know if his own father was being controlled by another sect and wasn’t aware that his father was adept in this secret technique. His plan has failed so spectacularly that if he was really his father’s biological son, he was no better than a child his father had picked up somewhere.

However, now that Wei Yuanshan helped them solve this problem… could it be that Wei Yuanshan held no malice towards Chu Yu and Xie Xi?

Chu Yu was thinking this over when he glanced at Wei Yuanshan and realized that the demonic cultivator was staring at Chu Yu and Xie Xi who were in a close embrace. Chu Yu coughed and immediately pushed Xie Xi away.

Xie Xi was looking at Chu Yu with a burning gaze, ignoring everything around them. He carefully folded Chu Yu’s collar and tied the outer robe close around Chu Yu, making sure that no skin was showing. Only then did he kiss Chu Yu’s forehead and let go of his hand.

Wei Yuanshan suddenly smiled: “He really is the most important person.”

Xie Xi’s tender smile gradually faded away when he looked at Wei Yuanshan until the expression on his face became one of total indifference: “I’m not interested in what happened to them in the past or what will happen to them in the future. If you want to talk, talk to your son. I’m taking Shixiong away with me today. If you try to stop me then I’ll step over your corpse.”

Wei Yuanshan frowned: “Do you hate them?”

Xie Xi was silent.

Wei Yuanshan said: “You shouldn’t hate them… No, you can hate them but they really didn’t mean to leave you. That day, things happened suddenly. They didn’t have time to return to you and later they couldn’t return. All they could do was think of every possible method and send a letter, trusting in Lu Qingan to pick you up.”

For a moment, it was silent in the hall. Wei Yuanshan said bitterly: “Your mother’s temperament is just like that. When she says she hates someone, she hates him completely. She would rather let Lu Qingan take you back from Yun Cuo than allow me to do it.”


The protagonist was picked up at Yun Cuo by Lu Qingan?

Chu Yu was shocked that this piece of information stirred something in the original Chu Yu’s memory. The memory was faint enough that Chu Yu was unable to grasp it even after a long time so he had no choice but to give up on it for the moment. Looking at the indifferent expression on Xie Xi’s face, Chu Yu knew that Xie Xi was a very stubborn child. After he had left behind his ignorant childhood phase, Xie Xi was the type of person who, if he liked someone, he always likes them. His feelings were firm and unshakeable. Even ten years wouldn’t make him waver. His hatred was the same. Though he didn’t exactly hate his parents, he had been left with a deep impression that would be difficult to change in this lifetime.

The only way this could change was if they stayed beside Xie Xi for a long time and slowly unraveled the knot in his heart over many years.

…This was clearly impossible since Xie Xi only wants to cling to Chu Yu every day and who knows when Xie Xi’s parents will appear?

Chu Yu sighed as he listened to Wei Yuanshan continue speaking: “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to know about that. But, Xie Xi, don’t you want to help your Shixiong?”

Xie Xi was surprised.

Wei Yuanshan examined Chu Yu carefully and nodded, “Chu Yu?”

Chu Yu had a good impression of Wei Yuanshan and nodded.

“I heard Chu Shuanghe went to make trouble…” Wei Yuanshan paused and said slowly, “Although the Chu family spread the word that the Chu family head had been seriously injured and was in a coma, with his grandson temporarily taking over as family head, based on what I know of Chu Shuanghe, he must have especially targeted him for revenge. The consequences for Chu family head must have been more serious than that.”

Chu Yu frowned. “If senior has something to say, just say it.”

Leaders often had the bad habit of hemming and hawing for a long time before getting to the most important part.

Wei Yuanshan looked at Xie Xi. This seemed to move Wei Yuanshan a bit. He said, “I’m guessing that the head of the Chu family… must be dead. But I have heard of a secret realm that contains a technique to resurrect a soul that has been scattered. It’s a pity that I haven’t been able to discover the location of this secret realm.”

Resurrection instance!

(TN: 副本 (fù běn) copy; duplicate; transcript – In massively multiplayer online games, an instance is a special area, typically a dungeon, that generates a new copy of the location for each group, or for a certain number of players, that enters the area.)

The System did not lie to him!

Chu Yu was overjoyed: “What else does Elder Wei know about this?”

Reika’s Notes:

  • Alas, this foolish girl forgot to send this chapter to the editor. Oops… Please let me know if there are any errors.
  • I burst out laughing when the dad asked: “Who gave birth to him?” Hahahaha, is MPreg actually a real thing in this story? He didn’t seem surprised and earlier Third Shidi thought that chibi Chu Yu could be Chu Yu and Xie Xi’s child.
  • Dun dun dun! *sound effect of mysterious things happening*

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  1. 争分夺秒 (zhēng fēn duó miǎo) lit. “fight minutes, snatch seconds.” He’s referring to how Xie Xi has been frantically doing it with him every night since CY turns back into a child in the morning, lol.
  2. The “buying soy sauce” is just some sort of slang. It’s supposedly because of people on the street who get asked by reporters what they think of current events and they say “I’m just buying soy sauce.” In other words, they don’t know or care about it.
  3. 媚术 (mèi zhu) – looks like this a sort of “enchanting” or “seduction” skill.
  4. 拍案而起 (pāi àn ér qǐ) – literally “slap the table and stand up.” Meaning – “at the end of one’s tether” or “unable to take it any more.”
  5. 齐齐坠下时又如银河落九天 – the literal translation would be “QiQi (sound effect) the sword fell like the Milky Way falling from the ninth heaven.”

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