Chapter 60 – Scum Villain

Big news!!!

The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System Animation Teaser is here!

Note that it’s 3D. Please kinda lower your expectations a little bit. I’m not saying it’s bad though.

Here it is –

It’s so exciting! By the way, before you ask, I have no idea when the Scum Villain animation will be released.

Chapter 60 <— click on the link to read it.

Thanks for reading.




It’s okay though… I feel it’s acceptable quality enough for me to watch. Just don’t expect too much. 😀

28 thoughts on “Chapter 60 – Scum Villain”

  1. I dont know why…! They are so pretty handsome here and the animations seems good(although their expressions are lacking) but why do think is not gonna work??? Scum Villian is much more a BL than MDZS… In Grandmaster the main plot IS NOT WangXian, so they could do an anime without problems if you what I mean…..(Dont know what they gonna do, for next season, as they are letting the wangxian quite implicit…) But to do a BL nowadays in 3D IN CHINA? What are they gonna do? Make the original story of stallion novel by the god Airplane shoots towards the sky? LOL At least Shen sulking at the Fujoshi system on the end confirns he had already transmigrated… huhuhu Well… its for 2020 anyway, lets wait XD

  2. woah, that actually looks pretty neat!! the trees and leaves and stuff, not so much. Shizun and Binghe? they look nice! i do like the curly haired version of binghe better, but this one is good too. Also, I love that system! dunno how shizun is going to play it cool when that keeps flashing every now and then

    Although, I have to admit, I thought the endless abyss was a crack in the earth or something, not full-on mount doom. And now I’m thinking if anyone will cross this over successfully with LoTR.

    i guess im so used to 3D already, and im actually thankful they look really well done.
    shizun looks quite handsome (better than other 3d thingies ive seen and theres an angle i really like, and if developed well in the actual movie, hed be soo sooo cute <3)

    im so hyped, im gonna replay and replay until get tired of it. XD
    the voice is rly cute too, i guess what lacked for me is the cutie sheepy appearance of luo binghe, he looks so mature… and his face somewhat too thin, that i feel hes starving or sumthing XDDDDDD

  4. Not bad actually. Looks a little like the 3D models they use for Final Fantasy. Lololol SQQ’s last line though. What a mood, complaining about the wasted Good Feelings cultivated between him and Bing-mei. The voice acting sounds decent! I’m excited!

  5. First of all: OMG I CAN’T WAIT XD XD XD
    *rolls around on the floor squealing like a lunatic*

    Ahem, now that that’s out of the way.

    I don’t really mind Chinese 3D animation, it’s the Japanese 3D anime that tends to be terrible a lot of the time (mainly because they try to make the 3D look 2D and fail). I think the reason people don’t like it is because it’s so diffenerent from what we’re used to, but after watching a couple episodes your brain stops complaining and gets used to it.

  6. Honestly, the trailer exceeded my expectations lol. When I heard it was going to be in 3D, I resigned myself to the idea that it was going to look like a typical anime 3D like Beserk or something. This looks pleasantly high quality and more like a video game. And that ending too with Shizun and system is great

    However… TToTT Goodbye fluffy-haired Binghe. I’m actually really sad about this.

  7. At least shizun has green robes lol

    there’s already so many memes about the trailer on pinterest tho y’all should go check them out

  8. It was meh. Considering that MDZS was my first experience with Chinese novel adaptations, I guess I expected more. Especially since there were some inconsoainco details. Like LBH doesn’t get the forehead mark until later. And he’s not even really super hot, which I thought was the point. But thank you for the post!

  9. Didn’t know it was going to be 3D but one of priest’s danmei adaptation is going to be 3D too so shrug. As long as I get a danmei donghua. 2D isn’t automatically better (thinks about The Emperor’s Strategy & Spirit Pact first season…). The clothes look soooo good, that embroidery is just!!!! I hope the fights take full use of the 3D advantages…the faces look kinda stiff rn but I hope the animators aren’t afraid to distort the faces to get emotions for the series.

    I like SQQ’s donghua design. Rip Big Binghe. Unless he goes through a Waver-esque second growth spurt after the abyss.

  10. I just want to ask wasnt SQQ supposed to slightly pierce LBH through the heart? I think that was the way it was said in novel and because of that SQQ was really scared if he somehow didnt kill LBH. Slightly lowered my expectations but still will watch it since it might be fun.

  11. OH MY GOD. THIS IS HAPPINESS. GREEN SQQ. BEING A DICK TO THE SYSTEM, LBH LOOKING LIKE A KICKED PUPPY. YES GOOD. Tho I will miss my fluffyhair™ Luo Binghe. Is not the best quality but i will take what i can.

  12. expectations…..LOWERED.
    Usually animation will look best in these trailers too…only downhill from here
    But I guess if they kinda follow the plot and there is at least bromance should be gucchi, I can prolly watch it

  13. Thanks for setting up proper expectations, lol~ 😆 I prepped myself before watching it, and I found it not bad. If I view it as fan-made or AU, it would actually be pretty cool. Hopefully if it’s in 3D, that means more room for BL interactions? Hopefully? 😂

  14. Hnnnnnn…. They would make more money back with 2D. The 2D would be good enough even to export. And the character designs….? They put a different team in charge of SV than FOD??? Whhhhy. The only way I will be able to look pass all of this is if they maintain the BL theme… That is the only justification I can find for this….. (Will probably still watch anyway lol).

  15. well, since I have watched a lot of 3D fanvids made of JX3 or MMD, that kind of animation is truly a luxury 😅
    so yeah, I am not really disappointed

  16. I think it will take some time to get used to their faces, but its still pretty so its pretty. Still, using 3D means detailed and beautiful costume design is guaranted ..and I love 3D animation possible camera works. Now lesse what they will do with the story…bromance?

  17. Looks like a cheap mobile app game hahahaha. But I would watch it all the same just to see how SQQ interacts with the system.

  18. Um… So I watched that. Expectations lowered 😭😭😭 are they going full 3D route for SVSS??? Why?! 2D so much better. It looks like those app game ads… Those bad app game ads. So disappoint much sadness.

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