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Chapter 61.2 – Eric

Chapter 61.2 <— click on the link to read it. Thanks to anonymous for the donation.

Do you like Eric?

I actually do kinda like the guy. He means well but he is tragically too obedient and does whatever his god demands.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 61.2 – Eric”

  1. I might like him if he doesn’t interfere with Xiu’s lovey dovey time with DuZe. But, I suppose he has yet to do anything that would make me like him, so no.. hahaha
    And the situation with absolute faith to GoL kinda reminds me of Noragami where Yato reminds Bishamon that whatever her decision is it won’t matter, because she is a God and whatever she does is right, even if it’s wrong in the eyes of human moral. Maybe TRAP has that kind of concept…

  2. Blind faith is never a good thing. It destroys both righteous and malevolent people. It is naive at best and deadly at worst.
    Whatever good characteristics he had, I would never like someone who has absolute faith in any god. Especially one that orders questionable things without any explanation.

  3. Hmm, not really. Like Xiu, I don’t like pretentious people who hide behind their shield of “justice” or “good” to do hypocritical things. Idk I patronize evil

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