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Chapter 62 – Scum Villain

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Spring Mountain of Eternal Regret

I was thinking of changing the translation of “Eternal Regret of the Chunshan” into “Spring Mountain of Eternal Regret.” It kinda rolls off the tongue easier, don’t you think?

Alexa, play “Spring Mountain of Eternal Regret.”

That’s better, I think. Please let me know if you have any thoughts about this.

Edit: From the feedback I got, it seems people do like the “Spring Mountain of Eternal Regret” but a substantial minority feel quite strongly that the original is better. Uh, since no one actually complained about the original TL anyway, I’ve pretty much decided to just leave it alone. That’s the easiest thing for me to do. I’m still open to suggestions though so feel free to vote and/or comment.

Note: There are two versions of Scum Villain. The one that BC Novels uses is the newest, revised version from JJWXC. The old title was “春山恨” (Resentment of Chunshan, as translated by some other fans) but the new title is 春山遗恨. The 遗恨 part means “eternal regret.” You can see all of the edited version’s titles here.

I hope that has cleared up the confusion about the different translations.

Edit2: My bad, apparently there are two different titles: the chapter title and the title of the song in the chapter text.

  • The title of the chapter: 春山遗恨 (Eternal Regret of Chunshan)
  • The song title inside the text: 春山恨 (Resentment of Chunshan)

The title of the chapter had been changed in the edited version, but NOT the title of the song.

Sorry, everyone, it must have been me that made the final mistake. I just checked the draft and the translator asked about this. I’m the one who publishes the chapters so I must have made the wrong edit since I only checked the title, not realizing there were two different titles to translate.

I’m glad this has been cleared up and thanks to A from twitter who enlightened me.

Phew! I’ll fix the old chapters with the proper titles in a few minutes.

Which one do you prefer?
Spring Mountain of Eternal Regret
Springtime Mountain of Eternal Regret
Spring Mountain of Undying Regret
Spring Mountain of Endlessl Regret
Eternal Regret of the Chunshan
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