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Chapter 63.1 – Xiu’s clothes when he transforms

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Someone asked in the comments if Xiu was wearing pants when he transformed

Well, it would be funny if Xiu was going pants-free, wouldn’t it?!

Specifically, they were asking about the gnome -> demon transformation before. How do his clothes still fit after that?

Magic! It’s magic.

In the last few chapters, Xiu transformed from human to beastkin and Du Ze said he was wearing “tribal clothes,” meaning beastkin clothing (I’m guessing fur and leather/animal hides).

Either Xiu has super speed like the Flash and ran off to find clothing and put it on in 0.01 seconds … or it’s magic. Just guessing, but I think it’s magic.

However, when Xiu transformed from undead to gnome, he was still wearing the undead’s robe. If you remember, Du Ze took off his sweater vest and put it on the shota because the gnome form needed clothes.

This is very confusing!

I think generally Xiu’s clothes do not transform. When he transformed into his beastkin form, the beastkin god sacrificed his godhead, therefore it was special. Xiu also leveled up to “false god.” Possibly, Xiu is just massively more powerful now compared to when he was a gnome, and this power now means he can change his clothing magically.

What do you think?

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