The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Chapter 74 – Scum Villain

Chapter 74 <— click on the link to read it.

This chapter is the continuation of the regular storyline, not an extra chapter. 🙂

Miss Not-So Sidekick

Here’s another funny manhwa for us readers to enjoy: Miss Not-So Sidekick.

Miss Not-So Sidekick
Miss Not-So Sidekick


It’s the story of a 22-year-old Korean teacher who loved to read to escape her daily stress. One day she woke up to find that she had become Latter Ectrie, a minor character in her favorite novel. Popcorn in hand, her new mission is to spy on the novel’s main character and her three lovestruck suitors.

My thoughts:

I feel like the art is super weird! It took me a couple of chapters before I got used to it.

I thought that I would hate the novel’s story since it’s all about a perfect Mary Sue character with a typical reverse harem of males who are all madly in love with her but Latte’s snarky comments and ogling makes it all fun.

Latte is a delightful main character who is smart, active, and a really funny person. She’s also a fujoshi.

(╯✧ ∇ ✧)╯

The male lead… well, his identity would be a spoiler but I’ll just say here that I think he’s super handsome and funny.

All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with the manhwa. You can read it here:

Thanks for reading.

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