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Chapter 75.2 – I spy with my little eye …

Chapter 75.2 <— click on the link to read the chapter. Thanks to two anonymous people for their donations.

The true essence of Xiu’s world is a danmei (BL) novel!

*smirks* And no one there has a single clue… I laughed.

I read ahead and there are some smutty chapters. To be honest I was a bit depressed because of the copy-paste websites. I’m honestly tempted to put the smut behind some sort of DRM or password protection but I know a lot of people are reading on their phones. I do want as many people as possible to read my project but I want them to read it here, not on some plagiarist’s website.

It’s just annoying, you know?

Thank you very much for reading this on my website.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 75.2 – I spy with my little eye …”

  1. Hello BC novel. I’m here to apologize to you for copy and pasting one of your chapter’s phrases into one of my wattpad chapters. I feel very remorseful for committing such a deplorable crime. If you want, I will delete that chapter. Once again, I sincerely apologize for copying and pasting your work, I will never do it again.

    1. Just a phrase? No problem if it’s just a phrase. You don’t have to delete it. I’m complaining about the ones who copied the entire project. There were 4 people who copied all of the chapters (70+ so far) but they have been removed (thankfully).

  2. This is just a thought, but wouldn’t the god of creation be the author of Mixed Blood? I mean, in the previous chapter ‘the rules’ accepted that the essence of the world is a novel so wouldn’t the creator of the novel be the god of creation?

  3. WinterTL put up a recent smut scene with password protect. I use my phone, but I accessed it just fine. If ever you need to, why not? This is your hard work and I’m sure most of us readers can understand.

    Damned aggregators. They’re honestly the death of translators.

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