Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 76.3 – Yes, there is a part 3

Chapter 76.3 <— click on think link if you want to read it. Thanks to Vi, ElizabethLor, and Christya for their donations.

The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love is heating up.

The next chapter is very long and the last part is … super hot. To read the *cough* yummy parts you will need the password for it. Please get the password here and write it down since I will be deleting it in 24 hours. Update: It’s been deleted.

If you weren’t able to get the password then don’t worry too much. I will release that part later (in maybe 14-30 days) without a password. The early access is just my little treat for the ones who regularly read the story on my website.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 76.3 – Yes, there is a part 3”

  1. gehh, that’s for enjoying my new years offline. I’ll just wait for the *cough* proper chapters to be released. anyway, thank you for the translations!

  2. Welp I usually check for updates at night but turns out it is already deleted so could you please tell me what time you post so I don’t miss the password

    1. Sorry, but I actually post at different times. The password was available for three days though. The regular chapter will still be available. The password lock will be removed later so that people who don’t have the password will still be able to read it.

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