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Chapter 77.3 – Thanks for the support.

Chapter 77.3 <— click on the link to read the chapter. Thanks to Suneary, Aforia, LePetitP, and DuzeXiufan for your donations.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience

If you were not able to get the password that I gave out a few days ago, don’t worry too much. You will still be able to read the chapter, of course. The password lock is just for a few days. I was originally planning to lock it for a long time but it seems that some of my regular readers didn’t get the password so I changed my mind. I will release the special chapter pretty quickly.

If you really can’t wait a few days then you can try to message me in the NU forums (here is my profile). I said before that you could email but then I realized that other people at home can see my email on my phone, hahaha. If you have donated then you don’t need the password since those who donated get early access to all my first drafts of every chapter.

Anyway, even if you don’t need to message me, I urge you to join the NU forums. It’s full of friendly fujoshis and fudanshis (BL lovers).

Here is the latest chapter discussion thread in the NU forums and here is the spoiler thread (caution: full of spoilers).

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