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Chapter 78.3 – Eight Races Progress

Chapter 78.3 <– click on the link to read it. Thanks to evesdropper  and anonymous for the donations.

Eight Races Progress So Far (Spoilers)

Human: ✅
Undead: ✅
Gnome: ❌
Demon: ✅
Elf: ✅
Dragon: ✅
Beastkin: ❌
Angel: ❌

As you can plainly see, we need more! Onto the gnome, beastkin, and angel chapters! Not to mention … we definitely need the “everyone, join in the fun” chapter, agreed?!

Links to all the special chapters so far. Passwords are no longer needed. Hooray! 😛

More “action” *cough* is coming soon. Please vote, I’m really curious which particular scene is the readers’ favorite. By the way, if you haven’t read the most recent harmonious health education chapter (tentacle version), it’s right there on the link above.


Which harmonious scene was your favorite so far?

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I have no editor this time so errors are kinda inevitable. Please let me know if you spot any and leave a comment for me to fix it/them. Thank you for reading.

xiu in humanoid dragonkin form
I wish dragon form could have a do-over.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 78.3 – Eight Races Progress”

  1. I love how so many people voted for bananana. I honestly loved that one too, but decided to go with demon because he was so considerate and a generous lover. Wow I sound way too serious. Human form was very nice and I liked the others (aside from dragon) but I prefer demon.

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