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Chapter 79.2 – Eating tofu

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Eating tofu again?!

吃豆腐 – This means 1.) eat tofu 2.) to tease 3.) to flirt. By extension, it also means “to take advantage of a person in a sexual situation.”

Webnovels often use this phrase. For example: “Did he eat your tofu?”

How did this expression become popular? No one really knows why but the usual explanation is this:

Tofu shops were usually run by a husband and wife team back in the day. The husband would make the tofu at the back of the shop while the wife would sell the tofu in the storefront. Since the wife ate tofu everyday, this made her skin tender and smooth. This supposedly attracted male customers who would go to the tofu shop to flirt with the female seller. Therefore, wives who felt jealous would scold their husbands by saying “Today, you went to eat tofu again?!” That’s how “eating tofu” has become a word that means to flirt with a someone.

The phrase can mean everything from harmless verbal flirtation to sexual harassment.

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The moral of the story is that eating tofu will make your skin nicer and will attract men!

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