Chapter 79 – Scum Villain

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What do you think the System is?

Shen Qingqiu was brought to the novel world because of the mysterious “System,” right? Why?

Do you think the System is sentient? What type of existence is it? What are it’s goals?

It’s not really important but I can’t help but I wonder if it’s male, female, or neuter.

… Can it reproduce?!

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 79 – Scum Villain”

  1. Holy damn, there are a lot of interesting theories you guys have shared down below!
    As for me, i think the system was born through a merging of the human concious (Shen Yuans and Airplanes) together with the electronics of a machine or computer creating an artificial intelligent system. So it is just a kind of system, living in the vast space of the internet world, unabel to reproduce.

    I dunno i’m kinda lost and have zero knowledge in technology and machinery and thank you for the chapter!

  2. Personally, I thought of the System as MXTX’s most direct subconscious thoughts. She’s foreshadowing to us quite clearly some things which will (probably) happen in the future, and from her omniscient standpoint she has the subjective ability to judge Shen Yuan’s actions as viewed by various other characters.

    Plus, she’s beginning her reputation of putting protagonists through hell & high water just to appreciate their simple happiness at the end. She gives Shen Yuan hints when she thinks he deserves them and pretends to be “updating” whenever she thinks he doesn’t deserve them.

    This could be wrong, but that’s the speculation I have to offer. Thanks for these translations, I’m really excited for chapter 80 in a couple days!!!

  3. i just thought that system is a feature that makes the novel interesting. just how boring is that if shen qingqiu can changed his destiny freely without getting some consequences? based from transmigration novel/manhua that ive read this far, their protagonist just change the plot (since they know the original plot) and eventhough its not working all the time, its still unattractive story to be read.

  4. I haven’t read that many transmigration novels but I’m pretty sure the System is an AI, but who programmed them or why is a mystery. If SQQ and SQH’s Systems were one entity with 2 interfaces they might have had a link so my theory is that they’re 2 AIs with no means of connecting to each other.

    Whatever the Systems are they are clearly not bound to any human concept of “right” and “wrong” since SQQ was both helped and f**ked over by his.

  5. I will not impose any rationality on The System. I understand now that it’s a trope for the genre, but if I was thinking a little too hard, then I think this is all some kind of dream or coma state.

  6. Akatsuki no yona

    Shen yuan’s sis i guess???? since she is a fujoshi n her name is mxtx!!!! XD

    No i mean maybe this is her fojoshi dream or something after cucumber bro’s dead or he is still alive sleeping in his room having no idea of this adventurous dream his sis is having right now ???….. Or maybe she saw her bro with a handsome boy with big boobs n now she is having this heavenly dream ….. or maybe …..maybe ……or

  7. Tinascow Mooduck

    I feel the main point of this is the system reproducing and not the chapter. If the system couldn’t reproduce then we wouldn’t have as many system novels out! They are all related because the systems are everywhere! Thank you for the chapter!

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