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Chapter 80.4 – Thanks for the feedback!

Chapter 80.4 <— click on the link to read.

Thanks for all the comments. I myself had no problems with Ainushi but it seems many of you had difficulties leaving comments there. They probably have more stringent comment spam controls than I do.

BC Novels doesn’t have tons of projects so my readership is smaller. Therefore, I can afford to somewhat relax the comments system a bit. That’s why there’s no need for logins here. 😉

But the big sites can be hammered with a lot of bots and spam, thus they need to have stuff like the “are you human” tests and so forth. Blame the spammers for ruining everything!

Pulling someone’s tail can be dangerous

I don’t know why, but people in novels, manga, and anime always like to pull tails or grab ears whenever they see a beastkin or shapeshifter.

I mean, even though they clearly know that it’s a person and not an animal, they still like to do it! That doesn’t make sense. Would you like it if someone randomly started grabbing your ears and behind?!

But it might be explained by the “fact” that the beastkin ears and tail are just toooooo cute!

pull tail

Image from the Chasing Star Moon manhua by QWERTY scans.

Thanks for reading.

8 thoughts on “Chapter 80.4 – Thanks for the feedback!”

  1. beastkin tail and ears are really cuteeee~
    I think petting with consent would be better than grabbing and pulling, which I think is because those characters don’t believe its real or smth like that

  2. I’m not a native English speaker.. and I don’t know how barbed *thing* looked like.. but I’m too afraid to google it after some traumatic googling that just happened recently :’D

    1. Haha.. The same has also happened to me (also not a native english speaker), there wasn’t any text describing it so I went to pictures… and burned out my eyes.
      So now I often get torn over it, to google or not to google.
      Well my new policy is if you can’t find a text then, no matter how curious you are, NEVER go to pictures.
      Okey it wasn’t that bad, but I just feel like my last pieces of innocence that hadn’t been devoured by bl was taken… oh, bl, you took it all…

    1. I’m talking about the picture in this post

      Xiu deliberately putting his tail in a place where Du Ze would grab. It’s like he’s saying “I wanna do it! Let’s do it! Hurry and grab my tail so i can do you”

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