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Chapter 82.1 – About the special chapters

Chapter 82.1 <— click on the link to read it. Thanks to anonymous for your donation.

People are still confused? If you don’t like the password then don’t use it

Yesterday someone complained that it was confusing with all the different websites and passwords.

First of all, that is not true. There has only ever been ONE password active at any given time. I also already removed the password. There are ZERO passwords needed 99.999% of the time.

Secondly, you don’t need to go to different websites. Everything you need is on

Thirdly, all of the special chapters are linked here on this thread. I don’t think that’s confusing.

I offer the “special” chapters as an extra. You do not need them to read the story since all of the SFW chapters are here on this website.

Kindly note that the “special” chapters are not available even in the raws. Take a look at this. Note all of those “This section is locked” stuff? Yeah, that’s because those chapters are not available for reading in the webnovel.


*rolls eyes* In fact, my editor was amazed that I had that last  extra chapter since, I repeat, that is not available in the webnovel. It’s only available in the print books.

In short, if you were in China you would have to order the books to even get that stuff. That’s why I don’t like it when people copy-paste it on their plagiarized websites.

If people don’t like the “bother” of the special chapters, I can just remove them altogether. That is how it is in the raws – everything there is censored, you know.

Then no one will be confused.

I just paid for hosting

I use ASmallOrange “medium” package. You can see their plans here –

I have placed a progress bar at the bottom of posts and pages where you can see how my fundraising efforts are going. However, do note that I already did get donations from people before. It’s just that I spent that already on coffee, bananas, and other stuff. 🍌

Of course, donations are totally optional. If worst comes to worst and I can’t pay the hosting, I can just move to free hosting. Thanks for your support.

13 thoughts on “Chapter 82.1 – About the special chapters”

  1. Really…. You can read everything translated for free and you even have the time to complain… Come on. Cant those kind of people stop complain about a little thing. Just be grateful that u got someone who take their precious time to translate. Dang it.

  2. Hope the person who is typing the locked chapters knows how much we appreciate all the hard work!!

    Also, yay new chapter!

  3. Oh god i really hate how just one person ruined everything for everyone! I mean, cmon is it so hard to work for special part a little bit? Bcnove kindlyl linked every special chapter here you just have to look for it. Please don’t be lazy 😬😬😬

  4. You are amazing! It is not confusing, in agreement with everyone else, people just don’t read. I’m in love with this novel and can’t wait to finish it with you! And then reread! Keep going!!!

  5. Hello. I was the one, who wrote that it was confusing. Sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. It wasn’t my intention to be rude or mean. I easily get confused and I wrote it without thinking, so please just forget it. I really appreciate your work.

  6. Noooo..don’t ever remove the snusnu chapters!! They’re basically my lifuuu 😞
    N y is people complaining?Opening more tabs isn’t that hard when you’re reading this for free! You basically spent no effort at all..

  7. I have never had a problem. It makes you wonder if they even read your posts. Ignore them and thank you for all of the work you have put into this

  8. I’ve never had that problem with the link so wth are they talking about? I’m actually surprised there’s anyone who’s complaining at all. Most of us readers are literally recieving free stuff that the translator spent time and effort on. These guys have no right to demand more from you.
    I’m very thankful for all your hard work and am aware that as readers we’re literally subject to your whims. That you’ve been fair and generous with your hard work up till now is something I’ve always been grateful for. You’ve always been regular with your updates and your passwords, sites and instructions were easy to follow if one puts the minimum amount of effort and uses common sense.
    Again, thank you and may those annoying people be reincarnated as cannon fodder in the next life and not one like our favorite danmei cannon fodders either.

  9. Oof.. don’t listen to those people translator-sama! Clearly they don’t know how to properly use their brains. I hate it when those non-productive types just complain to a creator without thinking about the creator’s feelings and efforts! And they have to be non-productive, or they wouldn’t have the gall to complain!
    …I mean, you would have helped them out if they reached out to you on NUF right? But nope, they went straight on to complaining…
    Don’t worry; your layout is perfectly understandable and there is nothing that can be considered confusing. I support you 100%!
    (I would support you monetarily too, but I am a student *sigh*)
    Also, quick question; I am curious, how did you get your hands on those extra parts? eBook?

    1. No, there is no ebook. I got it from a kind stranger who manually typed out that particular extra part.

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