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Chapter 84.2 – Fanart

Chapter 84.2 <— click on the link to read it. Thanks to Crystal WB for the donation.


My goodness, look what I found!


Sorry, no idea where the original source is.

I hope everyone remembers this scene. This is the beastkin village when Nina brought Du Ze a meal and confessed to him. Xiu was asleep.

Du Ze had to reject Nina, who was heartbroken. She ran away when she sensed Xiu was waking up. She never appeared to Du Ze again after that, not even to say goodbye.

I wonder how many hearts Du Ze has broken?

There was one time in the elf kingdom when I thought that Ariel was going to confess to Du Ze but Xiu interrupted them.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 84.2 – Fanart”

  1. Ahh, love this art. Fascinating. I too found this photo not too long ago on one chinese site. There were other photos (really interesting arts).
    What do you think of this one? : D

    1. Nice! The manhua has also started updating. Perhaps one day we can get the entire novel in comic form.

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