Chapter 88 – Scum Villain

Chapter 88 <— click on the link to read it

Mo Dao Zu Shi Live Action (Eng Sub)

In case some of the readers here don’t know, Mo Dao Zu Shi aka Founder of Diabolism has an ongoing live-action show!

The English subtitled show is titled “Untamed” and the publisher has made it free to watch on Youtube.

*cough* It’s apparently “bromance” since an actual romance wouldn’t be allowed to air due to China’s strict censorship.

I actually haven’t watched it yet since I’ve been super busy but it’s nice to know that it’s available. Have you watched it?

Thanks for reading.

11 thoughts on “Chapter 88 – Scum Villain”

  1. erika jane espanto

    Why i cant watch? Sob. Where i can watch the full movie of live action in eng sub? Why it is hard to find? Huhu Please help, give me a link angels 😢

    1. The UNTAMED is totally a fantastic drama series guys eventhough the actual things that happened in the novel wasn’t included due to the censorship thingyyy but still its very awesome 😍😍 by the way i finished watching it for the 5th time already and you can watch it on we tv💕

  2. I have watched the drama all the way till now, and I am absolutely loving it. The acting definitely did get a lot better after the Cave scene. Wang YiBo expresses a lot more emotion but still quite keeps the LWJ composure. However, the actors definitely do add some twist to the OG characters, so it can be OOC sometimes. Other than that, the main characters definitely have the chemistry that was expressed in the books (albeit more lowkey lol)

  3. Not bromance at all 😀 Lan zhan looks at wei wuxian and romantic background music plays along, does this still consider as a bromance?
    The love between the two of them is very very clear that you don’t need a specific scene or an actual kiss to feel it,
    it one of my fav drama so far because the lead actor Xiao Zhan who plays wei wuxian nailed his part so well and brought the character to life, not to mention all actors r doing so well that you end up enjoying it for them, the scene r very very cute . I enjoy it a lot

  4. I have watched it until episode 7 and I’m in love with it even if I’m quite frustrated that the storyline get fast forward and change but I think it still good since to me as long as it got bromance and not forced boyxgirl scene I’m cool. One last thing I don’t know if I’m the only one that feel this but it seem like they are kinda making LXC and JGY having sparks…. Don’t berate me if I’m the only one.

    1. You’re not the only one. Am totally getting picking up on that too.

      Am a little irritated with all the changes but I guess these things are sometimes necessary when adapting a story. Am quite pleased with some of the casting choices.

  5. I really want to watch this, but at the same time the special effects are just so seriously lame that it pretty much ruins it for me.

  6. Bromance? Nah.. it’s still brimming of gayness.. i love wang yibo’s facial expressions in the later eps.. full of love towards xiao zhan.. kilig is real

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