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Chapter 91.3 – Kubera

Chapter 91.3 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love <— click on the link to read it

I posted a double release today because I have something important to do tomorrow. There might be a short delay of a few days before I post the next chapter.

Kubera Webtoon

I have been reading the Kubera webtoon by Currygom. The official English version is available for free.


When I first read Season 1 I was blown away by the deep, immersive story and epic plot. The cast is huge and the setting is very interesting. Even the minor characters are cool! Season Two was also great but I started getting kinda impatient.

Have you read Noblesse? It’s kinda like that for me. Both webtoons are great but now they are really running pretty long…

IMO, no matter how good a story is, it should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. I’m not a fan of endless comics like Western ones (Batman, Spiderman, etc).

What worries me is that Kubera is already in its third season and it looks like it might go on for a very long time. I mean, is this going to go on for 5 more years? Gaaaah!

Well, my worries aside, Kubera is a great webcomic. I love the main character, Leez, and Yuta. Have you read it? Let me know what you think. 🙂

Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 91.3 – Kubera”

  1. I read both of those stories!!! XD but my favorite is Noblesse I love Raizel.. he so cool but sometimes funny. XD I remember when he doesn’t know how to peel a banana and just staring at it and how to open the door. XD LOL and when his first time playing a lie a counter strike. He only ended dead. XD oh I suggest to read this story too. The title is Black Haze!! One of my favorite!!! Please read it!!!!

    1. But Black Haze got canceled! I loved it so much but the author wasn’t getting paid so the series was dropped… no news yet when it will be back.

    2. WHAT!? why!? The story is so great ! It only ended on chapter 228. I really love rood. And how they love rood to extent. How the dragon so protective of him. And I wanted to know if he ever come back to his brother XD I pity the author.

  2. A fellow comrade! You read Kubera too? Please don’t drop it.. the story is soooo good! I believe season 4 is the last one and the author is on the process of finishing it gradually. I can’t spoil the fun for you but the romance will start on season 3, so that’s that. And the climax of season 3 is too mind blowing. I love this manhwa to bits so yeah I’m a bit biased haha

    1. Whoops made a mistake season 2 is the start of romance and season 3 is the final season LOL


    2. 3 is the final season? But there’s so much of the story that’s left! We barely know anything. I’ll wait then read it when there’s more chapters then.

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