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Chapter 92.1 – Awesome!

Chapter 92.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love <— click on the link to read it. Thanks to two anonymous people for their donations.

Do you guys rec this story?

I noticed that some people are recommending certain novels. Do you guys ever rec “The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love”? I hardly see people (who aren’t me) mention this story.

I’m a little worried that when the project is complete, no one will read it anymore since it won’t ever be on the front page of NU.

~ Sigh…

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 92.1 – Awesome!”

  1. Hi. It’s finished, but I still saw it quite a lot. The main reason is because it has a ton of tags. Every time I searched for “Devoted Love Interests”, “Protagonist Loyal to Love Interest”, “Caring Protagonist”, “Doting Love Interests” (my go-to tags), I would often see this novel. After that, the huge amount of good reviews and a high rating sealed the deal.
    Even though I usually don’t read BL (I prefer female protagonists because they are easier to identify with), I still enjoyed this story a lot and it hit all my weak spots for doting-with-no bottom-line pair of lovers.

  2. I’m actually waiting for it to be finished before recommending, since my friends aren’t as enduring as me when it comes to waiting for updates.

  3. I mention it in chat rooms and other places, But I don’t usually visit NU. Maybe I should. I just finished Let Me Tease You and would like to pick up another story since this one is ending soon. Actually I should just go catch up on Princess Weiyang instead of reading something new, LOL.

  4. This the first chinese novel I’ve read and I’m still new to Asian novels, so of course I would recommend this! In fact, I know someone that would love to draw fan art of Du Ze/Xiu 😉

    Don’t worry! Reader & Protag is highly rated on NovelUpdates, so people looking for BL or a male yandere will definitely be interested.

  5. I do. It will be one of my favourite. And even when it end, I will come back to re-read it again and again

  6. don’t worry, trap got a pretty high rating..
    plus, it will be one of a few danmeis that are completely translated

  7. Because your updates are very fast, one of the fastest update imo, i think most people binge read the novel in one swoop, just like me

    No comment left cuz we dont have to beg for quicker updates


    I thank you 4 that
    (。•ᴗ•。)♡ TRAPDHTBITL

  8. Don’t worry~ We just assume that everyone is already reading this! At least everyone who’s actively reading danmei~ Also this novel can be found in almost every recommendation list on NU, so everyone can find it easily if they have never heard of TRAPDHTBITL

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