Chapter Four – The Prince’s Loyal Lover

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Chapter Four: It worked

Tao Wen gave Xiao Er a bunch of medicine and ordered him to stay in his room, and he himself, of course, was in the room to recuperate.

Tao Wen had always felt that his own moral integrity had long since died. There should be some type of emotion like shyness but when he tried to do what he wanted with Xiao Er, he had no shyness at all. In fact, several times he even wanted to throw the other person down and have his way with him.

“Come on, Xiao Er, I’ll give you medicine.” Holding the best medicine in the palace, Tao Wen spoke to the tall Xiao Er before him.

“Master, my injury is already well healed. No need to waste medicine.” Xiao Er immediately knelt.

“How is it wasted for you to take this medicine? I ordered you to go to the bed and lie down!” Tao Wen immediately said.

Xiao Er’s injury was indeed half-healed. However, for Tao Wen who has never been satisfied, eating tofu is always good, even if it’s done through the medium of applying medicine. So he uncovered Xiao Er’s body and not only did he smear the medicine, he also massaged him… “Xiao Er, this medicine is very good for wounds and can even whiten scars.”

“Master! This is the medicine that was given to the Master by His Majesty. Your servant is afraid to use it!” Xiao Er rolled over and got off the bed to kneel on the ground: “Your servant, your servant has no need to reduce scarring …” How can this soft voice sound so appalled!

“I order you! Go to bed and lie down!” The scheming Tao Wen pounced on him.

Of course, in addition to applying medicine, there were many other such actions, such when he ate.

“Come on, Xiao Er, we can have dinner together.” Tao Wen said with a smile.

“Master, your servant can eat a steamed bun.” Xiao Er’s face was expressionless.

“What? Glutinous rice doesn’t have enough nutrients. Sit down here and we can eat together.”

“Master, a servant cannot sit with his master.”

“I command you! Sit down and eat with me!”

Of course, the evilest time was his bathing time.

“Xiao Er, rub my back!”

“Xiao Er, that’s too much force, gentler.”

“Xiao Er, your skills are good. You can also clean up the front.”


“Xiao Er, why are you so quiet? You have a nosebleed!”

In fact, Tao Wen was very satisfied with all this.

The only thing he felt was lacking was that he had worked very hard these past few days but no matter how thirsty he felt, he decided to develop their feeling before going to bed. Now it should be about time to make his move?

At least, when Xiao Er looked at him, his eyes were more and more enthusiastic. Tao Wen had made several “sneak attacks” and found out that the other person was hard.

It’s time to start eating!

On a moonless night when the winds were high, Tao Wen called Xiao Er down from the roofbeams and told him to sleep. Then in the middle of the night, he sneakily climbed onto the other person’s body.

“Xiao Er, you follow me every day, right?”


“You know all my things, do you not?’

“… Yes.”

“You peek at me all day long and you like me, don’t you?”

“Your servant knows his crime!”

“You don’t know your crime! D*** it, do you know why I whipped you after that first time?”

“Your servant doesn’t know.”

“This master wanted you to top me but instead you gave me your virginity! You think I’m not angry?!” Tao Wen daringly took out a lubricant oil that he had already prepared beforehand and said: “Don’t you think you should compensate me?”

Xiao Er was puzzled. It was the prince who took the initiative to overwhelm him that night. But now, how did the events of that day change in the prince’s mouth? So many things have changed…

He prefers it this way. He prefers the current prince, although he doesn’t know why the prince he had been staring at suddenly changed.

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