Chapter Six – The Prince’s Loyal Lover

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the prince's loyal lover
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Chapter 6: Extra: Emperor

The emperor has always felt dissatisfied. Obviously, he was wise, strong, handsome, confident, elegant, talented, and skilled in military strategies. His temperament was like that of a superhuman prodigy. He couldn’t understand why his father always favored his younger brother. That person only knew how to make trouble and didn’t have even the tiniest smidgen of manliness!

You are so powerful. Your brother has nothing. You should leave your brother alone … haha.

If his brother had been mercilessly beaten like he was when he was naughty, he didn’t believe that his brother would have become such a useless, good-for-nothing person!

Although he wasn’t satisfied, it was okay to support such a worthless person. However, his younger brother was still very restless!

Destroying his plan to control the martial arts community, making it difficult to get rid of corrupt bureaucrats, helping his chosen concubine flee… it would be hard to convince him that his brother wasn’t thinking of usurping the throne.

Of course, the most crucial point was that before his death, his father, the former emperor, gave that secret guard to his younger brother! That secret guard who controlled the martial arts community!1 That secret guard who had the ability to monitor everything in the imperial court! That invincible secret guard!

It was said that secret guard could secretly enter the palace at night since he had served the former emperor. Therefore, even before he, the current emperor, had ascended the throne, that secret guard had long been familiar with the palace’s ins and outs… There was just no sense of security!

He had been trying to buy the loyalty of all of the secret guards, but he couldn’t because that secret guard was their leader and was loyal to his brother. Thus, that secret guard’s subordinates were loyal to his younger brother, too!

Doesn’t the secret guard know that his younger brother isn’t smart? Doesn’t he realize that his younger brother is a brute? How can he be loyal to such a person? Is the secret guard blind?

In fact, because of his loyalty, he felt that this secret guard was even more outstanding. Towards his brother, that scum, the secret guard faithfully pledged his life to protect him. Not to mention, his skills are excellent. This secret guard is really likable!

The emperor had been working to damage the relationship between his younger brother and his secret guard. He thought that he was going to be successful, but his younger brother unexpectedly changed and acted as though he was content with his lot in life.

His brother being content… there’s something fishy going on here. His brother couldn’t possibly be secretly conspiring against him, right?

The emperor decided to check for himself.

The emperor brought a lot of people with him and even put the army on alert before he finally dared to enter his brother’s palace.

Given that he was the emperor, and given that he and his younger brother had not yet shed all pretense of cordiality, the emperor had made many preparations for whatever might happen. However, when he entered he ordered his men not to announce him. He quietly entered the house…

“Xiao Er! If I, your father,2 don’t torment you until you die today, then I’m not your master!”

“Xiao Er, how is it? I’ll wring you dry until there’s nothing left! I’ll squeeze you until you die!”

“Xiao Er, you can scream until your voice is gone but no one will come, no one will save you!”


The emperor’s eyes began to shine brightly.

He knew that his younger brother was very dissatisfied with his servant so this was very bad for Xiao Er. He had planned to destroy the relationship between the two of them because of this but now it seemed … the relationship between his younger brother and his secret guard seems to have been broken even him without trying to interfere.

Hahahahahaha! The emperor laughed silently. He decided to break into the room to rescue the secret guard. He opened the door with his hand…

The emperor felt that he was blinded!

That little tyrant, his younger brother, was unexpectedly covered with red hickeys and was actually sitting on the secret guard who was in a lotus position. That’s wasn’t all. He wasn’t speaking in the arrogant tone he had used before. Instead, he was moaning: “Xiao Er, gently. I’m dying… my legs are soft…”

The emperor suddenly found out that there was one thing that his younger brother was better at than him. His younger brother was more beautiful and alluring than him.

So is the secret guard loyal because he has eaten his master? If that’s the case, then he would rather not get this secret guard’s loyalty!

The emperor silently left and felt stupid.

He was really silly.

He brought so many people with him and even mobilized his troops just to meet with his brother here. He even imagined that his younger brother might try to capture the emperor or something like that. In the end, all that happened was that he saw an erotic show…

The emperor’s mood was very bad for a time then he cheered up.

No wonder his younger brother doesn’t want to marry a princess. He was being ****ed by the secret guard!

No wonder his younger brother liked to make trouble every day. He was being ****ed by the secret guard!

No wonder his younger brother hated the secret guard. He was being ****ed by the secret guard!

His younger brother was with his secret guard. He would absolutely have no chance to be with a woman again. There would be no children. It seemed that the secret guard was keeping him captive inside his palace. What was there for him to be afraid of?

The emperor happily returned to his palace and gifted his brother with medicine for wounds and kidney medicine to increase his stamina. Of course, he hoped that the kidney medicine would be eaten by the secret guard.




Translator’s Notes:

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  • In Chinese medicine, the kidneys regulate the male reproductive system. The kidney medicine that the Emperor gifted was to increase stamina… in bed. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ What a kind older brother!

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  1. 武林 – translators often like to use the “Wulin” but this isn’t about martial arts so I just translated it as “martial arts community.”
  2. In this context, just think of it as a way of saying “I’m your daddy!” or “who’s your daddy now!”

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