Chapter Three – The Prince’s Loyal Lover

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Chapter Three: Let’s go to bed

It wasn’t unreasonable for Tao Wen to quickly pick up on the fact that he transmigrated. For someone like him who is an orphan and has an introverted personality, it’s better to transmigrate than to die.

Even if there was an emperor who wants to put his current body to death, he has this loyal servant. So long as he doesn’t disturb the status quo, he shouldn’t be in danger… but this gong/shou problem was a bit difficult.

“How is your body?” Tao Wen asked gently.

Before they “did it,” the relationship between the prince and the secret guard was pretty good. The prince was also good to the former emperor. If he hadn’t been, then the secret guard wouldn’t have admired the prince. The whipping was the first time the prince hit the secret guard. However, just because the secret guard’s injuries healed very fast, the prince got into the habit of beating his secret guard, eventually going down the path of a scum gong.

“Master, your servant is alright,” Xiao Er said with a solemn expression on his face.

Looking at the secret guard whose body emitted a faint bloody and medicinal smell, Tao Wen thought that the other person’s words weren’t credible. He clearly remembered that the prince, after coming to his senses and discovering that he had done it with a man, had lashed this person 100 times with his whip.

“Go to bed and rest.”

Xiao Er immediately knelt: “Your servant doesn’t dare!”

“Get up!”

Tao Wen sat up.

“Master, lie down, you have a cold…” Xiao Er said quickly but then he seemed to feel that he was overstepping his position. He closed his mouth and quietly lowered his head.

“Then why don’t we go to bed together and lie down?” Tao Wen was very happy to hear the other party’s concern.

He wasn’t going to trouble himself with a boring question such as whether the other person liked the old prince, not him. Now that he has transmigrated, he is now the prince who has nothing to do but stir up trouble. He’s going to try to play this role! As for the person who is always watching the prince and might suspect that something might have changed … His body is that of the prince. He also has the prince’s memories. Will the other person still dare to kill the prince?

He has a plan. A dead prince and a dead loyal dog —— this was probably the scene that the prince’s older brother wanted to see.

As for the love of the faithful dog, as long as the other person doesn’t leave himself, it’s all right. He really doesn’t care much about it.

“Your servant doesn’t dare!” Xiao Er was still kneeling on the floor.

Some people will eat soft food, but refuse to eat hard food:1 “I order you to go to bed and lie down!” Tao Wen was utterly ruthless.

Xiao Er lay down on the bed.

Tao Wen examined his own body and found that it seemed to have no serious problems. He started studying the secret guard who was lying on the bed.

Xiao Er’s sleeping posture was very stiff and proper, which made Tao Wen feel uncomfortable: “Xiao Er, I will treat you well in the future.”

“Your servant doesn’t dare!” Xiao Er said. His eyes were very black.

Tao Wen felt happy.

The memories in his mind were still unstable, making him feel dizzy so he simply lay down beside Xiao Er.

The bed was large, therefore even though Tao Wen had never been in bed with other people, he wasn’t vigilant so he didn’t think there was anything wrong. He just closed his eyes and began to sort the memories.

As for the secret guard who was bitterly lying beside him in the bed, Xiao Er didn’t move but he was alert and suspicious about his master’s behavior. His family’s prince wasn’t a bad person but neither was he a good person. The prince’s reaction before showed that he hated him. He even made up his mind to not appear in front of him unless it was necessary. However, what happened now? Asking him to lie on the bed with him?

That day when the prince woke up, Xiao Er saw scorn and disgust in his bloodshot eyes, but now … no, he is thinking too much. He is the prince’s secret guard. Everything he does is for the prince. It’s enough to remember that.

After mentally digesting all of the prince’s memories, Tao Wen wanted to yell “scum!”

He accidentally took an aphrodisiac and forcefully climbed on top of the other person. Then when he woke up, he turned against the other person and became hostile right away. The injured loyal dog shou, because of the poison and his injury, brought him back to the palace. The first thing the prince did was to whip him! And he even had murder on his mind!

The more Tao Wen thought about it, the more he didn’t like it. Suddenly, he realized that Xiao Er must have been gravely injured. Did he take any medicine?

With this in mind, Tao Wen immediately sat up and went to pull open the other person’s clothes to check his injuries but when he looked, the other person’s eyes were quite fierce. However, when the other person saw him, his eyes suddenly softened.

Tao Wen’s heartbeat suddenly sped up… he must cure this person’s wounds immediately so that he can lose his virginity!


Translator’s Notes:

  • The author really does switch POVs like that even in the raw, lol. It’s a bit confusing!!! Thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you can. 🙂
  • I don’t have an editor for this project so if there is an error, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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  1. 吃软不吃硬 – “eat soft food, but refuse hard food” meaning a person is amenable to coaxing but not coercion. However, in this case only coercion works.

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