Chapter Two – The Prince’s Loyal Lover

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Chapter Two: The shou becomes a scum gong

When Tao Wen woke up again, he was lying on a big, magnificent bed.

This wasn’t his bedroom. No one would spend this much money to play a joke on him so Tao Wen was stunned. When he sat up and saw the large screen full of erotic paintings, he thought that he had probably transmigrated.

The description of the prince’s room in the novel of the prince and the secret guard that he had just read was exactly the same as this room. Based on the novel’s contents, right now the secret guard should be in the roof beam of his bedroom, ready and willing to give everything for his prince.

Tao Wen suddenly felt a pain in his head as he received the prince’s memories.

After sorting out his memories, Tao Wen looked up but saw nothing.

However, all this seemed too real, so his memory should be correct. Though he didn’t really want to, he still shouted: “Xiao Er!”1 Yes, the secret guard had a codename – Xiao Er.

Maybe it’s because of the author’s awful naming sense but even with such an unpleasant name it was impossible to diminish Tao Wen’s love for the loyal dog shou – someone who would lay down his life to save his lover, such a person is really too rare!

As soon as he finished speaking, a man appeared in front of Tao Wen. He was tall and very masculine. He was exactly Tao Wen’s type and as soon as he appeared, Tao Wen fell down on his knees.

Did he really transmigrate?

Recently he was troubled because his prospective boyfriend turned out to be a shou like him so they could only become friends. Now his only thought was that: The man in front of me should obviously be a gong, how could he become the shou? Perhaps the loyal dog was originally a gong but later turned into a shou. Or maybe, despite his masculine appearance, his heart is actually that of a shou?

All of this isn’t something he can put to the test. Tao Wen knows that the person in front of him was a secret guard who was trained especially for him. He was the leader the secret guards who have protected the royal family for many generations. As to why this secret guard was given to the prince by the former emperor instead of to the current emperor, that was in order to preserve the prince’s life.

It’s a pity that this prince was too hard-headed and often tested the limits of the emperor’s patience until he finally caused a calamity to fall on his head.

The disaster took place. There was a secret guard who had pledged his life to protect him but he accidentally used an aphrodisiac in front of that person. They fell in love with each other but the emperor incited disharmony between the two. The prince tossed away the secret guard who later died. He regretted it. Left vulnerable and unprotected, he died…

Speaking of which, the novel was very well written , otherwise Tao Wen wouldn’t have read it to the end. The scum going became scum because after the aphrodisiac he found that he was in love with the secret guard who had been protecting him since childhood, a man willing to risk life and limb for him. He was unable to accept this fact. Furthermore, he mistakenly thought that this patient and obedient secret guard was loyal to his father, the emperor. The emperor’s bed mate had been dead for many years so, as a result, there were a lot of misunderstands. He listened to other people’s words and thought that the secret guard was his brother, the emperor’s servant. He also had an affair, becoming a scum gong.

The prince was a scum character to the end, until the loyal dog shou used his seriously injured body to save him once again and died. He regretted this a lot.

Then the emperor appeared and he realized that those who had made him believe that his loyal dog shou was the emperor’s servant were all the emperor’s minions. In fact, the loyal dog shou loved and was faithful only to him. Of course, by the time he discovered this it was too late. It didn’t take long before the prince died, too.

This was really a tragedy. Now that he transmigrated, he needed to know at what point in the story he had transmigrated.

The memories in his mind were all jumbled together in a mess. Tao Wen turned his head and looked at the kneeling secret guard.

The handsome man’s eyes were bloodshot and he couldn’t conceal his exhaustion. Then Tao Wen caught the smell of blood from the other person.

Could it be that he had already started abusing this person? Otherwise, how could this secret guard, who was the foremost martial artist in the world, be injured? Of course, the most important thing now is to get the other person to stand up— in his whole life, Tao Wen hasn’t had anyone kneel to him!

“Get up!” When Tao Wen spoke he found that his voice was very hoarse and that it hurt to talk.

As a pampered prince, it was not easy for others to hurt him. Even when he was in big trouble, there wouldn’t be so much as a scratch on the prince who was protected by this person. Throughout the entire novel, the only time the scum gong hurt his throat was when he and the loyal dog shou did it for the first time.

Tao Wen carefully went over it in his mind. Just half a month ago, “he” went out to make trouble but he clashed with a person from the Jianghu whom he shouldn’t have provoked. Then he was dosed with an aphrodisiac … since there was no one else around, he did it with his secret guard.

After the other person helped him get rid of the aphrodisiac and brought “him” back to the palace, “he” grabbed a whip and beat the secret guard. His throat hurt because he caught a cold due to the cold weather…

Tao Wen knew that at this time, the prince was suspicious and thought that his secret guard had ulterior motives to climb into his bed. And he … he just wanted to burst into tears. The person in front of him was shou?

The secret guard Xiao Er had stood up but his head was still lowered. Even then, Tao Wen discovered that the opponent was a lot taller than him.

Erm, is he still hoping to train the loyal dog shou into a loyal dog gong? My dear, a shou can’t become a gong!

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  1. ”Little Two.” Also means “waiter” which is why Tao Wen didn’t want to call that nickname.

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