Chapter 4 – I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes

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Chapter 4

Once they obtained the soul collecting flag, Duan Mu Ling’s cultivation power shot up instantly.

Other than diligently cultivating every day, Duan Mu Ling had been thinking about a lot of things.

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Ever since realizing his true feelings towards Ye Ming back in the forest, his thoughts would become a mess every time he saw Ye Ming.

When Ye Ming ate fruits, he would fantasize about intertwining his tongue with the other.

When Ye Ming drank water, the sight of Ye Ming’s slightly-tilted neck as he gulped down water sorely tempted Duan Mu Ling to bite into that soft skin of his.

When Ye Ming took a bath, the sound of the gushing water….induced the wildest fantasies of them all.

This made Duan Mu Ling more frustrated by the day.

Forced to observe but yet unable to partake in this delectable meal before him, it truly was too agonizing.

Ye Ming, on the other hand, had been keeping an eye out on the happenings in the city.

Despite giving Duan Mu Ling the manual and the flag, he still wasn’t too confident that Duan Mu Ling will be able to defeat Xi Tian Wang. That day, he was out strolling in the city, munching on candied fruit as he did so.

Duan Mu Ling walked beside him.

Seeing Ye Ming sucking on the candied fruit in his mouth, he got suddenly agitated. Without warning, Duan Mu Ling snatched the stick of candied fruit out of Ye Ming’s hands, smashing it onto the ground.

Ye Ming was rather shocked.

However, this was not an isolated case of brashness from Duan Mu Ling. It seemed like Duan Mu Ling had been on edge recently, the cause of which Ye Ming really couldn’t put his finger on.

Once, he was simply chugging down a large mug of water quench his thirst but his cup was forcefully snatched away by Duan Mu Ling.

Another time, he had three layers of clothes suddenly forced upon him by Duan Mu Ling.
It was an extremely warm that day, so like a rational person, he took off his shirt and strolled about in the courtyard. Goodness knows what kind stick was up Duan Mu Ling’s arse to have him suddenly dump those clothes on him and forbidding him from taking off any one of them.

Since when did Duan Mu Ling transform into a girl on her period?

Ye Ming had to put his foot down.

Now that you’ve stretched your wings, you dare look down on I, your father?

I’ll make sure to teach you a thorough lesson today!

Turning around, Ye Ming glared at Duan Mu Ling and asked, “What’s up with you these days? “

Seeing the Ye Ming’s pissed off expression, Duan Mu Ling was yet again overcome with the temptation to bite Ye Ming.

Despite having Ye Ming angry at him, Duan Mu Ling was strangely content.

After all, Ye Ming’s mind will then be preoccupied with only thoughts of him.

Duan Mu Ling was in a daze.

Such an expression…really makes me want to kidnap in him in my embrace.

After subduing his writhing body, I’ll then…..

Ye Ming was quite worried about the Duan Mu Ling’s strange reaction to his scoldings. He placed his hand on the Duan Mu Ling’s forehead to check his temperature, at the same time disrupting the ongoing drama fantasy playing out in Duan Mu Ling’s mind.

Does he have a fever?

Duan Mu Ling immediately grabbed his hands.

Ye Ming’s hands were incredibly smooth and tender, causing his urges to flare up again.

He squashed his desire to lick each and every finger of Ye Ming’s by taking a huge breath.

However, he was still unwilling to let go of Ye Ming’s hands.

Ye Ming blushed.

He wasn’t sure why, but the color of he cheeks flared up suddenly.

This feeling….is honestly too perplexing.

He pulled his hands free from Duan Mu Ling’s grasp and turned his head the other way, willing himself to calm down from such bizarre feelings.

Duan Mu Ling tried his best to quell his current emotional turmoil and thought to himself: this cannot go on.

Now how do I go about getting Ye Ming to cooperate?

He couldn’t just continue going about like an idiot throwing a child-like tantrum. He needed a plan, a good one that will get Ye Ming to submit to every whim and desire of his as he pinned that slender body underneath his.

“I haven’t been feeling very well, I have yet to obtain a proper night’s sleep for a few days now,” said Duan Mu Ling in a slightly hoarse voice.

Ye Ming was slightly skeptical until he remembered something.

“ You…did you dream about what happened in the past?”

Duan Mu Ling froze, before vigorously nodding his head.

Ye Ming felt a wave of guilt wash over him.

It’s my fault.

Feeling quite helpless, Ye Ming comforted, “What happened in the past… is in the past, there is no need….to let them haunt you anymore.”

Duan Mu Ling could tell that Ye Ming felt sorry for him, not to mention even a little heartbroken for all the things he went through in the past.

As long as he brought up the contents of his childhood, Ye Ming’s guilty conscience would be multiplied several folds.

He wasn’t exactly sure of the reason for this, but he did suddenly find it an extremely handy leveraging tool.

Duan Mu Ling let out a pitiful sigh, “I actually didn’t mean to tell you about my nightmares. It’s just that every time I close my eyes, I would dream about how my father would ruthlessly beat me and how the servants would bully me to no end. Not to mention, my sisters all severely abhor me and my brothers loved to regularly sabotage me….”

The more Ye Ming listened, the further he lowered his head in shame.

Seeing Ye Ming’s reaction, he intensified his attack. “…Once, when I accidentally stepped on my sister’s skirt and she started bawling, wailing that I was bullying her. In the end, I was locked in the family’s firewood house for two whole days, with no food to eat and excretions piled up on the floor….”

Ye Ming was already buried at the very bottom of the pits of his guilt.

However, Duan Mu Ling didn’t relent, “…Another time, I spoilt my brother’s toy by accident and he ordered the servants to use leather boots to beat me till I was bloody. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t get up from the bed for ten days….”

Grabbing Duan Mu Ling’s hands, Ye Ming nearly cried, “Enough….I’ll make sure to properly make it up to you for all that you have suffered through. Just tell me what you need.”

What do I need?
I need to strip you bare!
Calm down, calm down, mustn’t give in now…..

Duan Mu Ling closed his eyes and took in a few deep breaths before opening them again.

“Well…since I have been having insomnia from my nightmares, how about you accompany at night?”

Ye Ming was stumped.

However, he recovered quickly.

It’s just accompanying him to sleep anyways, there’s nothing to be worried about.

With this in mind, he swiftly replied, “alright”.

Duan Mu Ling was overjoyed. He was now very much looking forward to the meal awaiting him at night.

Seeing Duan Mu Ling’s excited behavior, he thought to himself,

He really is like a child, needing someone to sleep next to him.

The moods of the two people suddenly got much better.

They walked side by side, conversing with each other merrily. Duan Mu Ling also closed the distance between them, such that they were close enough to bump shoulders. He really could not believe his luck with his breakthrough.

Halfway through their stroll, Ye Ming suddenly halted.

Following Ye Ming’s line of sight, he was met with the sight of a male with nearly unparalleled grace and handsomeness. Beside him, however, was actually the despicable brother that he had chased out of the city himself, Duan Mu Cong!

Ye Ming stood on the spot, dazzled by the appearance of two men before him.

Not to mention with such commanding presence, these people were truly hard to come by.

However, he was soon hit by a sudden realization. Could this actually be Xi Tian Wang?

Seeing Ye Ming’s reaction, Duan Mu Ling’s heart could not help but clench painfully.

It was because Duan Mu Ling had assumed that Ye Ming was not into in males that he didn’t dare to make a move before.

But seeing his dazzled reaction of the two men before them, it really led Duan Mu Ling to question his own assumptions.

The more he observed the male that Ye Ming was staring at, the more upset he became.

In terms of appearance and presence, he was inferior by a notch.

Instead of Ye Ming being uninterested in guys, rather it was him who was not good enough for him?

What was going through Ye Ming’s mind was a whole different matter.

In reality, he was simply shocked stupid.

Seems like the duo has finally arrived.

Seeing his other ‘son’, he really did not know what to feel. Given the pleasant appearance of his, Ye Ming could not help but stare a little longer than he intended to, not noticing the person next to him nearly going berserk.

Other than jealousy, Duan Mu Ling was also seething at the sudden appearance of Duan Mu Cong.

How did he make his way into the city?

These people definitely did not have any friendly intentions…

Seems like he and that pompous guy are together.

If they fought, who would Ye Ming support?

Just as both of them were immersed in their own sea of thoughts, their presence was noticed by the other two individuals.

Duan Mu Cong let out an extremely poisonous expression.

He knew they should have killed the little bastard before he could make any trouble.

This time, I’ll make sure to do a thorough job at killing you until nothing’s left.

The tension between the four individuals seeped through the street, signaling the possible start of the fight.

Noticing the tense situation, passerbys quickly took cover at a safe distance, waiting to get a good show from the brewing conflict.

Xi Tian Wang was refined and elegant.

Duan Mu Ling had a cold and aloof charm

Ye Ming had an alluring air of untouchability.

Duan Mu Cong….was clumsy and out of place.

With three prominent men gathered in one place….with the exception of the mediocre individual, it truly was a rare sight to see!

However, it did not take long for people to notice that one of them was actually the lord of Fenggu City. The excited murmuring of the people on the street soon turned to yelps of fear.

in the meantime, Duan Mu Ling and Duan Mu Cong were still glaring each other down.

Realizing things could get extremely ugly, both Ye Ming and Xi Tian Wang simultaneously seized the person by their side.

Both of them were very clear; this is a street packed with people, if they were to fight now, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Xi Tian Wang was the first one to drag Duan Mu Cong away from the scene.

Xi Tian Wang met Duan Mu Cong when he was journeying and learned about the atrocious homicide committed against his family by Duan Mu Cong’s younger brother. He honestly had had nothing else to do at the moment, hence he decided to be nosy and tag along.

Even if Duan Mu Cong wanted to tear his brother into pieces, he shouldn’t be fighting out in the open streets. Or else, as Duan Mu Cong’s traveling companion, his own reputation would be ruined!

Ye Ming’s rationale was much simpler. He was terrified that Duan Mu Ling would not be able to win a fight against both individuals. Thus, he dragged the seething person next to him back first before planning their next move.

At night.

Both of them were lying in the same bed.

Neither of them could fall asleep.

Ye Ming’s mind was on overdrive.

Can Duan Mu Ling really defeat the both of them?

If he couldn’t, well, Ye Ming was very likely to accompany him to the grave.

When will Xi Tian Wang make his move?

What method will he use to attack?

He’ll have to make thorough preparations tomorrow.

He’ll also need to urge Duan Mu Ling to cultivate even more.

Duan Mu Ling’s mind, on the other hand, was playing out several drama-like fantasies.

With Ye Ming lying by his side, he was in an almost dream-like state.

Ye Ming soon started to flip back and forth in bed.

Duan Mu Ling, being reminded of the scene in his dream, could not help but react.

He knew clearly this was the reality, and that things would not develop the way he would in his dreams.

However, with Ye Ming right next to him, not making a move at all would be impossible.

Hence, Duan Mu Ling tightly hugged the body next to him and breathed lightly down his neck, resisting the urge to give the other individual a lick.

Ye Ming felt extremely stuffy. The weather was already hot as it is and there were no air cons in this world, yet the person next to him is insisting him to sleep.

With Duan Mu Ling hugging him so tightly, he could feel the other’s breath tickling his neck. This roused a strange type of feeling within himself.

Ye Ming then twisted his body suddenly, hoping to break free from Duan Mu Ling’s vice-like grasp.

Duan Mu Ling’s breathing suddenly became labored. With Ye Ming twisting about in his embrace, the friction of such frenzied movements made him quite sensitive.

He really wanted to knock this person unconscious and have his way with him.

“It’s really warm, could you not hug me to sleep?” Ye Ming turned his head around to look at him, his tone rather agitated.

Ye Ming’s face was inches from his and Duan Mu Ling could feel Ye Ming’s breath lightly brushing on his face.

Duan Mu Ling could stand it no longer. He pressed down on the back of Ye Ming’s head and enveloped the other’s lips with his own.

Ye Ming’s eyes widened to the size of fishballs.

He tried to struggle from Duan Mu Ling’s grasp, but his head was pinned down with a vice-like grip.

What the motherf**** is going on ?!?!?!?!?!?!

Has my ‘son’ finally gone mad?

Why in the world are you mistaking I, your father as a female???!!!!!!!!!!

Let me go!!!!!

Duan Mu Ling felt relief wash through his body.

Finally, after dreaming about this moment for days, he finally got what he had been craving for.

He captured Ye Ming’s tongue between his lips, greedily sucking on it.

The sensation….is even better than what I imagined it to be.

I don’t want to let go….I really don’t.

Ye Ming’s head started spinning.

He did not have much strength in his body, to begin with, and with Duan Mu Ling fervently kissing him, he started feeling dizzy and light-headed.

He even very slightly reciprocated Duan Mu Ling’s actions.

The more their lips grazed, the more difficult it became to stop.

Duan Mu Ling already gave up on any rational thought.

Since things have already reached such a stage, he might as well go through with it and deal with the consequences later.

With one fell swoop, he pinned Ye Ming underneath his body and began tearing away at his clothes.

Out of nowhere, as though he had been pricked, Ye Ming’s mouth moved by its own will and made a sound…. “_BEEP__

Both of them froze, shocked by the sudden “BEEP” sound that came out of Ye Ming’s mouth.

Neither of them could continue in the loving act that they were engaged in previously.
Ye Ming was much more startled. That mechanical, ominous “BEEP” sounded very much like those annoying censors one hears on television.

So what did he originally intend to come out of his mouth?

Well, it was that noise.

A noise spelled M-O-A-N.

Why the hell was it censored?


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