Chapter 6 – I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes

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Chapter 6

After much coaxing and coercion, Ye Ming finally got Duan Mu Ling to enter the cultivation chamber.

Duan Mu Ling had been shamelessly clinging onto him, refusing to let go. Ye Ming wanted to stress the current necessity of practicing cultivation to Duan Mu Ling but was unable to do so directly without exposing the real reason behind it. Not to mention, Ye Ming had some urgent matters to attend to that were meant only for his eyes.

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The moment Duan Mu Ling went into the cultivation chamber, Ye Ming quickly changed into his outdoor clothing. He tiptoed to the entrance of the cultivation chamber and after making sure Duan Mu Ling was deep in cultivation, he silently left the house.

Duan Mu Ling opened his eyes.

His mind had been wandering all over the place ever since last night. This severely hindered his focus on his cultivation. Instead, he paid attention to Ye Ming’s secretive actions and noticed that he had changed into his outdoor garments.

He was suddenly overcome by a feeling of unease.

What was the purpose behind Ye Ming Ye Ming’s forcible persuasion to cultivate before secretly leaving the house? Just what was he up to?

After some deliberation, Duan Mu Ling decided to trail behind Ye Ming to find out. Duan Mu Ling stalked Ye Ming along a winding path through the bustling city of Fenggu, finally arriving at the city’s largest inn.

Duan Mu Ling felt extremely puzzled.

He waited for Ye Ming to enter the inn first. After waiting for a short while, he followed suit and discreetly chose a spot at the corner of the inn to settle down. Ye Ming conversed with the inn manager for a while before the manager stood up and left. Not long after, the manager returned and following behind him was the pompous male that Duan Mu Ling had met yesterday.

Alarm bells began ringing in Duan Mu Ling’s head.

Ye Ming came to find this guy?

Ye Ming and the pompous male began merrily conversing.

After a short while, the male made an invitational gesture at Ye Ming.

Ye Ming politely smiled and nodded his head, before both of them headed to one of the rooms upstairs and closed the door.

Duan Mu Ling felt shattered.

Ye Ming already knew that person?

What relationship do they have with each other?

Why do they look so familiar with each other?

Not only did that male possess an excellent appearance, but Duan Mu Ling could also tell that he has impressive cultivation prowess. Ye Ming had been originally a child slave, so how could he have gotten acquainted with such a male?

Duan Mu Ling was overwhelmed by a sudden feeling of terror and helplessness.

He had a feeling that Ye Ming might no longer be his.

Originally, when Ye Ming had refused him, Duan Mu Ling thought it would be just a matter of time. However, with this sudden development, Duan Mu Ling suddenly realized just how little he understood about Ye Ming.

Could it be that Ye Ming was a spy sent to his side by that male?

What is his motive? Fenggu city?

Duan Mu Ling’s heart clenched painfully.

If it is Fenggu City that you want, I can give it to you!

Just don’t betray me!

Then again, if he was a spy, why would he give him the manual? He even went the extra mile by helping him find the soul-gathering flag. Reminiscing about how Ye Ming invested all his effort into supporting the development of his cultivation powers, it ignited a feeling of warmth within him.

Maybe they might really just be ordinary friends after all?

Maybe I should not overthink things.

Duan Mu Ling tried convincing himself.

Hence, Duan Mu Ling relented and waited in a corner of the inn, wishing with every passing moment that Ye Ming would quickly hurry out of that room. However, no matter how many times he longingly glanced towards the room, the door remained tightly shut.

What is he doing inside?

Why is he hiding such a thing from me?

Just the thought of the two happily chattering away or even doing something more intimate in the room was enough to drive Duan Mu Ling crazy. If Ye Ming really had such a relationship with that male, he will have to see to it that such a person is eliminated.

No matter the cost.

His wait lasted for four long nerve-wracking hours.

Never before in his life had he endured such intense emotional turmoil as he had in this grueling wait.

Finally, the door opened and with it the tightly wound knot in his heart loosened considerably, putting Duan Mu Ling in a dream-like state.

Ye Ming and that male came out with their arms around each other’s shoulders. Both of them were even laughing joyfully as they made their way out. The sight of the two was like a knife that plunged mercilessly deep into his heart. The feeling of aggrievement overcame him and he was suffocated by the urge to cry.

No matter who it was, as long as Ye Ming expresses any form of intimacy, he would severely abhor it. It certainly did not help that the person embracing Ye Ming had an appearance, temperament and cultivation abilities that were seemingly above his. He was overcome by the urge to violently pull the two apart, and have Ye Ming personally reassure him that the only one he cared for was himself.

The two people parted soon enough. Xi Tian Wang saw Ye Ming to the entrance of the inn and the two bade each other goodbye.

After making sure Ye Ming was heading in the direction of home, Duan Mu Ling took a detour and rushed back. He urgently needed to get to the bottom of this mystery regarding the relationship between the two. After all, he did not want to risk the fallout from a baseless confrontation.

However, Duan Mu Ling was sure of one thing.

No matter what the truth was, Ye Ming was definitely his.

If he could not chase after his treasure, then he will resort to forcibly seizing it.

Anyone who gets in the way will be disposed of.

Ye Ming was extremely pleased with himself.

Not only did he managed to clear up a major issue, but he also managed to resolve an important problem. Naturally, he did not notice that he was being followed throughout his journey.

The main reason he coaxed Duan Mu Ling to practice his cultivation was to get the opportunity to sneak out and meet Xi Tian Wang. Although he did not have the Xi Tian Wang’s exact location, towards the ‘son’ that he had created, he had an extremely good grasp of the other’s tendencies.

Ye Ming had given Xi Tian Wang the best-of-the-best circumstances in the novel.

As the main male lead, Xi Tian Wang always got what he wanted. Not only did he have an excellent family background, but he was also blessed with once-in-a-millennium prodigious cultivation abilities. Fortuitous meetings were also a common occurrence with this young prince.

After all, this was just a casual cultivation novel. Ye Ming thus did not bother to put much thought into setting up an intricate set of circumstances for the male lead.

Thus, with that understanding in mind, Ye Ming made a beeline for the largest and the most extravagant inn that the city has to offer. Not unexpectedly, after asking around, he received news that Xi Tian Wang was indeed staying here. He requested the inn manager to mention the name Bai Li Qing when asking for Xi Tian Wang.

This was basically the plan that he had come up with after much deliberation.

Given that Bai Li Qing was one of Xi Tian Wang’s closest friends, if he mentioned the other’s name, he was sure to be guaranteed a meeting with Xi Tian Wang. Not long after, Xi Tian Wang personally came down to receive him as a guest.

Ye Ming enthusiastically claimed that he was one of Bai Li Qing’s closest childhood friends. In order to further earn the other party’s trust, he even brought up some more personal affairs. Given that Ye Ming had spewed some rather secretive matters that few people knew off, Xi Tian Wang easily fell for the feint. Xi Tian Wang hence enthusiastically invited him upstairs to have a conversation.

The moment Ye Ming entered Xi Tian Wang’s room, he wasted no time and got straight to the point.

“Brother Xi, do you know of a person named Cosmos Conqueror?”

This was Ye Ming’s pen name. If Xi Tian Wang knew of this name, then he must be aware of the happenings in the book as well.

Xi Tian Wang was rather stumped, “I do not know of such a person.”

Ye Ming was annoyed. Was there really no choice but to seek out Bai Li Qing?

“However, I have heard Brother Bai Ling mention such a name before. He once told me that he was extremely concerned about this person.”

“Who exactly is this person?”

His creator. Which so conveniently happens to be yours as well.

“I heard that the many strange happenings in this world were related to him.”

This sentence was not a lie.

“Strange happenings? Are you referring to the state of this world’s…. bedroom affairs?” Xi Tian Wang asked after a moment of hesitation. Ye Ming’s heart strummed wildly. This was actually his second motive in coming here.

While he was secretly thrilled that Xi Tian Wang took the initiative to offer up information on this matter, at the same time, he also felt that Xi Tian Wang was truly an idiot.

Blurting such a thing out so easily after just a simple inquiry, it seemed like he had not trained him adequately. If it had been Duan Mu Ling, he would not be so naive.

So Ye Ming played along, “This matter….. Bai Li Qing previously mentioned that Brother Xi has this issue as well?”

The moment Xi Tian Wang heard this, words poured forth from his mouth like a tuned-up radio.

“Ai, let’s not discuss this. In the 27 years that I have been alive, I have yet to encounter anything beyond a lady’s neck. The very moment I touched her chest, both our movements will be stopped immediately, frozen in time. Can you imagine what bitter agony this was? Like an arrow strung taut on a bow; alas with no release, there will not be any fulfillment. One could only manfully endure until it passes. Bai Li Qing and I have been played till we are terrified. Finally, Bai Li Qing declared that he was unable to tolerate it any longer and sent himself into closed-door cultivation. Meanwhile, I continued my search for a solution……”

Ye Ming never knew that Xi Tian Wang was such a chatterbox. Furthermore, spilling on other people’s affairs! He calmed his rioting frustrations.

This one has given him a peerless countenance, countless golden fingers, and not to mention the immeasurable resources under his command. So why did he not diligently cultivate on his morals?

He could not help but compare this with Duan Mu Ling whom he had treated so unfairly. Yet despite the hardships, Duan Mu Ling still managed to reach beyond expectations, smashing unabashedly through the heavens. Suddenly, the memories of their kiss sneaked into his thoughts and his heart surged into a throbbing fit as he slowly reached up to touch his lips.

In a hurry, he collected his rambling thoughts and turned his attention back to Xi Tian Wang.

“… furthermore, did you know? In the last month, I sensed that something has changed but I was unable to pinpoint the cause. Two nights ago, Duan Mu Cong stubbornly dragged me to visit the brothel despite my awkward confession regarding my circumstances. Thereafter, the leading courtesan took quite a fancy to me and stirred up my mind and body to the point where I could not bear it any longer. After much trial and tribulations, I finally reached the peak! I’ve been going there for two nights now. Sure enough, I have finally experienced a breakthrough…..”

Ye Ming was shocked.

The period when Xi Tian Wang detected a change, coincidently matched up with his arrival in this world.

Perhaps because of him, the fates of the male leads were seemingly drastically altered.

Without any obstacles barring Xi Tian Wang’s path, it was clear that Ye Ming’s influence over him had disappeared.

He was no longer the author and therefore, no longer exerted control over this world.

This was understandable.

It seems….as though the censorship system had changed its target to…himself?

Isn’t this the same as being locked in a chastity belt?

F***! It was a trap!

“Do you know where is Bai Li Qing?” Ye Ming ruthlessly cut off Xi Tian Wang’s heart-stirring recount of his “First Time” experience.

Xi Tian Wang stared blankly for a while, “He is at Tian Shan district.”

F***, Tian Shan district was so vast, it would need several years to locate him. Seeing that Xi Tian Wang was planning to continue waxing lyrical, Ye Ming quickly changed the subject.

“You will have to reconsider the matter of helping Duan Mu Cong in robbing fortunes and plundering homes.” Xi Tian Wang blanked out again. “Duan Mu Ling has the blood of his family staining his hands; such a sin cannot be forgiven. It is best that you disassociate yourself from him.”

Ye Ming immediately commenced his dramatic narration of Duan Mu Ling’s heartrending life story filled with misery and suffering; how under the unjust treatment of his parents that he was tormented to the brink of death; how his brothers betrayed and poisoned him; how his sisters bullied him and itched to chase him out of home and hearth etc etc.

Finally, Ye Ming said, “ You are a highly respected cultivator under heaven, yet Duan Mu Cong brought you to visit the brothel. This is clearly because he has bad intentions towards you. The act of visiting a courtesan is something that should be done in secret. The fact that he did it openly, is it not to blemish your good reputation? Furthermore, as the saying goes, “it is tough even for an upright official to resolve his household affairs”, if you collude with Duan Mu Cong and happen to kill the wrong person, you will be ridiculed by everybody for being blindsided. Towards the affairs of others, it is better to stay out of it. Ai, if you were not Bai Li Qing’s good friend, I would not even bother pointing this out to you.”

While Xi Tian Wang completely ignored the recount of Duan Mu Ling’s tragic life story, the last bit of advice got through to him.

He had always been easily influenced and felt that Ye Ming’s reasoning made sense.

Ye Ming sneered in his heart, with this IQ level, you are not worthy to be this one’s beloved son.

Seeing that his stance has softened, Ye Ming fed him information pertaining to the treasures owned by the Thousand Year Female Corpse. Even without his moving speech, it would have been enough to sway Xi Tian Wang. Now, this was just the icing on the cake, making his proposition that much sweeter. He continued to put on a show, bemoaning how despite possessing such knowledge, he was incapable of acting upon it.

To wrap it all up, he ingratiatingly praised and emphasized that these treasures were only fit for use by the lofty heroic figure of Xi Tian Wang.

Xi Tian Wang’s ego was stroked to the high heavens by Ye Ming. As expected, his faith in Ye Ming increased and he felt fully deserving of the good fortunes bestowed upon him. These two pieces of treasures would be of great benefit to Xi Tian Wang’s cultivation.

Thus, in exchange, he solemnly promised Ye Ming to not meddle in the affairs of the Duan Mu household any longer. Thoroughly satisfied with this outcome, Ye Ming returned. He thought to himself happily that Duan Mu Ling will finally to able to pass his days freely without worries.

Upon reaching home, he looked for Duan Mu Ling in high spirits. Not that he was looking to be praised but he was overcome by the sudden urge to see the other person.

Presently, Duan Mu Ling was meditating in his study. As Ye Ming stepped in, his gaze focused on him and Duan Mu Ling’s lips parted to reveal a sinister smile, “Did you enjoy yourself today?”

His eyes flashed coldly.

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