My Disciple Died Yet Again Review

My Disciple Died Yet Again is a Chinese webnovel that is being translated by Scrya. All of the English translated chapters can be found on the My Disciple Died Yet Again project page.

This is my favorite translated webnovel.

my disciple died yet again review


Zhu Yao crossed over into another world. At first she thought it was ancient China, only to be very shocked later when she found out it was a Xianxia world. In that world, Yu Yan is the most powerful cultivator around and has been looking for someone with lightning spirit veins who can inherit all of his skills and knowledge. When Zhu Yao appears, he takes her on as his personal succeeding disciple. Unfortunately for him, his new disciple tends to die a lot.

But that is just the first few chapters.

Spoiler alert! The real story: Zhu Yao was transmigrated to that world to fix bugs. The first bug is the typical Xianxia harem master whose carelessness will destroy the world if Zhu Yao doesn’t stop him first.

The rest of the story is told in several different arcs as the main character must travel through time and space to fix more and more annoying bugs. Yu Yan helps her.


I love funny stories and My Disciple Died Yet Again is never fails to make me laugh. The main character is a modern woman who has a refreshingly common sense approach to most things. When the world she is in is full of the usual Xianxia characters (arrogant cultivators, demonic beasts, cunning sect masters, harem protagonists, Mary Sues, etc.) this makes for great comedy when her no-nonsense attitude clashes with their fantastic, over-the-top actions.

For example:

Because of this talk, Zhu Yao understood that her master not only lacks common sense, he was face blind as well! Who wouldn’t be able to remember the name of a Peak Lord after living for more than ten thousand years? With such a personality, Zhu Yao reckoned he had already offended every single person that he could have offended…

Zhu Yao is mostly overpowered. Every time she dies and resurrects to fix yet another bug, she normally receives a cheat that can help her accomplish her goals. The problem is that the bugs are likewise overpowered – otherwise, the Dao could have easily fixed them. She’s like a janitor that is only called after all the usual cleaning methods have failed. So when the poor main character arrives at the scene, there’s always a HUGE mess.

Yu Yan,  Zhu Yao’s master, is a hilarious character. He is very powerful and has lived for around 10,000 years but he started cultivating at a young age. Thus, he knows almost everything about cultivation but nothing about ordinary common sense.

To give an example, he forgot that humans need to eat and poor Zhu Yao nearly starved until she reminded him that she isn’t an immortal like him. However, once he realized that his disciple needs food, he is able to cook better than anyone else because his life skills are maxed. He can refine weapons, create formations, cook, sew, fight, and do practically anything you can think of – except prevent his disciple from dying.

Yes, Zhu Yao dies a lot. Even though she rezzes, it’s still quite nerve-wracking for all her friends and especially her master.


I recommend this webnovel to anyone who likes Xianxia and comedy. The main character and her master are extremely funny. Currently, it’s a little over halfway done since there are now around 250 chapters translated.

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