New Project! Chapter 1 – I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes

Hiya, everyone. Here’s a new project.

This is a short novel of just 16 chapters by the same author who wrote “Who Dares Slander My Senior Brother.”

I haven’t actually read the whole thing so please no spoilers in the comments. Thanks!

It got locked!

I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes

My summary:

Web novel writer Ye Ming was extremely frustrated about his latest chapter being locked. The reason: any love scene that goes below the neck is prohibited!

It turns out that he wasn’t the only one who hated this rule. One of the characters in his story suddenly started talking to him, complaining about the lack of action and refusing to play his role anymore.

In a rage, Ye Ming decided to transmigrate into his own novel when he was given the choice.

Chapter one <— click on the link to read it

This story seems interesting. I just picked it up on impulse. I hope it has a happy ending.

9 thoughts on “New Project! Chapter 1 – I Can’t Write Any ‘Below the Neck’ Love Scenes”

  1. Ha~ I can’t (I need to know if is HE ;A; but is was writed by the same autor of WDSMSB, the curiosity is killing me~)

  2. Seems interesting. Since it’s also written by the author of Who Dares then I’ll give this a try. ^^
    Though I’ll postpone it until halfway. In the meantime I’ll be camping here.

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