The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Chapter 35 – Scum Villain

Chapter 35 <— click on the link to read it.

The story continues

Chapter 34 ended in a cliffhanger but worry not! Now that chapter 35 has been released, readers can find out what happened next.

The translators, checkers, and editors are working on more chapters. We’ve been working hard and hope to release up to chapter 40 this month.

It might take a few minutes for this release to appear in Novelupdates. If you are not familiar with Novelupdates, it is an index site that lists a lot of translation releases. The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System has a project page there.

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ibuki satsuki

Image by Ibuki Satsuki

Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 46 – Every Day the Protagonist *cough*

Chapter 46 <— click on the link to read it

Pregnant Woman Next Door, How Are You Doing?

pregnant woman
I just finished reading a completely translated short story in 11 parts about a voice actor and his die-hard fan. It’s titled “The Pregnant Woman Next Door, How Are You Doing?

It’s pure, sweet fluff! I recommend it if you want to read something nice that has a positive energy.

Lots of people prefer to read novel-length work but I personally enjoy these shorter stories.

P.S. Don’t believe the misleading title. There is no (actual) pregnancy in the story.

The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Chapter 32 – Scum Villain

Chapter 32 <— click on the link to read it.

Translation going full steam

This chapter was translated by Scriptor (the original translator) and Wenq.

The next few chapters are going to be translated by a few different translators working together along with quite a few editors. We are currently aiming for a weekly release schedule so that no one will get overworked. All future releases will now be on BC Novels.

Thank you for your support.

I also want to make a sort of “everything related to The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System” page with lots of fanart, fan comics, fan fiction, etc. but that is a low priority for now as I focus on the chapter releases.

There are tons of great fan art. Here’s one that I thought was of Shen Qingqiu:

shen qingqiu

Looks like it’s from a video game but I have no idea which. It kinda looks like SQQ.

Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 45 – Everyday the Protagonist …

Chapter 45 <— click on the link to read it.

Cradle Series by Will Wight

The Cradle Series by Will Wight is pretty good. It’s currently unfinished at 5 books published out of a total of 12 planned books.


Click here to visit the book website. The “preview” link allows you to read the first part of the books.

The story is about a boy in a Xianxia-like world. It’s not technically called Xianxia, lol, since the author put his own spin on it but it’s almost 100% Xianxia if you ask me.

I enjoyed the first three books immensely but I feel like the excitement waned after that. However, it’s worth reading.

I’ve also read Will Wight’s Traveler’s Gate Trilogy which I enjoyed a lot except for …. spoiler here … scroll down for the spoiler









… my favorite character died! Nooooooooooo! I was not expecting that. *sigh*

The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Chapter 34 – The Scum Villain

Chapter 34 <— click on that link to read it.

The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

I’ve taken over this project. No release schedule yet since I am looking for more people to join. Hopefully, I can find co-translators, translation checkers, and editors.

Once things settle down, I will try for a weekly release schedule.

When I start a project, it takes a bit of time to get everything up and going. Ideally, chapters are done this way:

  1. My first draft
  2. Sent to translation checker
  3. My second draft
  4. Sent to editor
  5. My third draft
  6. Final check by editor, checker, and me
  7. My final version

As you can imagine, this takes a bit of time. However, if there is no one to help, I will simply solo the entire thing. Weekly should be doable either solo or with a small team. If more translators volunteer to help out then we can release more.

Things should settle down by next month.

bc novels website
Please read the novel at bcnovels 𝒹❁𝓉 𝒸♡𝓂

The image above is a fanart of Shen Qingqiu but I don’t know the original source. I like it since most fanarts don’t show action like this one.

Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 44 – Everyday the Protagonist – We’ve reached the halfway mark!

Chapter 44 <— click on the link to read it

50 Percent Milestone Achievement: Unlocked

Chapter 44 has been released which means that I finished 44/88 chapters!!! It’s halfway done.

Whoohoo! Pop a champagne bottle! Set off the fireworks!

Thanks for reading this novel. I appreciate your support.

Stats for Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me:

  • 385 days (1 year, 20 days)
  • 44 chapters released
  • 163,043 characters translated


  • Chu Yu’s elegantly beautiful noble attitude.
  • Shidi wants to eat fish very much.
  • Chrysanthemum Shield, activate!
  • Brocon! “My little brother is so pure and innocent and lovable that he will get abducted and sold for sure.”
  • #… Eldest brother loves to plant death flags, what should I do? Urgent problem, anxiously waiting online for advice!#
Please read the novel at bcnovels 𝒹❁𝓉 𝒸♡𝓂

I hope I will continue to enjoy everyone’s support as I work on the remaining half of the novel.

Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 43 – Every Day the Protagonist Acts Crafty

Chapter 43 <— click on the link to read it.

This is called schedule slippage!

I have been releasing one chapter every week but I mentioned before that the chapters are longer now. This might cause a bit of a delay sometimes but don’t be alarmed. Everything is fine and I am working at the same speed as always. It’s just that the chapters are longer… but I am still releasing the same word length per month as before.

Hopefully, I can adjust and continue to release weekly!

My Phoenix’s On Top

I’ve been reading this weirdly titled manhua, My Phoenix’s On Top. Special advisory: There is no phoenix seme (on top) in the manga. It’s not BL. Imagine my disappointment!

My Phoenix's On Top

It’s usual isekai type: Unlucky girl from the modern time goes to another world, unexpectedly receives an incredible power, and capturing the crown princes from four countries’ heart, all the way to become the imperial harem’s lord?

Only seven chapters have been translated but it seems promising.

Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 42 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Have Fun

Chapter 42 <— click on this link to read it.

Mosspaca Advertising Department

Wow, like wow! Image from chapter 41 of Mosspaca Advertising Department. My eyes feel blessed! His friend is the cute type who also appears in the same chapter.

I was going to link chapter 42 since today’s chapter of Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me is the 42nd but this chapter had the hotter image.

I think this chapter is actually an advertisement for Sony products, lol. Look at the headphones and the phone. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind editorial ads if they are this beautiful. The artists obviously worked on it a lot!

This is the link for the real chapter.

Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 41 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to XXX Me

Chapter 41 <— click on the link to read it.

I was two days late with the chapter

Hi guys, sorry for being two days late with the chapter. I actually have a “soft deadline” for chapters since it would be too much like a job (instead of a hobby) if I had to adhere to a strict deadline.

Please excuse the little images I put in the text. It’s just there to avoid people copying my stuff without crediting it. Today’s image is from Xuan Ji Ci.

Please read the novel at bcnovels 𝒹❁𝓉 𝒸♡𝓂

Xuan Ji Ci is a manhua about a main character who likes to look at hot guys. Who doesn’t like to look at hot guys??After embarrassing herself in front of two hot guys in the school yard, she decided to play a prank on them. Unexpectedly, during the crucial moment, an accident happened, and she transmigrated into the world of a game.

P.S. The hot guy she was with turned into a hot girl. *laughs*

It’s pure comedy so don’t take it too seriously.

Thanks for reading!