Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 23.2 – Are you going to kiss?

Chapter 23.2 <— hurry, click on that and read it. Thank you very much to Whitney who donated again!

Xiu’s black box is his brain.

You know how at the end of each chapter there’s always an extra? It’s either an excerpt from “Mixed Blood” or a “black box.” At first it wasn’t really clear to me what the black box is but a little bit of Googling did the trick. A “black box” is a type of device whose inner workings are opaque. I mean, you can’t see what is happening inside the box, hence it’s a “black box.”

Apparently, the human brain is type of  black box. Therefore, when there’s a black box section, that shows what is going on in Xiu’s brain.

The opposite of a black box is a white box or a clear/glass box that allows you to see what is happening inside it.

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 23.1 – This is what you show me?!

Behold! Chapter 23.1 <— click on the link to read awesomeness.

All the times Du Ze stole harem member’s events!

Did you know that our favorite naughty reader has stolen many, many key events from harem members?

  • saving Xiu’s life with a kiss in the Lost Land. The cat-like monster and the elf princess did that in “Mixed Blood.”
  • Xiu cast the Wither curse on Du Ze. In the novel he cast it on Princess Kelly.
  • Du Ze helped Xiu in the pistol scene
  • the cold curse was originally put on Alice because the elf Necromancer wanted her but now it was put on Du Ze
  • Xiu cured Alice in the original story but this time he cured Du Ze

It really looks like Du Ze has taken over the harem!

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 22.1 – Du Ze did something naughty

Du Ze is so naughty!

Chapter 22.1 <— click on that to read today’s chapter. Hey, so remember yesterday when Xiu was very confused when he woke up? Yeah, today’s chapter continues right after that.

Someone asked me to post the whole chapter this time but I’m running behind on my daily update schedule so I can’t. I’m sorry. I can finish half a chapter per day plus one chapter a week of the other project. I’m at my limit. I can publish more chapters … if another translator joins BC Novels and helps me with the work.

naughty du ze

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 21.2 – Xiu is always saying ‘Eight forms tonight’

Chapter 21.2 <– click here to read. Don’t miss the image at the very end. The author put that in the original Chinese raws so it’s definitely meant to be seen. And please get ready for the next chapter. I think all of the readers will enjoy it. *cough* You’ll know what I mean once you read it.

Eight forms tonight

Xiu is always saying “eight forms tonight.” Du Ze is always using the _(:3」∠)_ emote. This means …

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 21.1 – Protagonist: What’s this situation?

Chapter 21.1 <— click on that link to read it. In this chapter, Xiu has to deal with the Necromancer who cursed Du Ze. I think Xiu’s reaction to the whole “I put a spell on you so you can be mine” curse was super funny. The poor demon just want to continue his harmonious health education time. But they get interrupted by another guy who wants to steal away his partner. Tsk tsk!

Fan Video

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 20.2 – Do you like the author’s notes?

Chapter 20.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love <–click that link to read it. I think you will like it. Thank you to Katharine for your donation! If anyone else wants to donate, there is a paypal donate button on the right sidebar.

The Author Has Something to Say

Most of the time, the author’s notes are just diary-type stuff that doesn’t need to be translated. But for this story, they are essential. I think they are pretty funny!

Demon Xiu and Du Ze

Demon Xiu and Du Ze. I love this fanart lol, look how Xiu is leaning over and his face is saying like “Hey, babe!” while Du Ze has a cold face but is crying inside. It’s a work of true genius! Click here to view the full-sized image. Look at that sparkle in the background. Did you notice that Xiu is so excited that he didn’t notice his horn made a dent on the wall? It’s super funny.

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 20.1 – Reader/Protagonist: Don’t make a fuss

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du ze upset
Du Ze’s face when he thought Xiu believed Dan

The translated chapters have now caught up with the manhua. The artists hasn’t added new chapters to the manhua for a long time, sadly.

Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 2 Release – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 2 has just been posted <— click on that link to read it.

Point deductions are unfair!

I think these point deductions are unfair! A good (meaning super bad, lol) villain can make or break a story. If our dearest MC, the cannon fodder villain were to embrace his villainy and take over the plot, I bet readers would love it! There shouldn’t be point deductions for complaints, pffft!!! Doesn’t 007 System know that negative feedback is just as important as positive feedback?

Anyway, I just finished chapter 2 and I hope you like it.