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Chapter 45.1 – Xiu’s pheromones are leaking again

Chapter 45.1 <— click to read

Xiu’s pheromones are super strong!

Looks like everyone is stunned when they first see elf form Xiu’s face. Ariel also said that even though elves are said to be beautiful, Xiu’s beauty is on a whole ‘nother level.

Wow, Du Ze is such a lucky guy, isn’t he? Though you might argue that Xiu is the lucky one. 🙂

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Chapter 44.2 – I think no one noticed?

Chapter 44.2 <– click on the link to read it

When a dragon appears and no one noticed it, is it still significant?

Ugh, I seem to be having some computer trouble. Pray for me, lol, since updates will be delayed if my desktop goes kaput.

Anyway, I noticed something strange. Anne said that a dragon was sighted in the Elven Forest. But I didn’t see anyone comment about it. Did no one notice that? If you ask me, that’s kinda obvious foreshadowing.

Let’s reread!

In the forums there were some people who were asking who some of the minor characters are. You see, some of the people who are going to appear in this arc are from the very first chapters. Why not do a reread? You’ll find it easier to understand why some things are going to happen in this arc.

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Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 10 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants Cling to Me

Chapter 10 <— click on the link to read

I hope you like polls.

Because I made one, lol. Vote if you want to vote.

Who is that devastatingly handsome brother?

Chu Yu’s fellow cannon fodder character
Xie Xi’s rival
A kidnapper
A shotacon
Obviously a bro-con
The enemy
Possibly a demon in disguise
No one important
Please Specify:


Uh, this is an unscheduled post. I finished it early so I decided to post it. Normally, I post on Tuesdays but that isn’t set in stone. I post whenever I finish a chapter. My goal is at least 1 chapter week.

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Chapter 44.1 – Brr, it’s cold in here

Chapter 44.1 <– click here to read it

When I read about people travelling in extremely cold places, I shiver

I hope everyone enjoyed last chapter’s super cute moment. Did you click on that fanart that I linked?

By the way, it looks like Xiu likes to bite, lol. If you remember a few chapter back, Xiu was in gnome form when he first bit Du Ze. It was a real bite, too. As in, he drew blood! This time the bite was more gentle so there’s progress! *laughs*

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Chapter 43.2 – Cuteness Overload Time

Chapter 43.2 <— click on the link to read.

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The Current Story Arc is Very Cute

I feel like Du Ze in fur, shivering, must be extremely cute! There is a bit of fanart of this chapter. I didn’t want to post spoilers so it’s right there at the bottom after you have finished the chapter 42.


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Chapter 43.1 – The Moe Factor is doubled

Chapter 43.1 <— click on the link to read

The Moe Factor doubles when Du Ze and the Phoenix chick combine

The fanart of Du Ze with the Phoenix chick was already posted. In case you missed it, click here to check it out. It’s at the bottom of the page.

Question: How can you make a cute character even cuter?

Answer: Put a cute yellow chick on top of his/her head!

Here are a few illustrations that prove my point!

This is from Hiyokoi.
This is Hibird and Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Everyday the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me

Chapter 9 – Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Accompany Me

Chapter 9 <— click on the link to read

Chu Yu’s scalp tingled

What could it be? Just read the chapter to find out! The author really loves ending the chapters very abruptly, doesn’t he?

I think it would be hilarious if people saw Chu Yu and Xie Xi on the flying sword. Like this image:

flying sword

The image is from Miao Shou Xian Dan by Careless Su Jing Translations.

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Chapter 42.2 – NU forum users, you can try to donate to me! (No IRL money needed)

Chapter 42.2 <– click on that link to read

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Save Doujin-san!

The intrepid adventurers continue their quest to rescue Du Ze’s most treasured companion, the doujinshi. Doujin-san is currently in the hands of the Xiu’s fated rival, Eric.

Eek! What has Eric been doing to our beloved doujin? Or, what has the doujin been doing to Eric’s three views?

Reader and Protagonist

Chapter 42.1 – Du Ze + Doujin-san have bent the straight protagonist

Chapter 42.1 <— click on the link to read

Don’t forget that equipping the doujinshi gave Du Ze a +10 bonus to his charm stat.

I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?

By the way, there is a new story I have been reading. It’s “I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It?”

The official summary from the author is a bit weird so I’ll write my own summary of that story:

Through unknown means Xu Zi Yan was transported into the world of a BL Xianxia/cultivation novel. His new body is that of a 12-year-old boy. Based on the novel’s story, he is now a character who will later be part of the harem of the main character… but that is in the future. For now his self-appointed task is to raise his cute little brother up right so that he doesn’t turn into the villain of the novel.

Xu Zi Yan: “I must raise Xu Zi Rong into an upright youth with an open mind! Ah, another goal must be added – he must be straight!”

You can read it

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Chapter 41.2 – Du Ze and Xiu

Chapter 41.2 <— click on that link to read. Thanks to Yuu3 and Rachel for the donations.

Du Ze asked for some time

I think it’s nice of Xiu to actually give him time to think about it. Is it because he is in elf form? According to “Mixed Blood” the elves gave away their passion, so perhaps this form is more of the cold type. However, from the “black box” he’s not really cold. It’s more like “still waters run deep” rather than real indifference.

elf form

Above is some art. Too bad Xiu is wearing long sleeves, I would have liked to see the gold tattoos.