Chapter 6.2 The first encounter, continued

Chapter 6.2 is done!

And my favorite chapter is now completely translated. Don’t worry, later on there will be even more intense chapters. There will be those that make you laugh, cry, and cough up blood (not literally). If you’re easily excited, you might even squeal with joy.

In case you forgot what happened in the previous chapter 6.1, here is a reminder.

xiu gets some
Du Ze and Xiu

Du Ze didn’t even introduce himself and just went straight up to Xiu and kissed him, hahaha.

Nice image, right? I like it. You can see the tip of Du Ze’s tongue trying to get inside Xiu’s mouth. Very nice.

Chapter 6.1 – Could It Be I’m Falling in Love with This Story?

Chapter 6.1 is here and I am almost done with 6.2, too!

Will You Also Fall in Love with This Story?

I want everyone to know that this chapter is when I fell in love with this novel. It’s just so amazing! I hope that when you read it, you will also fall in love with these two crazy people – the kooky Du Ze and the aggressive Xiu.

Please read and comment on my favorite chapter! I will give you cookies.

cookies skeleton

Also, people have been asking about my update schedule. The truth is, I don’t have a real schedule because I just post whenever I’m finished. I’m pretty fast with the updates and I hope to post daily. However, that’s not set in stone. I also don’t have a pile of chapters just waiting to be posted.

For example, right now I just posted chapter 6.1 and 6.2 is on it’s way (in around 10-12 hours). I have not even started on chapter 7 but today I have a lot of free time so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Let me know if there’s any errors. As you can see I have been posting quite fast. It wouldn’t be surprising if a few mistakes pop up here and there. Thank you for reading.

Protagonist x Reader Chapter 5 is here

Feast your eyes on Chapter 5 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love!

In the last chapter, Du Ze finally met the protagonist of the novel and said the immortal word: “Meow.” What happens next? The story continues in chapter 5.


I got an editor! Thanks to XD (from NU forums) who is now helping with this project.

Some people asked me whether there actually is a “Mixed Blood” novel. Sorry, but no. There is only the “Mixed Blood” novel inside of The Reader and Protagonist story and, as far as I know, there isn’t one outside of it.

For those who want to support the author, I saw that there is an actual physical book! Check out the cover below.

lich x du ze
Xiu (Lich form) x Du Ze cover. Whoa!

The cover features Du Ze being embraced by Xiu in skeleton form and I think it’s pretty perfect.

Chapter 4.1 and 4.2 Double Release – Reader: meow

Chapter 4.1 and Chapter 4.2

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I still don’t have an editor. I feel that I could release chapters faster if I had one since editing a chapters takes almost as much time as translating one.

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chibi du ze
Chibi Du Ze

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Reader and Protagonist Chapter 3.2 – So Adorable (Meng)

Chapter 3.2 is up! I’m happy that people are leaving comments. I forgot to turn on the comment function before. My bad! By the way, if you have a Novelupdates account then please rate this series. I think some people who dislike BL are trolling.

Meng means Moe. Like, something cute and adorable that tugs at your heart strings, making you feel protective and warm inside. Du Ze thought that the novel was very cute…

happy du ze
Happy Du Ze. This is when he fist read the novel and the protagonist had a lot of friends. Du Ze thought they would be harem members.

Here’s an image from the manga where Du Ze is happy. This is one of the first pages.

du ze flips the keyboard
Du Ze flips the keyboard!

After Du Ze trolls the author with his fake one-star review, things go downhill and he flips the keyboard, lol.

TRAPDHTBITL Chapter 3.1 Release! And check the fanart

Chapter 3.1 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

Chapter 3.1 is here and the title of the chapter is “Reader: I crossed over into another world.” Actually, the original is just “I crossed over” but I was not sure that people would understand so I added some words.

Anyway, enjoy! To view the chapter just click on the top navigation where it says “The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love.” By the way, if you find some extra chapters there, those are in pre-release right now so they might be unedited. When a chapter is finished, I post the release announcement. If there’s a chapter there that hasn’t been announced, it means it’s something I am still fiddling with. So don’t submit it to NU, okay? Thanks!

The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love
The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love OTP

Some more phrases you might want to know:

YY novel – a beautiful but unrealistic fantasy. It’s a wish-fulfillment novel where the hero has or gets everything: looks, wealth, power, beautiful women, near-universal popularity, immortality, etc. “Mixed Blood” was originally that type of novel. Until a black powder fan ruined it. Tsk tsk!

Stallion novel – a harem novel. Du Ze likes harems. 🙂

Blackening/Blacken – kinda easy to understand, it means a character that was formerly good became evil. Named for the phenomenon where characters get an “evil makeover.” Sometimes it can be very literal like when a hero/heroine switches costumes from white/pastel to black.

peach blacken
This is a visual example of blackening.

Thanks for reading!

The Reader and the Protagonist Chapter 2.2 Release

The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love Chapter 2.2 is now live!

I hope everyone enjoys that image I put at the end of the chapter. Here’s another image that’s useful. It shows what Xiu’s different forms look like. When the story started he was in his human form. Yeah, he’s a blonde.

Xiu's eight different forms
Xiu’s eight different forms. Sorry, I don’t know the exact source of this but the image says Raisling which is probably the name of the artist.

The race names on that image are different since I have chosen to call the races:

Angel, Demon, Human, Orc, Elf, Lich, Gnome, and Dragon.

I’m actually not sure about the “Orc” part. Do you think it should be “Beastkin” or something else? Let me know in the comments. I think Orc kinda sounds ugly but Xiu’s forms are all very good-looking. By the way, the image doesn’t show it but his Orc form has a tail.

In other news, almost no footnotes this time! That’s a first for this project.


Here it is! The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love 2.1

If anyone knows what the “DNF” means, I beg you to leave a comment and let me know! I’ve been really puzzled by it.

Thank you to all who left comments. This novel is 95 chapters long. The two of us who are translating are readerz and smr85 from NU forum. Both of have read the entire story and loved it. We are excited about this project and, as Ye Zhi Qiu would say, “never project eunuch” – this project won’t be left unfinished.

By the way, we need an editor. At the moment we have some volunteer beta readers and we edit each other’s work but it would be nice to find another person to help out.

Me when I read a great novel:

Du Ze running
Du Ze literally running to his computer to read the novel

Du Ze’s face tends not to show much emotion but his actions speak for themselves. He’s actually a very passionate person, don’t you think so?

Reader and Protagonist – Chapter 1.2 release

Chapter 1.2 has just been published.

The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love Chapter 1.2 has just been published.

Enjoy, and please let me know if there are any errors. Just leave a comment if you want to give feedback about any of the chapters.

This part of the story is set in the modern world and has a lot of Chinese and internet slang. Again, there are a lot of footnotes. However, don’t worry and just read the text. The footnotes are just there for the people who are interested in the translation process but they aren’t necessary for casual readers.

Probably just these few phrases are good to know:

SB = stupid ****

Meng = cute, adorable. It’s the same as the Japanese term Moe.

Puking blood/spitting out blood = having a strong emotional reaction, normally anger

Du Ze
Du Ze, from the official manhua cover. It hasn’t been translated so it’s in Chinese.

Thank you very much for reading.

New project! The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love Chapter 1.1

Hello, BC Novels has now published Chapter 1.1 of The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love. This is our first BL project!

This is one of my favorite stories because it has true love, lots of action, an interesting setting, and a little bit of smut. The main character is deaf and hardworking. I like him a lot. The general tone of the story is pretty comedic.

Kindly note that the first two chapters of this story are full of idioms and internet slang. The language was very hard to translate faithfully so please excuse the various changes that have been made to the text to make it more understandable.

I believe that most people are here to just have fun and casually read a good story. Therefore, I have limited the footnotes as much as possible. In fact, I would say that people don’t even have to read the footnotes. You see, the story is 95 chapters long and only first two have these slang phrases. You won’t need to learn them to understand the next chapters.

Click on the link above to go to chapter 1.1 or click here to go to the project page to see all of the chapters.