Chapter 4.2 The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

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Chapter 4.2 – Reader: meow ~

Du Ze put his hand below his head, these past few days he had been using it as a pillow. Now he could only sleep to nurture his broken heart.

In his dream, Du Ze went back to the 21st century and became a rich, tall, and handsome man. Du Ze met with the author and said to him: “I will give you a chance to become my little brother… hurry and rewrite ‘Mixed Blood!’ Our goal is to have a Moe Lord!” When he woke up, a great surprise was waiting for him. Du Ze stared at the object, calmly took off his glasses, wiped them clean, then put them on again.

His companion, lying intact in the floor, silently ridiculed the shocked reader.

Du Ze couldn’t believe his eyes. It’s just a normal copy of an 18+ book! How can a torn-up book be back to normal again?!

– Say it, what is your purpose in crossing over to this world?

Du Ze used his trembling finger to touch the book, wanting to check if there was anything special about it. He suddenly stopped moving and stared at his index finger. Yesterday the nail on this finger was cracked. Now it was shiny and smooth as though it had never been damaged.

Du Ze suddenly got an idea, isn’t it like a… restore?

Du Ze found enlightenment. The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was reasonable. His fellow companion, the book, and his resistance to hunger for several days, all of this was the result of the “restore” skill. Just like a computer restore function: the system will automatically restore back to the state on the appointed restore time. Based on his situation, he should already have used this “restore” skill many times. Otherwise, not too long ago he would have already been crying and calling out to his mother because of hunger.

Du Ze took his headphones from his pocket. The battery, which was at zero charge before, now had a little energy left. This proved that Du Ze’s theory was correct – it has restored itself.

Du Ze’s job now was to find out when the “restore” will happen.

He brutally tore the book apart once again and monitored it from early morning until night. The sky was constantly changing, the two moons slowly moving above his head. Now it was midnight.

Du Ze looked at the pages of the book scattered on the ground. He doesn’t know if it was because of his bad eyesight or because of fatigue but he saw the pages slowly attach themselves onto the book’s spine. When Du Ze looked at it again, a newly minted book appeared in front of him. Du Ze immediately took his headphones out. The battery had returned to its state when he crossed over to this world.

Du Ze did some more experiments. He not only used books but also used his glasses, hearing aid and even himself to experiment. The results were the same: right at midnight, he and his items will automatically be restored.

Du Ze was finally satisfied. Great! He now knew why his golden finger didn’t give him strength, his real skill was this! Even if he was missing arms and legs, he will still automatically “restore.” It’s equal to infinite resurrection. Du Ze didn’t dare to test if he was able to restore himself after death. Anyway, this was already enough for him. His spirits high, Du Ze began to feel that everything in front of him was great. No matter how far the giant column of light was, or the way the sudden breeze felt, it was all good.

Wait, wind?

The reader stood frozen, realizing that he has missed something.

This empty land has nothing but the wind could be caused by living creatures!1

Du Ze: ….. m(T-T)m

Walking towards the direction of the wind for about five days, Du Ze looked at the ruins not far away and almost burst into tears. This was the first thing he has seen since he arrived here. He didn’t think it over too much and just happily walked to the ruins.

As he approached, he realized that it was an abandoned temple. He couldn’t figure out why the temple was built in this barren land. The temple was severely weathered, the base of the rooftop was gone, and there were only a few high pillars with an incomplete mural. Du Ze looked around at the broken pillars, standing frozen. Right in front of him, a giant statue was standing in the center of the temple. Only two-thirds of its body was left, but it still had an air of majesty. Although the statue was fascinating, what attracted Du Ze’s attention was the person who was lying at the base of the statue.

That should not be called a person. It was a skeleton dressed in black robes, sitting under the shadow of the statue. It held a huge scythe on its arm. The skeleton’s head was hanging low, motionless. At first glance was like part of the statue behind it. There was a faintly visible death aura around its body.

Du Ze’s brain was quickly filled with the words “FML.” He stiffly turned his head to look at the column of light in the distance, finally knowing where the familiar feeling came from: crystal ice floor, upside down sky, two moons, column of white light, ruined statue, ruined black-robed skeleton, death scythe – is this not the Lost Land from “Mixed Blood” !? So, he was transported into the world of “Mixed Blood”? The skeleton in front of him … isn’t he the main character?

Thinking about his experience, Du Ze felt that this couldn’t be right! He wanted to cry but the tears wouldn’t fall.

When Du Ze woke up from his daze, the skeleton seemed to be aware of his arrival. The faint soul light in his dark eye sockets burned. The skeleton raised his head. His eye sockets seemed to be pointed at Du Ze.

He looked over, he’s staring at me – !!!

Du Ze’s expression was blank. The plot of “Mixed Blood” suddenly appeared in his brain: the protagonist escaped into the Lost Land and at that time he was seriously injured and encountered…

Du Ze looked at the skeleton expressionlessly. He was extremely panicked. Almost reflexively he acted out the dialogue in “Mixed Blood”: “Meow ~”

meeting Xiu
Du Ze first meets Xiu. If you are not reading this at BC novels then you are missing out on the illustrations.




Xiu fell heavily at the base of the statue, no longer moving.

This is the lost land. The moment he set foot on this land, he felt like he was entering another dimension. There were no longer people pursuing him and the surroundings were unusually empty. Xiu stomped on the transparent crystal ground. There was sky both above his head and below his feet. In the distance there was a very bright pillar of light. There was no military presence, but there was no way for him to heal. In a lonely place without the shadow of a living creature… He has been here for several days. It was not until today that he found an abandoned temple, and at the same time he reached his limit –

The rich Light elements slowly eroded his body. It is truly worthy of being called the Temple of Light’s most powerful weapon, causing him to be so seriously injured …

This time, he will really die?

– He is very angry!

He has not yet made the world pay, how can he die?

The skeleton sat quietly in the dark, unmoving, like eternity. If anyone could see into his heart, they would definitely be devoured by his hate and despair.

– If anyone can fulfill his wish, he is willing to sell anything, even his soul.

Xiu sat there motionless for several days. The soul light in his eyes became more and more bleak and the death aura weakened until it was barely visible – it was a sign of the impending demise of the necromancer.

Sure enough … he is being abandoned …

No one came to save him, no one needed him.

He doesn’t want to die …

At this moment, Xiu suddenly hear a very soft sound.

“Meow ~”

– excerpt from “Mixed Blood”


The author has something to say:

Author: The spirit beast’s line has been stolen …

Readers: It was a conditioned reflex! QAQ

The protagonist: … very cute. (is ready to make trouble)

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  1. I don’t understand why wind would be caused by living things but that’s what the story said.

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    Lol wait did the protaganist meet a cat in the original “Mixed Blood”? Was that what was implied in the text?

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