Scum Villain Water Prison Fanart

I don’t know the original source of any of these fanart works. Most of them are just passed around/shared from person to person.

This first fanart is simply Shizun all tied up but without his clothes ripped by the whip. It’s very nice.


The image below is amazing, lol! Shen Qingqiu actually has the: 80% facial paralysis, 20% shocked look on his face. He’s so handsome and it’s so good!


Regarding the image below: the Shen Qingqiu in this fanart is too scrawny and girly looking but I love this fanart because Binghe’s reaction is so perfect! Look at that face he made after he accidentally ripped off SQQ’s robe! He’s shocked and flustered then runs away in a very cute, comical manner. This is the funniest fanart here. You can click on the fanart to see the bigger original size of the image.


I like how in the last panel SQQ is still oblivious and doesn’t realize why Binghe ran off.

11 thoughts on “Scum Villain Water Prison Fanart”

  1. oh my god!! the fan art is so real!!! i need those things!!! thank you so much nice drawing by the way!

  2. Oh my gahd spot on xD haha <3 Bingmei x Shizun <3 aaaah (lol at the way the binding cables are placed) Thanks for the fan arts haha

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